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District 9 represents the sloppiest and dopiest pop cinema -- the kind that comes from a second-rate film culture.

August 12, 2009 Full Review Source: New York Press | Comments (578)
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Premo Beat

John Noto

RT Staff-

Instead of outright censoring the man yourselves, which would make you "fascist" (though I don't think the man is really a critic but a jester who has duped this site into giving him more power and recognition than good honest film critics), here's an idea-- let the readers of your site decide for themselves and give us an "ignore critic" option.

While you may love reading this tool's asinine reviews and seeing an unfailing big splattered tomato beside his name on every good movie's t-meter, it would do the t-meter justice for fans like myself to include such an option and would also reduce the free advertising space you guys are handing the NY Press.

Aug 13 - 09:51 AM

Kyle P.

Kyle Phillips

I'm loving these responses.

However, I completely agree with all the hatred against Mr. White.

RT, do the community, and the industry a favor, get this guy's reviews off of the site.

Aug 13 - 09:56 AM


Michael Solaris

Perhaps you should stop criticising and get your own movie in the works... maybe then we could all learn something from an experienced film-maker such as yourself?

Aug 13 - 10:01 AM


Cole` Potrocky

Oh yes, Armond White. The guy that gave Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and District 9 bad reviews--but gave GI Joe praise as a representation of our culture.

What a joke this guy is.

Aug 13 - 10:03 AM

Alejandro H.

Alejandro Hernandez

damon killian, stop defending this guy. Of course we need to react this way, we've had enough, it's time to do something and stop this.

By the way, you can join Armond White hate group in Facebook:

Aug 13 - 10:04 AM


OldChili :)

Guys, stop commenting on his reviews.

You're doing exactly what he wants you to do; he's only as popular as you make him out to be.

Keeping this going will only encourage more critics to do the same.

Aug 13 - 10:04 AM

JC Martel

JC Martel

That dude hated all my favorite movies last year. "The Wrestler", "Gran Torino", "Iron Man", "The Dark knight"...

District 9 should be a classic folks !

Aug 13 - 10:19 AM


meagan wheeler

You know what? As soon as I saw that there was solely one bad review, I immediately thought of you.
Bravo Armond (what a beautiful name) on another brilliant review. You continue to give credit to your name.
Yours MOST sincerely,
P.s: Go hump a tree to celebrate! You deserve it!

Aug 13 - 10:25 AM


Nick Jordan

This is getting old.

Aug 13 - 10:33 AM

Tom S.

Tom StHilaire

way to ruin the 100%

Aug 13 - 10:34 AM

Paul B.

Paul Beinetti

I can't believe that RT counts this guy's opinion. It's like he has something against a 100% fresh movie...How could you dislike Up, Star Trek, AND In the Loop?

Aug 13 - 10:37 AM

Nick A.

Nick Asokan

RT deleted my comment.. i didnt even say anything racist lol.. i just said im pulling the race card on this guy for bashing 500 days of summer for being a movie about 2 obnoxious white kids in love and dance flick as a godsend. I hate Armond White facebook group gogogogogogo

Aug 13 - 10:41 AM


Shane Garis

Seriously, this guy must have brain damage. It does appear he is a complete rascist though, how unfortunate in times like these. Armond, you need to be fired, you're nothing more than a hack.

Aug 13 - 10:41 AM

Timothy D.

Timothy Dowling

He's black, but his last name is white - no wonder he's always so pissed off!

Aug 13 - 10:42 AM

Robin T.

Robin Trower

Dear RT,

I've been using RT for some time. Lately, not only have I found the site going downhill due to the excessive amount of ad popups that appear no matter what you do, but you are becoming a laughing stock with the inclusion of certain critics, most notably, Armond White. It's obvious that White works for a hack press, as do probably 50% of your 'critics' in general, (how do some of these people get lottery?) but it's become painfully obvious that he's a troll for hits, for himself, or his own 'publication'. The fact that he continuously garners hundreds of comments when the average of any other critic is 5-10, just fuels this hack's desire, by himself, or most likely requested from his employers, to continue raising the ire of readers. THIS IS PAINFULLY OBVIOUS, and if you don't see that, and you continue to allow it to happen, you are going to lose more than just a 'few' readers. There is a point in time where justifying a (cough) 'critic' like this, who has something else on his agenda, has to stop.

