A bit disappointing.

Yeah, it is an unquestionably great movie, expertly crafted by Tarantino yet again. But...

I know you shouldn't go into a movie with huge expectations. I definitely expected more over-the-top shooting. After the sublime 1st and most of the 2nd act, the interim between the 2nd and 3rd act of the movie was this huge, talkative buildup that ended up in 5 minutes of action. The movie lacked the epic scale, the grand feeling, mutual to many westerns of it's kind.

I guess Tarantino made a great movie again, but I wouldn't go out to call it amazing or classic.
01-7-2013 02:59 PM

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Jay P.

Jay Pea

not a great movie....a cartoon with lousy special effects...I never saw so much fake blood and such a predictable plot.

Feb 3 - 06:22 AM

Brandon Paris

Brandon Paris

It is definitely a classic. it doesn't have to have over the top shooting to be a classic look at Pulp Fiction or Jackie Brown. I think you are expecting reservoir dogs. it worked for that movie but if you did it in this movie it would have ruined it. a good director knows when to switch it off.

Jan 7 - 08:00 PM

Andras Nagy

Andras Nagy

I had ten minutes before the movie and I saw the beginning of the Les Miserables - I wish I had stayed with that movie..

Jan 7 - 06:24 PM

hollis m.

hollis mills

opinions are like assholes.... everybody has one and they stink

Jan 7 - 06:30 PM

Tom S.

Tom Smith

^ including this one

Jan 8 - 02:05 AM

hollis m.

hollis mills

as does yours...

Jan 8 - 07:24 PM

Chase The Lost

Chase: The Lost Trollfighter

Andras, what didn't you like about Django?

Jan 7 - 07:21 PM

Sam Barnett

Sam Barnett

I agree completely. I felt like he was just trying to replicate what he did right with Inglourious Basterds, and so a lot of it just didn't feel genuine to me. Inglourious Basterds had this amazing dynamic of building tension through dialogue and paying it off with action in almost every scene, but I feel like this whole movie only really built up to the two small action scenes towards the end, which wasn't enough of a payoff for me.

I think the grand scale is there (though he had to cut out a good amount to get the movie under 3 hours), and the little action that is in the movie is the best Tarantino has done.

Jan 7 - 03:16 PM

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