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District 9 represents the sloppiest and dopiest pop cinema -- the kind that comes from a second-rate film culture.

August 12, 2009 Full Review Source: New York Press | Comments (578)
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Ben A.

Ben Abkaryan

Wow, should I even read the review?

Aug 12 - 12:07 PM

Floor Man

Floor Man

White didn't like this movie? I am even more excited to see it....

Aug 12 - 12:08 PM

Gus C.

Gus Callado

This kind of review turns this website untrustful at all.

Aug 12 - 12:10 PM

David T.

David T

This quote is from-Jen Yamoto RT STAFF

"Actually folks, if you read Armond's full review he is quite right in his perception of District 9's only partial exploration of apartheid-as-metaphor. I've seen (and enjoyed) the film myself but agree with him that the "anthropological" aspects of the film are used only superficially as a plot device/metaphor and not fully or adequately explored. For example: how would actual South African blacks react to seeing the "prawns," save for a single alien with apparently higher brain functioning than his peers, for the most part shuffle along in isolation, content with cat food and essentially portrayed as dumb, easily distracted creatures unable to intelligently resist/revolt/express themselves?

While the metaphor is an interesting tack to take, D9 moves willfully away from social commentary and into more fantastical sci-fi fantasy storytelling than some viewers may like. So yes, Armond's rather harsh on the film (and on its filmmakers) but I think he supports his argument, and I say this as a person who did like the film overall.

(And I love having Armond on the Tomatometer. The rating will be updated shortly.)"

RT credibility fail
Proof that Trolls are welcome on the tomatometer
Does anyone know of another site that does the same thing as RT, but doesn't include this poor excuse for a reviewer? If so, please tell me.

Aug 12 - 12:12 PM


Aaron Dean

Jen is entitled to her opinion. One which I might agree when I see this movie. Don't bash her... that only leads to more drama on the boards, and really, when have Armond White, do we NEED to add anything else to create drama?

Aug 12 - 12:20 PM


Ryan Cornelia

i saw at the top 21 fresh. 1 rotten

i thought to myself...only one would tarnish a perfect score thus far.. ARMOND WHITE.

well. i guess its a good thing. since he gave it rotten. we can all expect the movie to be great. lets remember, he is the guy who gave "dance flick" a fresh rating.

Aug 12 - 12:12 PM

Ryan C.

Ryan Carroll

I really hate bashing critics (or anyone, for that matter) because of their differing opinions, but Armond White is an exception. He goes beyond being a button-pushing iconoclast and is just a raging a-hole. Anything he writes is to piss people off, and he freely admits it. His life is defined by contradictions: he's a black homosexual, but he's a conservative Republican and a George W. Bush apologist. He's considers himself a man of the arts and runs in intellectual circles, yet mercilessly attacks intellectuals and "hipsters" as being "nihilists", idiots and enemies of proper culture. So it would only make sense that he rails against what are perceived to be good movies and praises the bad. And he can't write a single review without tearing down other movies and directors. He does nothing to create or contribute; he only wants to provoke and destroy. He inadvertently represents all of the worst traits of those that he hates. What a clown.

Aug 12 - 12:15 PM

dj Mark

Mark Marquis

Sweet, sweet reliable Armond. You just confirmed D9 will rock n' roll this weekend. Bring it!

Aug 12 - 12:16 PM


Sean Froelich

I hate this douche. He goes against whatever is consensus is, just to piss people off. I hate when people like him get uncomfortable when they feel the movie is getting a little too close to "racist" territory. I'm sure the movie makers were not trying to put down black people. SHAME on your Armond for feeling that way. How can you say this is worse than "Transformers 2"?

Aug 12 - 12:17 PM


Sean Froelich

by the way armond, YOUR RACIST!! Just as racist as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. It doesn't matter your black, and it doesn't matter I'm white. JUST DROP IT!!!

Aug 12 - 12:19 PM


Sean Froelich

Another thing, getting upset about apartheid? were YOU involved in it? I'm Catholic. I don't get upset if If I see the christians getting tortured by the romans. It doesn't make me uncomfortable. ITS HISTORY!!!

Aug 12 - 12:24 PM


Fay Popejoy

As soon as I saw the rating was down from 100% I knew there was only one person who could have given a rotten rating.

Aug 12 - 12:31 PM


Andy Barksdale

As if the rest of the review (and all his reviews) was completely idiotic, the man throws out a Peter Jackson insult, saying he is "intellectually juvenile." I would love for armond white to prove that he has the intelligence to sort out a nine-plus hour, three part epic movie that he has to shoot all at one time. Since that will never happen, though, he's just an a-hole.

Aug 12 - 12:34 PM

Seven W.

Seven Ways

Armond White, you are just mad because District 9 depicts the south African blacks in a realistic way. The fact is that people like you can't stand too see the negative portrayal of savages who happen to be black. You try to hide the truth and pretend savages don't exist.

Aug 12 - 12:35 PM

jake l.

jake lavadda

Rotten Tomatoes, stop posting his reviews, they are bull****

Aug 12 - 12:38 PM


adam why?

Armond White is a rock star.

Aug 12 - 12:43 PM

Brian S.

Brian Schmeltzer

this guy obviously likes horrible movies be cause he gives all the great movies rotten review like UP, startrek, the dark knight, etc. But then gives DANCE FLICK A FRESH REVIEW!! WTF are you stupid!!

Aug 12 - 12:45 PM


J D White&defid=408229

Aug 12 - 12:45 PM


Sal Tecce

I didnt even have to look to know who gave District 9 a bad review. Armond is taking film reviewing to a new level

Aug 12 - 12:53 PM

adam k.

adam klitzner

I GRARANTEE you if Spielberg or Bay had directed this movie, Armond would have PRAISED it.

Aug 12 - 12:53 PM


Niko Niavaroni

what a joke. not surprised at all. I was laughing so hard when I saw it had 96 comments. hahahahahahaha

Aug 12 - 12:58 PM


Tom Elce

I love how the absolute dolts on here imply Armond would love this film if it were more of a "black" movie. You know, as if he didn't pan Notorious and didn't hate Spike Lee.

Aug 12 - 01:03 PM

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