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The movie falls into the same uneasy category as Eight Legged Freaks: too tongue-in-cheek to be thrilling, not funny enough to be a comedy.

August 14, 2009 Full Review Source: New York Post | Comments (113)
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Chris N.

Chris Nolan

You seriously believe Eight Legged Freaks and District 9 are even remotely comparable? Quite a slap in the face to District 9, whether or not you liked it.

Aug 14 - 02:04 PM

Brian S.

Brian Schmeltzer

you sir are an idiot

Aug 14 - 02:10 PM


Alex Nolly

I really do hate this guy. He didn't like "Moon" either.

Aug 14 - 02:16 PM

Cleveland S.

Cleveland Sid

WTF? Time for a career change idiot!

Aug 14 - 02:41 PM

Vince Vaughn not really

Glenn Vaughn

i agree with everyone else

Aug 16 - 05:54 PM


jake rogers

this guys reviews are always like this. he gives great movies bad reviews just because he can.

Aug 14 - 02:51 PM


Tim Guy

I did not think it was tough-in-cheek at all. In fact I only chuckled once (the pig part near the end.)

Aug 14 - 03:15 PM


John Lusky

It seems relatively obvious which critics really got the movie and which critics let it fly over their heads.

And this guy is no Armond White, but he is rather tough on movies and could benefit from a more open mind.

Aug 14 - 03:16 PM

Charlie D.

Charlie Dango

I like movie
U don't like movie
I don't like U

Give me a break.

Aug 15 - 08:05 PM

Mathew S.

Mathew Sewell

Are you ****ing kidding me?! There's nothing tongue-in-cheek about this movie at all! It's horrifically disturbing, brutal, powerful, and moving. I laughed twice the whole time and was cringing even as I did. What the flying **** is wro- ... oh. You didn't like Moon either. So you're a dip****. Got it.

Aug 14 - 03:24 PM

Steven R.

Steven Romeo

The second this movie was compared to Eight Legged Freaks is the second this review should have been taken off for being so ridiculous.

Aug 14 - 03:42 PM

Reaper Cloud

Michael Page

I stopped reading after you compare this movie to Eight Legged ****ING Freaks!!!

How do you earn a paycheck at your job?!

Aug 14 - 03:48 PM

JC Martel

JC Martel

Great review Corky Romano !

Aug 14 - 04:00 PM


larkin flynn

Don't you dare compare it to Eight Legged Freaks. Two different genres you moron. Plus its not supposed to be a comedy. But I can sleep good at night knowing your not one who necessary reflects public opinion or influences it for that matter. You gave I Love you Beth Cooper a good review. Oblivious no one listened to you since it has a 14% on RT and tanked at the box office. Its even being considered the worst film of the year.

Aug 14 - 04:11 PM

Nathan B.

Nathan Bartocci

You're right. This is like Eight Legged Freaks. not

Aug 14 - 04:23 PM

mike v.

mike valentino

wow new york post? u need to do more research 8 legged freaks well flat on its face and was a comedy bad horror flick. district 9 had about 2 funny lines in the whole movie. different angle yes but very intense

Aug 14 - 04:28 PM



This guy liked I Love You, Beth Cooper. Therefore, he doesn't matter.

Aug 14 - 04:47 PM

paul h.

paul hinchey

Kyle Smith strikes again. Its sad because i like the post and they have quite possibly the most odious critic out there.

Aug 14 - 05:12 PM

Don G.

Snoogans Moogans

i agree with brian s. they shouldnt fire you, its not your fault your retarded. someone needs to fire the guy who hired you. this movie was amazing. something new to add to the sci fi genre. A

Aug 14 - 05:57 PM

Brent P.

Brent Payne

Not thrilling? Wow, I thought it was very thrilling. A sci-fi with an intriguing plot, an obvious message that's not too heavy-handled, and lots of action. I thought there was a nice balance of action and humor (it's not a comedy). That's like saying Jaws wasn't funny enough to be a comedy... which when you really think about it, is a true statement.

Aug 14 - 06:21 PM

Curtis F.

Curtis Fry

Say What? Get a grip, please, and allow us mortals who are not elevated to a self-absorbed level of importance as "Top Critic" to enjoy a film without basking in your smug view on something you obviously could not accomplish.

Aug 14 - 06:33 PM

Sean h.

Sean hur

This guy is rated as a "Top Critic"? This is just another example of pseudo-intellectual film critics that THINK they are sounding witty when they really have no idea what they're talking about. Roger Ebert is a prime example.
The only thing I got from this guy's review is that he has no idea what tongue-in-cheek humor is.
I mean, honestly: What IN the film was tongue-in-cheek such that you could label the entire flick as such?
And the Prawns were NOT made out to be monsters. You had them interacting with humans left and right and regular kinetic kill weapons(bullets) were able to kill them.

Aug 14 - 06:37 PM


a j

Comparing Roger Ebert to Kyle Smith is like comparing District 9 to Eight Legged Freaks.

Roger Ebert actually likes movies.

Aug 17 - 04:21 PM

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