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The fresh premise over, the stale action returns.

August 14, 2009 Full Review Source: Globe and Mail | Comments (11)
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Curtis F.

Curtis Fry

Wow... talk about "I love me and everything I put to paper." I've run into a number of "reviewers" about this film that are working for obscure, non-descriptive firms and are writing multi-syllabic laden reviews without a clue about reaching the audience. This "review" is no exception. Riddled with complex terms, this person has NO idea about the real premise behind this film and, quite frankly, doesn't care to reveal through the ridiculous review. Perhaps filling us in on plants would be better.

Aug 14 - 06:55 PM

Max Taffey

Max Taffey

Can I just point out that labeling one of the most respected newspapers in North America which has been around since the 1840's as "obscure" and "non-descriptive" doesn't really position you as an intelligent commentator.

Aug 15 - 01:24 PM


Dan R

This review pretty much hits the nail on the head. There is an intriguing premise rooted in D9, but once it is fleshed out through the backstory the film moves into standard, predictable action-drama territory. Hardly groundbreaking.

Aug 15 - 09:30 PM

Serious Sam

Dave Podgurski

Eh, I definitely do not agree with the stale action. The reality and CGI mixed together with the camera work made it so perfectly real. I was astounded. Now if you want to see a movie with stale action, Transformers 2 is your kind of movie.

Aug 16 - 07:51 AM

Madison M.

Madison McClendon

If the action was the point of the movie, then this would be a valid criticism. But the execution of the action was hardly the point; the way in which the action illustrates the premise is the point.

So, if the author of this review thinks the premise is "fresh," then he should take some time to consider what makes the action support that premise. To the extent that the premise is morally righteous--the human capacity for prejudice and xenophobia is powerful and must be examined--the action's emphasis on cooperation between alien and a human enlightened through a personal encounter with the Other is powerful and moral. To the extent that the premise is flawed--the Nigerians are depicted in a woefully racist fashion--the action's inclusion of the Nigerians as Enemy is simply a stale Hollywood trope.

But to posit the premise and the action as two distinct elements is to overlook that they work together to form a whole object.

Aug 18 - 09:26 AM


Anthony Pennito

The Nigerians are a representation of the exploitation of a less-intelligent, "inferior" lower class. In what way were they "depicted in a woefully racist fashion"? Because there were witch doctors?

In regards to the reviewer, the action is well choreographed, easy to follow, and very intense. When you say "stale action" I think of Transformers and seeing indistinguishable robots rolling around, smashing into things...peppered with about a half a dozen explosions.

What makes the action in District 9 effective is because you actually CARE about the outcome. Now I havent seen Transformers 2, but I have seen the first and I remember not caring in the least whether or not the world was saved (or whatever the stupid plot was).

District 9 literally had me cheering every time a human being was blown up, I cant remember a SciFi movie that made me feel that way.

Aug 18 - 01:59 PM

Jerry P.

Jerry Peterson

It seems as if District 9's tiring message of Apartheid is rubbing off on it's critic's critics. I guess there can be no differing opinions. From what I can deduce from this list of comments, this website doesn't have the smartest of users. For one, I never read a review before I go see a movie that I don't want spoiled. Second, have any of you read any of the other reviews on this site? Guess what? They are all spoilers! I went to this movie not knowing one thing about it. And I can honestly say I thought it was entertaining but ridiculous with it's jumping logic and story parallels. It's amazing when rated R movies have to give you a constant narrative about what's going on in the movie while showing us at the same. I'm guessing from this list of comments that you are the kind of audience that they believe are so stupid that you would never rely on cinematic subtleties to understand this movie. I believe a half hour shed off this movie would have done it justice to be the "perfect movie". And for all in tense and purposes; from the beginning, what the hell is one dude with a group of 8 military dudes doing giving out 24 hour eviction notices to the millions of "Prawns"? I wonder how long it would take 8 guys to get 1.8 million signatures from arguably savage aliens going door to door? Not 24 hours. ]; D

Aug 21 - 03:49 AM

Michael B.

Michael Bosely

allow me to clarify when I mentioned the silence in the previous reply I mean immediately after the shot of wikus-prawn (theres a bone for you D9 haters who wanna talk about the fly) folding the flower. I think that viewers, more so than critics (who by trade are not as immersed) were shaken, or maybe just coming to terms with how the story made them feel.

The poster previous to me asked about the premise of serving the many prawn eviction notices within 24 hours.... yes its rediculous. But then beaurocracies never do anything rediculous do they?

I think many of the Nay-sayers of this movie are simply trying to elevate themselves. "Many people like this movie, so I will say that I do not thus confirming my status as more nuanced and a more demanding judge of quality." We all know people like that.

Aug 21 - 11:18 PM

Michael B.

Michael Bosely

Yes, I know, its Ridiculous. its 2:20am here.

Aug 21 - 11:21 PM


In Your Dreams

You stupid? They weren't the only team handing out eviction notices. You either didn't see the movie or are simply a troll. Find a better a reason to dislike this movie; as it stands, it rises above other movies, and rises above you.

Jan 8 - 12:56 AM

Michael B.

Michael Bosely

Well, the guy is paid to try and find negative things to say about movies. I think he's wrong. I think that his viewing the movie as "work" and feeling that he had to "judge" it prevented him from allowing himself to be immersed. I don't think he allowed himself to be in the protagonist's shoes. I don't think he allowed himself to care about the characters which would detract from the action. I know this because I couldnt care less about any character in transformers 2 which made the "action" (that which was discernable to me, who designed those mechs??) worse than boring.

For me the all the evidence I needed to know that the story managed to hit home with the theater full of people that I saw it with was the kind of awkward silence that I take to be people trying to process all of the conflicting emotions they were subjected to feeling about the protagonist and humanity by extension.

Aug 21 - 11:09 PM

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