excuses for violence

"they are nazis!" (Inglorious Basterds)
"they are racists!" (Dgango)
"they are worthless characters of a pulp novel!" (Pulp Fiction)
"they are throwaway characters in an asian exploitation film/spaghetti western!" (Kill Bill)

Tarantino gives you all kinds of excuses why it's "OK" to treat representations of human beings like he does in his films.

Django is especially un-attackable since it is about racism and slavery.
Who could argue that white supremacists should best be killed?

Can't you see? It's all just a cheap excuse to get back to the exploitation.
Why is it nobody seems to see the problem?
Tarantino's films are all only excuses to show you one and the same thing.
Is that really what you want to see?
12-31-2012 08:05 AM

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Rami Nawfal

Rami Nawfal

You again Fritz? Guys, for those who aren't familiar with Fritz's posts, he's someone who thinks that there's something wrong with people who enjoy Tarantino's films. Don't listen to what he says.

May 23 - 06:16 AM

Jacob Reinschmidt

Jacob Reinschmidt

You don't need an excuse to put violence in a movie. I mean Dango's not schindler's list.

May 20 - 11:27 PM

hollis m.

hollis mills

his movies are story driven, gore just so happens to be there

Jan 1 - 01:26 AM


Fritz Klein

It's especially ironic that Tarantino tackles "racism" in his movies since his films basically make the movie screen into a big concentration camp where everyone is killed.

Dec 31 - 08:07 AM

Brian Harris

Brian Harris

Wow, that's super insensitive of you

Jan 7 - 08:17 PM

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