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Doctor Who Reviews

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Tom M.
July 19, 2014
Despite a strong performance from Paul McGann as the Doctor and some decent set design, this British/American co-production of the long running BBC sci-fi series clearly does not understand the central character's appeal and is ultimately far too generic to really succeed.
June 7, 2014
Don't get the hate for this tv film which was the first try at rebooting Doctor Who for morden viewers. Well made for a American version of a UK series, most are not that good (Prime Suspect! Need i say more?). The story line reminded a little of The Hidden with The Master being reborn as a body hoper trying to take over the newly born 8th Doctor's body. Underrated in my view!
March 1, 2014
The Doctor Who movie is a bit dumb. And I mean really dumb but in a good way. It's not a perfect movie it's just... average. I am a great fan of the show with both the 1963-1989 era and the 2005-present era. It does stick out like a sore thumb in the Doctor Who timeline but, hey it's not that bad. Do I hate it: no, do I love it: no, do I think it's okay: yes. But it is good to watch if you are a die hard fan of the show. If your not then stay away from this one.
February 9, 2014
Muy infravalorada que esta esta película, incluso entre los fans de la serie :/, aunque si se nota mucho el toque gringo que le quisieron dar al Doctor , una lastima que no continuaron la serie con Paul McGann.
February 8, 2014
Just an excuse to pull the old Doctor Who series in with the new one. Paul McGann plays the eighth doctor in this one time feature brought to you from the BBC and Fox. It's horrible as a movie but pretty decent as a piece of whovian history.
February 7, 2014
Best thing about it is Paul McGann & Daphne Ashbrook
Brandon S.
February 5, 2014
Boring and horribly written. This is less of a b-movie and more of a vessel for Whovians to connect the dots. Paul McGann is one of my favorite Doctors however, I feel he has been shafted. He only really has this movie and a five minuet short for the Doctor Who 50th. Weirdly enough this movie has Will Sasso of Mad TV fame. Yeah... if you don't remember him then don't try to.
January 25, 2014
You can't handle the fact that Paul McGann can't pull off a very good doctor and the movie is lacking entertainment and just becomes plain boring. B-
December 12, 2013
If you're looking for a film with the same tone and atmosphere as the TV series, stay way away from it. But Doctor Who does benefit from the perfect casting of Paul McGann, and Eric Roberts' The Master makes for fun viewing, mostly in a tounge-in-cheek kind of way.
Sunshine Beach Cinema
December 10, 2013
Amidst the various specials surrounding the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who was a short mini-episode called The Night of the Doctor. It served as a prequel to the main event, whetting the appetite of fans by showing the regeneration of the Eighth Doctor into John Hurt's "War Doctor". Previously, this incarnation appeared only in an American produced TV movie broadcast in 1996, bridging the gap between the original series and the 2005 revival.

In this film, the Eighth Doctor is played by Paul McGann, best known for starring as the eponymous "I" (or Marwood) in Withnail & I (1987) alongside Richard E. Grant. Grant himself would later go on to play a version of the Tenth Doctor in Comic Relief's Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death (1999) and the villainous Dr. Simeon (a facet of the Great Intelligence) opposite Matt Smith's Doctor in 2012.

McGann makes a very good Doctor, combining the typical eccentricity of the role with budding elements of the childlike joie de vivre that would come to typify later incarnations. The Fourth Doctor's jelly babies even make an appearance. He saves this picture from being an otherwise failed attempt to reinvent Doctor Who for an American audience. Entertainingly, this Doctor enjoys dropping hints about the futures of people he meets, although whether this knowledge comes from his travels or merely his abilities as a Time Lord is unclear.

The USA has a long history of remaking and adapting British films and TV shows, whilst tragically underestimating their own audiences. Although a direct continuation of the original series, this film was such an attempt to give The Doctor his big American outing.

This is not to say that Doctor Who has no appeal for America. Stateside support has thrived since the 2005 revival, and now makes up an integral part of the series' fan base. Moreover, this highlights how unwise and unnecessary such transatlantic pandering is when it merely diminishes the quintessentially British characteristics that make Doctor Who unique.

