Christopher Nolan is better than Quentin Tarantino

For me he is anyway.

However i would like to hear the opinions of others as well so please do be NICE and RESPECTFUL and let me know what you think.
Mr k.
05-11-2013 05:59 PM

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Diego Tutweiller

Diego Hard With a Vengeance


Eat a dick.

Aug 5 - 02:56 AM

Garrett Cardwell

Garrett Cardwell

Tarantino steels most of his movies from older foreign flix.Look up his old writing partner Rodger Avary and see what he has to say about it.

Jul 24 - 06:48 AM



I don't think they make movies that are comparable. Tarantino has created a universe where all the films can exist together and seem to have connections to the same surreal timeline. Nolan generates massive structures that are dense and layered; they exist next to each other instead with each other. It's like comparing a solar system to a universe. They're both great at what they do.

May 27 - 10:23 AM

Jake Braden

Jake Braden

Nolan is a smart filmmaker but the one element he is seriously lacking in is fun, especially when you compare him to someone like Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino over Nolan 100%.

May 26 - 01:12 PM


No Name

Well they're both smart filmmakers, Mr. Braden. I agree with you on the fun thing though.

May 26 - 04:09 PM

Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss

That might be true. Tarantino has the upperhand in that he's expected to have his personal style and signature on every film. Christopher Nolan has skipped around in the style of film he'll shoot. Prestige feels drastically different from The Dark Knight Rises, but at the same time you can thank a lot of other people for the way a film like Dark Knight Rises looks before you look to the director. It's impossible to even TRY to think about when you look to their predecessors they emulate. Tarantino may love Scorsese and people have been using that name to diss him for twenty years but he barely even really borrows from him, but if he does it's only because of his hands on approach to difficult technical scenes. When Scorsese does it, it's a team of people or equipment that's technologically advanced for it's time. Like his long stedicam shots, that's a stedicam. The 'ear scene' from Dogs was more of a personal technical achievement. Nolan on the other hand is a little more direct. Michael Mann is clearly a huge influence on him in. So much that even a film like The Dark Knight is not even comparable in style to any superhero film ever. It's only really comparable to Heat. The music, tone, subject matter, editing, the authentic action sequences with no cg.. One thing he's moved out of since taking on blockbuster Warner Brother's films is his hands on approach that would come from his absolute favorite director, Kubrick. I think Nolan's repertoire needs to include something a little more arty that shows HE still has it, or I may have to say Tarantino.

May 26 - 06:34 AM

Max M.

The Dude

Agreed, but Nolan's better than Tarantino by 1.2% only.

May 26 - 01:03 AM

Dammy  G.

Dammy Goldstein

I agree Nolan is better than Tarantino, but I still like Tarantino flims a lot.

May 25 - 08:39 PM


John Woo

Clusterfuck. They both suck gay balls.

May 25 - 04:30 PM

Lee Augustus

Lee Augustus

You're such a fucking stupid faghole

May 26 - 06:00 PM


No Name

Nolan's close but I'd say Tarantino.

May 15 - 05:23 PM

Alex M.

Hipster Elitist Maverick

I prefer Tarantino.

May 11 - 07:34 PM

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