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District 9 represents the sloppiest and dopiest pop cinema -- the kind that comes from a second-rate film culture.

August 12, 2009 Full Review Source: New York Press | Comments (578)
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Robert Barker

If the purpose of criticism is to provide intelligent, informed analysis that allows the movie public to make a cogent decision whether or not to attend a movie, this guy fails on all counts. Please RT, remove him!!!!

Aug 12 - 01:49 PM

David T.

David T

RT keeps him here because of the anger he generates. They don't care that his reviews are full of bias, or that he's a blatant racist.
^^^this is fact no matter what they say.
If they truly did care, then he wouldn't be here, simple as that.

Aug 12 - 02:01 PM

Sam D.

Sam Deutsch

You are not more educated than everyone. Also, you thing a dog dry humping Megan fox's leg is funny? Seriously? grow up. And don't sy your more more educated. I graduated from brown. Good luck tring to get into an ivy league college, mr. White

Aug 12 - 01:51 PM

Sam D.

Sam Deutsch

You are not more educated than everyone. Also, you thing a dog dry humping Megan fox's leg is funny? Seriously? grow up. And don't sy your more more educated. I graduated from brown. Good luck tring to get into an ivy league college, mr. White

Aug 12 - 01:52 PM

Red M.

Red Mundus

The only thing I can thank Armond White for is finally pushing me to move to Metacritic.

A bad review is fine.

An inaccurate bad review is marginally acceptable.

A biased review hidden as a soapbox for which the reviewer may scream and stand on. Unacceptable.

Same goes for those who encourage it.

Also this applies to pretty much any AW review not just D9s.

Aug 12 - 01:53 PM

supers s.

supers socco

" Red M.
Red M. writes:
on Aug 12 2009 01:53 PM

The only thing I can thank Armond White for is finally pushing me to move to Metacritic "

Thanks for the advice. I will move there too

Aug 12 - 01:55 PM


jeffrey sithi-Amnuai

I bet you'll suddenly find 10 movies bumped up to 100% if you got rid of this guy's reviews.

Aug 12 - 01:55 PM

Yaron L.

Yaron Librach

Firstly, being "educated" does not make you intelligent. I know several people with masters and PhDs who can barely put two sentences together. So please, get off your high horse.

Secondly, so you are giving a "white" movie a bad review on the sole basis of not having enough of a "black" presence / agenda. So in other words, you are getting back at a "racist" movie by being racist? Do you realize how dumb that sounds? On these grounds alone, if I was your employer I would fire you on the spot. Talk about alienating your readership.

Aug 12 - 01:57 PM

Joel T.

Joel Tinker

Its people like Armond White that keep racism alive. He can look at anything and find something racist about it. Bananas turn black when they are rotten... So nature must be saying that blacks are rotten! It will be a happy day when his worthless ignorant opinions can no longer contaminate the scores of great original movies like this.

Aug 12 - 01:58 PM


sal khan

Mr Armond you are such a class potato. District 9 is racist for portraying a RACIST APARTHEID system of South Africa, directed by a SOUTH AFRICAN who grew up during the Apartheid and where as a jive talking funky black robot that exudes EVERY stereotypical connotation about a black man in America is "funny and endearing" ?

I think the fact that you yourself are African American makes you cherish every stereotypical portrayal of Blacks because they enforce the "cool black" stereotype which you think makes Blacks really look cool. You should instead abhor such portrayals because otherwise people (especially outside US) will think every black man can bust rhymes on the spot, can dance and can talk jive and be funny 24/7. Wait I think you already think of them that way. Nevermind.

Aug 12 - 01:59 PM


Jake Straka

Phew! Still 100% That was a close one. I thought a real critic was about to end the streak.

Aug 12 - 02:00 PM


Peter Gallo

When nerds attack!

Aug 12 - 02:01 PM

Jay M.

Jay Michaels

I think people should be more angry at Rotten Tomatoes for continuing to support this miserable excuse for a reviewer on their site. I suggest people go to Metacritic which I have started to do more often as they have the good sense not to include Armond White's rantings on their site.

Aug 12 - 02:02 PM


Doug Redway

I agree that RT shouldn't be kicking "critics" just because people disagree, but having this guy on the site is just absurd. It's more absurd that he's being defended by RT staff. This site only has credibility if the reviews are coming from real critics, and Armond is not that. Keeping his here is also a defense of his blatant racism. Shame on you for perpetuating that racism.

Aug 12 - 04:39 PM

Justin P.

