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District 9 represents the sloppiest and dopiest pop cinema -- the kind that comes from a second-rate film culture.

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Matt Anderson

There's better critics to be had on this site.

Aug 12 - 11:25 PM

Todd H.

Todd Hooper

This guy fancies himself as some intrepid film critic trying to strike blows for racial justice by exposing offenses where none exist by shotgunning these single-minded reviews until he achieves that end. Either that or he honestly believes movies should have all the impact and lasting impression of a kaleidoscope.

Aug 12 - 11:31 PM



Here is my email to RT (I have no general interest in this movie... I have no idea if it's good or not, but I'm sick of this idiot. Worst Review EVER!!):


Can you PLEASE get rid of this a-hole, Armomd White?

No... I'm not asking this just because everyone hates him and disagrees with him (that would be inherent in any critic's job).

But, he's a complete joke... his reviews are childish and rarely make coherent sense. He is jeopardizing YOUR credibility and the trustworthiness of your whole site... he's clearly doing this to goof on people and it's not funny anymore.

Either he goes, or I stop visiting your site for good!


Go to the contact page and send your own comment to RT. I hope this idiot gets FIRED!!!

Aug 12 - 11:33 PM

Burning Refuse

Burning Refuse

Makes you wonder if his boss at the New York Press is ordering him to do these kind of 180 reviews just for the publicity. It would at least pass as some form of advertisement I imagine.

Aug 12 - 11:48 PM

David R.

David Randomness

To the RT Staff:

I am disappointed in your response to this massive distate for Armond White evident in this comment thread.

Your basic defense has been that Armond White is part of an association for critics and publishes for a widely read outlet. Because he has a certain level of prestige, you feel obligated to keep his reviews on this site.

This is terrible reasoning. The reason so many users are upset over Armond's reviews is because he is ABUSING his position. We come to this site because we want reviews regarding the quality of the movie. Armond is using his position to garner attention, notoriety, and web traffic by systematically and purposely giving good movies a negative review, and bad movies a positive review. He is subverting the fresh/rotten system, reducing the value and legitimacy of the freshness rating. This is upsetting to readers because RT is allowing Armond to use this site to promote his own selfish interests rather than providing meaningful and useful commentary on movies. He should be removed from the site.

Clearly most people want him off the site. So here is what I propose: Let's use the rotten/fresh system to decide. Put up a poll where people can vote for one of the three options:

Poll: Should he stay or should he go?
1) Rotten: I have read Armond White's reviews and believe they are generally rotten (useless).
2) Fresh: I have read Armond White's reviews and believe they are generally fresh (useful)
3) I have not read them/have no opinion.

If < 15% of people say he is Fresh, kick him off the site. Let us review the reviewer. Trust your Fresh/Rotten system.

Readers, if you agree with me, please second this post.

Aug 12 - 11:50 PM




Aug 13 - 12:19 AM


Sean Pak

David R., there should be a fourth option: I have read Armond White's reviews and believe they are generally useless, but who cares. His reviews do not personally affect me. There shall be no censorship.

Aug 12 - 11:57 PM

The Karate Kritic part5

adam etchegoyen

I nitced that there was one bad review so I just needed to make sure it was yours so I can disregard. Okay carry on.

Aug 12 - 11:58 PM


Trevor Klassen

I have read dozens of comments written in reaction to Mr. White's review, and many of the replies RT staff have offered as justification for his inclusion on this site.

First, the vitriol many comments display is unwarranted. Mr. White is simply critic. In my humble opinion he is not a very good one. But he still remains a critic. It seems unreasonable to me to threaten the man or threaten to boycott this site simply because of a movie review.

As for RT staff and their justifications for Mr. White's inclusion on their site, I largely agree. Dissent is the source of discussion and reasoned arguements, not consensus. Mr. White should tone down some of his more emotional rhetoric, particularly when he hurls insults at filmmakers and the audience. However, leave us to be intellectually superior here, and judge the man's opinions and the skill (or lack thereof) with which he defends them. Isn't that some of the point of these discussion boards?

As for Mr. White, I will continue to read his reviews, which tend to be verbose and often hyperbolic. Why? Because the very qualities that make them incredulous also make them interesting for debate. I like disagreeing with him.

Ladies, gentlemen, consider Mr. White and his reviews in this fashion: often the extremity of a statement and its accuracy are in inverse proportion.

We would do well to remember that in posting our comments on reviews.

Aug 13 - 12:14 AM


Trevor Klassen

Mr. White may in fact regard himself as the agent to which the movie must react, rather than the other way around. He seems to approach his film criticism with a preconcieved theory to which circumstances must submit rather than criticize a film on it own merits first as a film. These qualities do not make him an effective critic. But they do make him, at least for me, a somewhat entertaining read.

Aug 13 - 12:28 AM

damon killian

roy williams


As offensive as this review was, many of the comments have been far worse. Your thoughtful and well articulated response has restored some of my respect for the RT community.

Aug 13 - 04:36 AM

The Oil Man

Nun o' ya business

This guy is ridiculous!He's the kind of racist that gets offended at the word "hello" because that's what us whities say.

Aug 13 - 12:15 AM


a m

Oh, and here's one of Mr. White's books:

Feel free to "review" his book.

Aug 13 - 12:23 AM


Jerry Kohut

I just saw the movie and I loved it. This guy is a joke.

He is a man who despises movies and decided to become a film critic. If I viewed movies the way he does I would just stop going altogether. What a sad, sad person.

Aug 13 - 12:25 AM


a m

Oh and one last thing, he'll never get booted from Rotten Tomatoes.

As the chairman of the NYC critic circle or whatever the circle jerk is, he has too much influence. If White is booted from RT, I'm sure there will be a handful of other critics who will protest and refuse to allow their own reviews be aggregated in the RT meters.

You can't get rid of Armond without getting rid of some actual critics.

Aug 13 - 12:28 AM


a m

I don't disagree with his opinions per se, I just disagree with the notion that he actually believes his own opinions.

Aug 13 - 12:31 AM

Velimir S.

Velimir Saban

Ok, r u happy now?

Aug 13 - 12:31 AM


Tony Piltridis

Aug 13 - 12:37 AM


Tony Piltridis

%u201Cthey don%u2019t see what I see. Where I%u2019m coming from, they couldn%u2019t.%u201D

WHO GIVES A F!Ck WHAT YOU SEE OR WHERE YOU'RE COMING FROM. you're just a.....................chimp.

Aug 13 - 01:11 AM


Jordan Wrenn

I just think they need a way for users to block reviewers from their listings. Make it nice and easy. When you log in, under each reviewers name you have an ignore button. Then you have an ignore list you can go to to remove them if you want.

That's that. Everyone gets what they want.

Aug 13 - 01:33 AM

David T.

David T

I agree with this comment. You should be able to personalize your t-meter critics to those that you trust, or have the closet taste to yours and ignore all others in your own personal t-meter.

Aug 13 - 10:38 AM

R.J. MacReady

Greg Thomas

Rotten Tomatoes- please weed out the mindless devil's advocates from the people whom have insightful critiques... please. I value this webpage for it's collection of valid critics. This one however, CLEARLY slipped through the cracks. You know it. I know you know it. Come on!

Aug 13 - 01:44 AM


Hoag hoag

This guy lost all his credibility when he gave dance flick a fresh review and slumdog millionaire a rotten review.

Aug 13 - 01:57 AM

Hunter L.

Hunter Lind

Of course. The only bad review so far is from a black guy.


Aug 13 - 02:07 AM

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