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District 9 represents the sloppiest and dopiest pop cinema -- the kind that comes from a second-rate film culture.

August 12, 2009 Full Review Source: New York Press | Comments (578)
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Brandon Tindel

This is getting old

I'm about to stop coming to rotten tomatoes if they keep allowing this

Aug 13 - 02:09 AM

cornelius fucklebutt

John Maus

I still love you, RT. But you really, REALLY need to remove some critics -- particularly this P.0.S Armond White.

Please and thank you.

Aug 13 - 02:10 AM

Nicholas V.

Nicholas Vacante

I thought it'd be interesting to find how often Armond has agreed with the tomatometer when at least 75% of critics gave a positive review. Of the 111 films with this distinction released from 2005 to today that Armond has reviewed, he has agreed on just 45 of them. This man is giving a negative review when at least 3/4 of critics are giving positive reviews almost 60% of the time.

It just looks very suspect. This is seeming to be more about getting people angry and garnering attention than anything else. That's a huge problem.

Aug 13 - 02:15 AM

Arnold S.

Arnold Song

He is very humours. He will be famous. But not even in the Dark side.

Aug 13 - 02:27 AM

Damian G.

Damian Garcia

His review of District 9 is the first review of his I've ever read. And I already extremely dislike this excuse for a critic. I have even read some of his other reviews and am appalled by the way he judges movies. Someone who hates on truly good movies that actually good, is... well stupid.
I don't know, not too many words right now to express my frustration and disappointment. Really sad.
Still am seeing it. And I am going to LOVE IT!!

Aug 13 - 02:30 AM

Mr. Positive

. .

Can someone from RT, please for all that is jolly in the world, explain to it's users why this guy is allowed to stay a critic on it's site. He is clearly racist and an attention whore.

Aug 13 - 03:34 AM


Shane Snyder

Really? This warranted nearly four hundred comments?

Aug 13 - 03:33 AM



Lev Grossman (TIME) and Roger Ebert most recently posted their own reviews on D9. Whilst it's obviously clear that TIME magazine love the film, Ebert on the other hand actually tries to talk about the things that mattered to the film. Such as character development and plot/ storyline etc.

He is the real thing, an actual film critic who knows what he's doing.
How Armond White can also be considered a critic alongside people like ebert and still somehow be respected (and rewarded) by film societies out there is a real disgrace.

Anyways the rest of us better get behind this movie, because theres no way in hell that a G.I. Joe should (or deserves to) dominate the B.O. 2 weeks in a row

Aug 13 - 04:14 AM

barnaby Jones

Andy Webster

You are an embarrassment to film critics everywhere.

Aug 13 - 04:52 AM

Bruce Campbell's Ghost

First Last

Its a shame that people like White exist to completely validate peope's stereotypes.

Aug 13 - 05:01 AM


john Raines

Just joining the anti-Armond brigade. Using his review is a complete waste of a wonderful feature like the tomato meter.

Aug 13 - 05:02 AM

Jay M.

Jay Michaels

No wonder Armond White writes for the NY's a third rate, right wing rag of a newspaper that I have never seen anyone read here in NY even though it is free. NY Press has no credibility and neither does Armond White...they both deserve each other.

Aug 13 - 05:03 AM


dsfsd dsfadsf

Aug 13 - 05:09 AM

Gus C.

Gus Callado

Metacritic is far better than this crap.

Aug 13 - 05:18 AM


Daniel Kaufmann

This retard is doing a new form of attention grabbing that RT has generated. Movie gets great reviews, is great, reviewer X gives mindless intentional negative review so you will all pay attention to him. IGNORE HIM AND HE WILL GO AWAY. Do not pay attention to morons like this. Do not respond, do not visit their website and give them hits.

Aug 13 - 05:18 AM

Gus C.

Gus Callado

Jackson should sue you for calumny and defamation.

Aug 13 - 05:34 AM

Elan H.

Elan Hichenberg

No surprise here. The attention whore strikes again.

Armond White = Paris Hilton without the penis.

Aug 13 - 05:44 AM

Evan P.

DewMe 996

When you give Dance Flick a fresh rating, the only thing that is rotten is your intellect.

Aug 13 - 05:57 AM

Max Taffey

Max Taffey

Here's what I learned from this review:

1) A portrayal of a black Nigerian gangster is racist. They don't exist. All evil doers should be white (the character Arjen Rudd from Lethal Weapon 2 would be a good template).

2) It's racist to imagine that black people might react with fear, distrust, and/or hostility towards a threatening alien race. They would surely defend them and welcome them into their homes. Only whites would react so barbarically.

3) It's racist and insulting to reference Apartheid in any other context, especially if you're a white director who was born and lived in South Africa (at least according to a critic who was born in Detroit).

Aug 13 - 06:34 AM

Gus C.

Gus Callado

RT please erase this review [3]

Aug 13 - 06:36 AM

Hunter P.

Hunter Pearce

you do realize your lone opinion won't matter versus everyone elses opinion that this movie is great. nuff said

Aug 13 - 06:50 AM

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