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You don't feel bamboozled, fooled, or patronized by District 9, as you did by most of the summer blockbusters. You feel winded, shaken, and shamed.

September 7, 2009 Full Review Source: New Yorker | Comments (19)
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Nicky Marianna

Is there anyone in the RT community who thinks that this movie is full of holes the size of Texas? For starters, the initial contact, and this is a big one since this is the very first contact humans has ever had, why was that not shown? Is it because the filmmaker can't pull it off? What about the ship? That thing was levitating for so many years yet humans were absolutely not interested. District 9 is a summer movie at best. A mediocrity at most. Why are the "Prawns" who are capable of interstellar travel maybe even intergalactic travel winds up on earth and becomes totally incompetent? The exo machine was great but that was just 5 lousy minutes of the entire movie. RT wise up.

Sep 11 - 02:21 PM

Jason R.

Jason Rosenbaum

All the so called "plot holes" you mentioned are addressed by the movie. Your willingness to suspend your disbelief, however, is entirely your choice.

Sep 12 - 11:49 AM

Willy G.

Willy Garcia

Vegasbaby, I think you fail to realize that this movie obviously didn't seek out to explain every question; hence the ending. As I watched, the main focus was obviously the interraction of the two species, nothing more. I think if this movie were a written text, it would be a short story. It doesn't delve too deeply into the minute details, like a book would, but it is powerful in its concise message nonetheless. If the movie had all the answers you are looking for, it would have had an entirely different message. Sometimes the point is not to please, but awareness. Movies don't always have to explain everything. In fact, I think the best ones explain as little as possible.

Dec 8 - 08:45 AM

Alex W.

Alex W

truly funny. you like movies the best that explain as little as possible? u should just turn them all of after 10 mins or only watch lynch films. that being said this movie is full of stupid plot holes. though curiously vegasbaby seemed to hit on only one of them(the technology bit). so here's a few off the top of my head. Wikus feels physical pain when his exoskeleton. yea ok. the nigerian leader is clever enough to become the head of a gang that vicious yet wants to cut off wikus' arm 2 seconds after meeting him because that makes sense and the eating of the aliens has worked so well for him so far. no don't torture him and find out how he got that way. just kill him and eat his arm. yea that makes sense. wikus has a moment of hesitation and doubt over whether or not to save chris yet he's in a superexoskeleton with almost zero danger to himself. yes very consistent to his altruistic totally 3 dimensional character. i'm willing to go on any trip a writer can think up but you have to follow the rules of your own universe. very imaginative piece of crap movie

Dec 26 - 10:00 PM

Alex W.

Alex W

.....feels physical pain when his exoskeleton is shot with small arms.

Dec 26 - 10:03 PM


Taylor Drake

There was nothing to lead one to believe that the exosuit was invincible; tough but not invincible, hence the reason it was broken down at the end. Why would you believe that Wikus was perfectly safe when in it? Small arms fire was not what took the suit down, it seemed the two high caliber shot that struck him from the sniper is what weakened him.

Look up Muti, don't be so ignorant to say that these people are stupid based on what they believe.

Wikus is portrayed as a coward throughout the movie, him running in the exosuit enforces that. He was in the exosuit, so, why does that mean he had to fight, as I said before he was a coward, and at the moment only cared for himself. The outcome of the firefight proves what he was deciding, to runaway and live, or risk his life. Since when is going into a firefight an easy decision. Unless you something similar to Superman, you are not going to just go into a firefight willy-nilly.

A plot hole is a inconsistency between events that effect the plot. The 3 'holes' you mentioned are not inconsistent with the rest of the movie. Those events also have no logical problems; the suit is not invincible, people still believe in muti, and the suit is not invincible, therefore there still is danger.

Dec 28 - 02:15 AM


Taylor Drake

This is not a movie about aliens coming to earth, it is about aliens on earth.

D9 is about alien/human tensions. Nothing in the plot relates to first contact. You can't say it is a plot hole when nothing about the plot relates to something not even in the movie.

Showing first contact does not advance the movie at all, nor would it introduce what the movie is about.

Dec 28 - 02:40 AM

Randy Sims

I thought this movie was a disgrace of a great trailer.

Sep 26 - 08:45 PM

Jake W.

Jake Ward

I thought your wife was a disgrace of a great dancer.

May 22 - 09:07 PM

Tit D.

Tit Dirt

I think you are a disgrace of a so-called "great" person.

Jul 16 - 09:34 AM


Chiaki Green

Dec 11 - 01:19 PM

boris s.

boris shusterman

This movie makes social and political statements. It's a movie for smart people, not for people that went to see 2012. Some people just don't have the IQ for what this film had to offer.

Dec 15 - 03:39 AM

Esteban H.

Steven Hernandez

"Patronized" was what I felt like after Avatar also. Great review.

Dec 22 - 10:48 PM

jessica f.

jessica f

Gotta agree with Boris. There are people who like/need every little thing spelled out to them, and those of us who are smarter than that!

Dec 25 - 11:46 AM

jessica f.

jessica f

Gotta agree with Boris. There are people who like/need every little thing spelled out to them, and those of us who are smarter than that!

Dec 25 - 11:47 AM


kerry touch

and it's obvious to see why people dont get it... it's like none have you have ever been to Africa (and i dont mean a 7 day in/out holiday)...

If you had, you'd see (as Peter Jackson said) that there was a lot of comedy in this film.

As for me the first 20min were a hilarious recant of the realities of Africa.

And yes muti does exist, and yes, Nigerians do use it, and yes food is prepared like that on the street (you wont ever get a fresher chicken,

but too many think steak, chicken, pork & fish etc comes naturally in plastic wrapping.

But thats in some ways the films downfall, because people dont know what Africa is like, they dont get it. Then they wonder about the viability of the suit to defend bullets.????

Then people like mr Lane, same their precious little consious's get pricked.

i actually saw this film in Africa, people were rolling around laughing for most of the film, because it shows the realities of Africa.

Maybe other countries too...who are too scared to admit it.

Read 'Things fall apart' - Chinua Achebe

Jan 8 - 02:10 PM

David P.

David Petruzelli

Kerry_RT: Thanks for your comments. Not
entirely clear what you're saying
about Lane's review, which I thought
was basically sound, but there's room
for several viewpoints.

Feb 9 - 08:21 PM

Jake W.

Jake Ward

Look. The purpose of a non-sucky film is to please the audience's subconscious. Not satisfy a bunch of out-of-the-way questions or "plot holes" that are irrelevant to what makes the movie good. A good movie keeps the audience mesmerized, which brings us back to the subconscious. Make no mistake, this movie sets its own requirements and successfully fulfills them. Is it an example of a great movie? Yes. But that, by no means whatsoever, means that everyone is expected to like it.

Jun 12 - 06:23 AM

Tit D.

Tit Dirt

Death called. He said you're time is up and it is time for you to get in your coffin.

Jul 16 - 09:35 AM

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