I've had it. I'm done with this site. It's embarressing to be here. I was on the edge with the rampant pop ups that don't even allow me to access the main page anymore without first subjecting me to spam, but the spam 'content' of Armond White that pops up like the twisted head of a jack in the box, is infinitely more objectionable and does not belong on any movie database that purports to be some kind of reliable meter of 'quality' or lack of it. Do you want to be known as the 'joke' of the movie review community? Congrats. You're well on your way. And while I do think many comments here are in bad taste, RT's defense of this troll is even more laughable. In film, there is 'quality' and there is '****' and it doesn't take a genius to seperate the two. To consistently be blind or adverse to quality is a form of insanity. This man is like a petulant five year old on a screaming jag. How do you react to that? YOU IGNORE HIM. Readers should ignore him, RT should kick him out, and if they don't, WALK AWAY FROM THE SITE. Hit them where it hurts, in advertising dollars. Write to RT, write to their advertisers. Don't just **** in this kittie litter comment box, like a 'good' cat'. Take your complaints to the management and don't give this infant the attention he is obviously craving.

Aug 13 - 10:43 AM


Sean Froelich

This is Armonds review of Little Man. It needs no explanation.

"Does the Wayans family realize that the concept behind Little Man, their latest collective project, makes it a near-classic comedy? Director Keenen Ivory Wayans and his performing brothers Marlon and Shawn are notorious for childish impudence and sarcasm in such hits as Scary Movie and White Chicks. But in Little Man, dealing with their habitual irrepressible immaturity unleashes something poignant. It makes this silly, lightweight film almost deep."%u2014"Knee High," NY Press, July 19, 2006.

Aug 13 - 10:51 AM


Jeremy W.

I think Mr. White just set a new record for the most hateful comments ever received for a review. Time to call the Guinness Book people.......As long at this so called "critic" is around, no movie will ever again get a 0 rating. This guy is a joke. RT should do all of it's members a favor and not count this idiot's reviews.

Aug 13 - 10:51 AM


Jeremy W.

.......was supposed to say 0 (one hundred percent); not zero....

Aug 13 - 11:26 AM


Jeremy W.

It did it again.....for some odd reason typing the percent sign in front of a one and two zeroes comes out as a single zero on the posts.......

Aug 13 - 11:28 AM

Lance I.

Lance Isip

I just hate how RT is backing up Armond.

And look. 2 top critics (Ebert and Lisa) gave a positive review and the tomato-meter hasnt been updated (its should be like 99%) just because of Armond's review. that is some company you guys keep :)

Aug 13 - 10:54 AM

Silver Screen Stalker

Matt Leyshon

Like a lot of people, this was the first review of Armond White's that I read. After vomiting into my cubicle bin I thought I should read more of his reviews and opinions, afterall, I had hurled so violently I had nothing else to throw up......and therefore could read further "Whiteisms" without consequence.

All I can say is.......what a tool!!! I say tool because I think his tool could judge movies better than he can. he clearly liked GI Joe guys because it had a Wayans brother in it.

He refers to the film makers as being a "second-rate film culture".......well I wonder what Hollywood would have done with this movie. All I can say is thank god this was done by an independant talent(Blomkamp) with the backing of a man with clear talent (Jackson). By the way........Aborigines come from Australia, not New Zealand which is Jackson's homeland, so the comparison is irrelevant. Also, criticizing the movie for being insensitive to the history and legacy of Soweto is like saying Sex And The City is ignorant and insensitive to the history of New York due to 911. The connections made by Armond White are purely the stirrings of hatred, and racism. Not debate. A healthy reviewer would inspire debate, Armond White seems hell bent on inspiring something that rhymes with it.

I joined RT simply to let people know we have formed an Armond White fan club at our office, not to eagerly anticipate his next review, but to eagerly anticipate the universal bashing he cops from all sides. We love it. It taps into that very part of us that also loves watching Springer, or laugh at people having accidents on Funniest Home Video, even if they cause pain.

I have a message for A. White (I'm sure he loves being called that). If you want to be cutting edge be an early reviewer, and not watch to see the general consensus and seem like such a rebel for going against it. Keep up the good being a piece of work, and based on your review I can't wait to see District 9, I bet it will be amazing.

Aug 13 - 10:58 AM


Jerry Kohut

Armond is hosting a Michael Jackson video retrospective in NY at the Lincoln Film Center soon. I'm seriously considering buying a ticket just so I can go there and tell him to his face what an @$$hole he is.

Aug 13 - 11:02 AM

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