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Which writer-director is better: Quentin Tarantino or Christopher Nolan? 54 days ago Darko Paligoric 145
Earth to America: This film is totally overrated. 5 months ago Brendan Sullivan 600
Americans were racist 5 months ago Drew Hoeree 5
Racism against whites. 6 months ago Matthew Boyd 263
The Tarantino Problem 6 months ago Branden Mata 179
SUNGLASSES!!!!!!!!!!! 6 months ago Alex Maverick 0
Not his best movie but still enjoyable overall 6 months ago Rami Nawfal 31
Quentin Tarantino you SUCK! 7 months ago Kaisher Moi 23
Where would you rank it in Tarantino's filmography? 7 months ago No Name 111
Is it possible this film will turn me gay? 7 months ago Luke Dobson 110
100% is not deserved. 7 months ago Alex Maverick 329
Who else thinks Leo DiCaprio has it in the bag? 8 months ago Andrew Movie-man 20
Christopher Nolan is better than Quentin Tarantino 8 months ago God . 15
Oh, and Kill Bill only gets an 85? 9 months ago Eric Castagnoli 45
Waltz Shooting Di'Caprio? Reason? 10 months ago Anthony M 125
This movie disappointed me 10 months ago Rami Nawfal 53
excuses for violence 11 months ago Rami Nawfal 5
MY REVIEW 11 months ago Shritan Varma 1
WHY WHY WHY 11 months ago Rob Belom 11
Why does it say Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kevin Costner, and Kurt Russell are in this movie?... 11 months ago Rodrigo Garcia 3
How did this movie get good reviews? 11 months ago Neil Brown 14
Why did they make Calvin so amazing? 11 months ago God . 30
Phil Villarreal 11 months ago Alex Maverick 1
Wayyyy over-rated 11 months ago Tim Boone 44
Most racist movie ever made. 11 months ago Ash J. Gilmore 29
Apparently, if it's not historically accurate... 11 months ago hollis mills 3
amazing, wow 12 months ago Jacklord Alan Keen 1
Andrew O'hehir 12 months ago Jacklord Alan Keen 1
Tarantino is awesome!!! 12 months ago Jacklord Alan Keen 0
My review for Django Unchained 12 months ago Jacklord Alan Keen 9
Tarantino = OVERRATED 12 months ago Alec Daley 71
So Offensive! 12 months ago Brendan Sullivan 4
How movie violence and life really connect 12 months ago Tim Boone 14
White people cracking up..... 12 months ago Migs Rodriguez 0
Scifi? 12 months ago Pat S. 2
Roger Ebert 13 months ago Hamza Siddiqi 3
Any chance for the Oscar? 13 months ago hollis mills 9
Waltz or Jones 14 months ago Babadook Nyland 12
To Matthew Preston 14 months ago Matthew Preston 2
The woman with her face covered. 14 months ago George Matta 19
A bit disappointing. 14 months ago Jay Pea 10
''Tarantino's made a great movie but an underwhelming film. '' 14 months ago Jay Pea 1
Too Long 14 months ago hollis mills 10
Time will tell... 14 months ago Babadook Nyland 3
I have a couple questions! 14 months ago Isaac Bland 3
What was your favorite Scene ? Best Dialogue 14 months ago Joshua Hill 13
The Sally Menke Appreciation Thread 14 months ago hollis mills 7
Django Unchained in a nutshell 14 months ago Yune Kwon 3
Good point with Alexandre Dumas 15 months ago Matthew Preston 9
Haters 15 months ago Matt Hastings 4
There should've been a duel between Stephen and Django. 15 months ago Baxter Goerz 1
New Editor... 15 months ago Rachelle Fons 0
Yes! 15 months ago hollis mills 0
Pulls us into it ! 15 months ago hollis mills 1
Blaxploitation? 15 months ago Cory Wallace 0
What religion is Jaimie Foxx? 15 months ago Nicholas Dobson 7
Phil Villarreal OK! Magazine 15 months ago Nicholas Dobson 7
Classic Tarantino 15 months ago Alex Sinykin 0
WILL THIS FILM BE LIFE OF PI OR LIFE OF POO? 15 months ago hollis mills 9
Am I the only one who thought this version of Django was a love story? 15 months ago Gera Anderson 8
Music? Rap? 15 months ago Ivy Miles 8
Paul Verhoeven vs. Quentin Tarantino 15 months ago hollis mills 6
Once Stephen tells Candie what's happening, the reaction was WEAK 15 months ago Anthony Stokes 9
Samuel L Mother F#$%@#$ Jackson 15 months ago Josh Neel 1
Andrew O'Hehir's review 15 months ago THGhost . 0
DeCaprio vs. Waltz 15 months ago Zack Mitchner 28
My review of "Django Unchained" 15 months ago Patricia Dukes 1
Sam Jackson? 15 months ago Arthurene James 10
Will it top Basterds? 15 months ago hollis mills 14
best movie I've seen in a long time 15 months ago hollis mills 5
Its about time black people also get a hero 15 months ago Sixghun Garrilla 23
Moore 15 months ago hollis mills 1
Richard Roeper's Review 15 months ago Kyle McLarty 32
Did anyone else.... 15 months ago hollis mills 4
Went 34 Fresh before it went down from 100%, Good Run! 15 months ago Matt Hastings 16
Anyone notice this? 15 months ago Jessica Brandon 10
Questionable Ending 15 months ago Andrew Kafoury 1
Violence is Giddy Fun 15 months ago hollis mills 5
hidden actors or mistakes in casting credits? 15 months ago Tyler Daniels 4
Kill Bill as theater 16 months ago Ryan Strandjord 0
Further Boost for the Hype Train! 16 months ago Gary Devenport 2
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