Justin P

People, just go to Metacritic. I have been looking for an excuse to go and this is it. I can't tell you how many people I have heard from today that can't stand this toleration of Armond White's incompetence as a critic and want to tell RT of their displeasure, so they are deleting their RT bookmark and going to Metacritic. Do the same, maybe Rotten Tomatoes will realize that pandering to some hack critic at the expense of THOUSANDS of your formerly loyal site visitors (aka WHY YOUR SITE IS IN BUSINESS) are leaving you for Metacritic.

Aug 12 - 08:56 PM



"I warned you guys that I'd give it a bad review for a blatant racist undertone that I will not stand for."

That quote describes exactly why you are a bad reviewer. People come to this website to see a collection of reviews on whether a movie is good or not, not someone trying to sell themselves as a movie critic to belittle REAL fans of film by badmouthing what is- up to this point- a highly regarded film from a promising up and coming director.

And something to note in the future: if you can't take being called a retard, don't insult someone like Peter Jackson, who is undoubtedly up there as one of THE most talented filmmakers in the world today and call him intellectually juvenile. Making thought provoking movies is far from intellectually juvenile. Boycotting movies because of racial bull****, on the other hand, IS intellectually juvenile. You deserve the insults you get.

Aug 12 - 02:03 PM

Th3 d3part3d

Jason Czajkoski

How does this guy still get paid and why do his reviews even count against the tomatometer. He loves to give every movie a bad review that isn't about black people

Aug 12 - 02:03 PM


Nate 2709

Hahaha I knew it would be this guy, District 9 must really be great!

Aug 12 - 02:06 PM

Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabidu

Larry David

"I warned you guys that I'd give it a bad review for a blatant racist undertone that I will not stand for. This is sloppy while movies such as Transformers and G.I Joe were funny and endearing."
-posted by Armond White

This guy is such a hypocrite. Then why did you give Transformers 2 a "fresh" review??

Aug 12 - 02:07 PM

Joel T.

Joel Tinker

You may be smart sir, but you are not wise.

Aug 12 - 02:09 PM


Taylor Drake

You notice that Armond does not mention anything that most critics would mention in a review. He doesn't talk about characters, or story, just how childish the premise is...Isn't it a fantasy movie and supposed to be far fetched. Its like he thinks that since another movie has had a alien in it that no other one can ever do it. He never he gives a clear reason as to why the premise is childish. All he does is talk about how racist the movie is. I can't believe that person with the fake profile was actually right...Now I think. Is that really Armond? Both said the exact same thing, its almostas if the future was predicted...:)

I am not one to attack someones opinions, if he disliked this movie than fine, but he has no reason to dislike it or he has not given any reason to dislike. All this review is is a general description of racism, and not a movie review. And I can't respect his opinion, he sounds intellectual, but in the end only comes off as a person with no purpose. Bashing for the sake of annoying people. All of us commenting on his review are just helping him gain popular, that is not the first step to kicking him off.

I have not seen this movie, but I don't have to, to know that Armond probably hasn't either, just going off the trailers...;)

Aug 12 - 02:09 PM


Taylor Drake

One more thing, he also mentions that this is not a movie of cinematic quality. I have one thing to ask you, What is? You hate every movie that is considered good cinematic quality...Next Day Air, and Dance, you can like them, but not much more, they are not good movie, I was recently convinced of that fact of life. You can like those movie, but you can't say the movies are of a better quality than Wall-E or The Dark Knight, because they are not.

Aug 12 - 02:25 PM


sal khan

Also the fact that you needed to bring up your "education" and your study of films for 4 years reeks of elitism and snobbery. Just because you went to a school and discussed movies for four years doesn't make you a goddamn expert on it, especially when you think ****fests like Dance Flick are better than The Wrestler. Some people have PhDs on subjects but are still as airheaded as a blonde bimbo. Same goes for you. I wonder what a pain you were in your school.

Aug 12 - 02:10 PM

Gus C.

Gus Callado

Armond Shwarzeneeger

Aug 12 - 02:11 PM

a13815 a.

a13815 a13815

He said the social commentary was incomplete and shallow? I thought D-9 was a Sci-Fi/action movie in which the themes serve as a vehicle or background support for the action/sci-fi. Like most of these types of movies where they really only pay lip service to themes.

Shouldn't this have been apparent once the relentless action got underway? Why is this a negative quality of an action movie? If the action was good, and the story and characters were well developed shouldn't that be all that matters?

Aug 12 - 02:11 PM

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