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The backstory beats the hell out of the present-tense plot, a routine affair in which a well-meaning doofus working for the Man is infected with a virus, starts turning into an alien himself, and falls in with the oppressed creatures.

August 14, 2009 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader | Comments (126)
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David L.

David Loyd

Hey great way to give away the main plot douche bag. I'm glad I saw the movie before reading your crap review but would have even if i did and enjoyed the hell out of it regardless of your trying to ruin for anyone who hasn't seen it.

Aug 14 - 03:09 PM

Matthew M.

Matthew Mertens

why the hell did Rotten Tomatoes post this part of the review. Rotten Tomatoes just pissed me the hell off.

Aug 14 - 03:16 PM

JC Martel

JC Martel

I agree. The dude's a douche but Rottentomatoes are the ones that totally fucked up here.

Jun 8 - 10:37 PM

Mike H.

Mike Hackler

I didn't like the movie because Bruce Willis is a ghost throughout the entire film and then he's dead at the end.

May 28 - 04:05 PM

Brandon M.

Brandon Mistler

Thanks for ruining it asswipe

Aug 14 - 03:16 PM

Matthew M.

Matthew Mertens

This guy is a top critic?

Aug 14 - 03:20 PM

Alan Death

Alan Death

Yes, let's see you write anything better.

Jan 19 - 07:03 AM


Truth Seeker

Actually, anyone could write something better.
Everything we need is:
-not spoil every detail from the movie
-have a little taste and knowledge for movies.

Dec 11 - 06:00 AM

Chad V.

Chad Verrall

This really should be removed. It has fairly major spoilers in it's short commentary -- I'm actually pretty annoyed that I read this!!!!

Aug 14 - 03:22 PM

Ken Gabisan

Ken Gabisan

I don't think there's a point for his comment to be removed.

Jan 3 - 07:03 AM

Tit D.

Tit Dirt

Yes, there IS a point.

Jul 16 - 09:37 AM


Taylor Drake

I can't wait to see the movie, but almost every critic has been saying this point. I've read several reviews, this point is in them. I don't think it is a much a spoiler as guys think. It would be best to leave it out, but he's not the only one to mention this.

Aug 14 - 03:24 PM


n/a n/a

I think one of the criteria Rotten Tomatoes should really screen for if the critic is an ******* or not. I should read like this.
Please note the following STRICT criteria before requesting to be added to the Tomatometer:
Are you an *******?

No? Great! You meet the most important criteria.

Some of these critics here are real clueless writers.

Aug 14 - 03:47 PM

Red M.

Red Mundus

The review doesn't really seem that negative to be honest.

Aug 14 - 03:49 PM

JC Martel

JC Martel

Tell the whole plot you *****in' douche !

Aug 14 - 03:58 PM


larkin flynn

ya well you know what J.R (aka I'm not creative so I can only make a living bashing other peoples work because I have talents of my own) at least I did not like Pelham 123... f ing hack

Aug 14 - 04:03 PM

ian t.

ian turner

Wow. I made an account just to say "what the hell?" that this a) made it on Rotten tomatoes, and b) the guy gave the story away. I have not seen the movie, and was excited to go tonight. I may or may not enjoy it, but this review is humiliating.

Aug 14 - 04:12 PM

Mack Movie Man

Johnny Matlack


Why is RT highlighting a part of a review that is a spoiler?

Aug 14 - 04:17 PM

Death By Teabag

Ay0 Yay0

It's not the reviewers fault RT posted a spoiler-ish plot point from it

Aug 14 - 04:19 PM

Todd G.

Todd Groves

Still no excuse.

Aug 15 - 09:40 AM

Rob F.

Rob Freeland

I'm so mad I registered just so I could comment. I've waited months for this film and you totally ruined it for me.

You call yourself a critic? Critics have a responsibility not to post spoilers without warning first so that people like me can stop reading.

I can't tell you how personally upset I am. I hope you feel very bad for ruining this movie for so many people... and please, never do it again.

Don't ever provide spoilers without a warning first.

Aug 14 - 05:01 PM

Anthony P.

Anthony Pittore

Good job, ******.

Aug 14 - 05:02 PM

John C.

John Culver

Don't be upset that he said exactly what we were all thinking when we saw the movie. Far from stellar.

Aug 14 - 05:03 PM

Rob F.

Rob Freeland

Hey "John C"... I'm upset because I HAVEN'T seen the movie yet and Jack *** Jones just spoiled it before I got to judge for myself.

Aug 14 - 05:11 PM

Andrew K.

Andrew Kemp

This is a rediculous part of a review to highlight on OPENING DAY of arguably one of the summer's biggest action movies.

Although I did expect this exact thing to happen from the trailer with the guy spraying himself with the can, falling over and then dialogue soon after saying, "find the freak," but still, I'm very dissapointed to see this.

Aug 14 - 05:30 PM


Thomas Medford

**** you J.R. Jones! And **** you Rotten Tomatoes. **** you! **** you! **** YOU!!!

Aug 14 - 05:49 PM

Brent P.

Brent Payne

Exactly why I don't read reviews until I see a movie, especially one I really want to see. I really enjoyed the movie. Terrific story, good special effect. The movie had an obvious message without hitting the audience over the head with it. As for Mr. J.R. Jones, it's one thing not to like the movie, but giving away so much of the plot is bush-league. Go back to critic school!

Aug 14 - 05:51 PM


Matt McKenna


Aug 14 - 05:56 PM

Rick L.

Rick Lee

AAARRGGGHH!!!! I actually signed up to say how pissed I am that this idiot gave away the plot!!!!!

Aug 14 - 05:57 PM

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