Though the film was American produced, director Geoffrey Sax is British. With a background in BBC drama, he appears an appropriate choice to helm the picture. However, the direction is largely pedestrian, with an over reliance on Dutch angles, and action sequences which could be part of any other low key '90s movie.

Perhaps this film is a product of the decade more than it is a product of Americanisation. To his credit Sax utilises the opulent TARDIS set to its full advantage during sequences of dialogue. Sax would go on to direct the mainstream, though tepidly received White Noise (2005) and Stormbreaker (2006).

On the other side of the fence, it is refreshing to see a man with access to the whole of time and space make a stop in somewhere that isn't contemporary London. Here, the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) lands in San Francisco on 31st December 1999, prophetically amid the dying embers of an old millennium. A failure to successfully navigate the gangs and guns of Chinatown swiftly lands The Doctor in hospital, and sparks his next regeneration.

The film rejects Daleks or rubber aliens in favour of a more human faced story, pitting The Doctor against long term foe and rival The Master (Eric Roberts, who would later appear as the mysterious Thompson in Heroes). The two spend much of the film stalking the city in search of each other, and predictably, the New Year provides an ultimatum: The Master opens the TARDIS' energy source, which will destroy the Earth by midnight unless the Doctor can reset it with an atomic clock.

The saga of a time travelling Englishman on the trail of his slippery nemesis recalls the plot of Time After Time (1979) in which H. G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell) arrives in modern day San Francisco in pursuit of Jack the Ripper. Indeed, the Doctor is shown reading Wells' The Time Machine at the start of the film and the aesthetic of the TARDIS design and Eighth Doctor's wardrobe is reminiscent of similar late 19th Century science fiction. The Master meanwhile goes Terminator, issuing stoic demands whilst clad in leather jacket and shades,

The Doctor finds a companion in fellow physician Grace Holloway (Daphne Ashbrook), whose childhood dreams of keeping death at bay inspired her to become a doctor. When she learns about regeneration, her world view is challenged, as she was the surgeon whose failure caused the Seventh Doctor's demise.

Symbolically, the film dwells on the obvious themes of time and rebirth and the ability of time travel to hold back death. This is something which the Doctor is more reluctant to do in other media, and the film takes the opportunity to stray away from established mythology in other ways, including the revelation that the alien Doctor is half-human. The plot is driven by the temporary amnesia The Doctor suffers after regenerating, and he swiftly develops a romantic relationship with Grace.

While it is far from the greatest Doctor Who story in existence, it's a shame that Doctor Who: The Movie did not spark a new series starring Paul McGann. Watching thirty odd years of any TV series is a mammoth task so for those who have seen but a handful of 'classic' episodes, the movie provides nothing if not a way to complete an entire Doctor's tenure in one fell swoop.
December 7, 2013
Delightful, but not representative of the series as a whole. It's basically the American Doctor.
June 22, 2012
While the movie itself left something to be desired, Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor was what made this movie.
November 30, 2013
While the movie failed to revive the series, Doctor Who is still fun enough to be enjoyed despite some lack of imagination and poor scripting, as well as features Paul McGann shining in his role as The Doctor.
November 21, 2013
Lots of low-budget 90s movie goodness here. "I finally meet the right guy and he's from another planet." That's about the level of quality you can expect. I don't think the writers actually understood who the Doctor is supposed to be, but I can't fault McGann for that.
July 14, 2013
Fans of the TV series will probably enjoy this weakly written "adventure". But it won't attract any new fans and it's not a very good example of how brilliant the TV series is.
September 1, 2013
A weirdly comedic at Doctor Who. Paul McGann is the highlight role. Shrouded by it's terrible script the only thing likable here are the characters.
September 1, 2013
The one appearance by the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, in a TV movie that was made with the intention kicking off a US TV series. The Doctor faces off with his nemesis The Master, this time embodied by Eric Roberts. The film doesn't look at all like the previous series, featuring high production values, solid special effects, and shot with a more filmic style. Filmed about 10 years before the very successful revival, this film feels more like the new series than it does the old ones, and actually can be viewed as nice bridge between the old and new series. The film even features a nice cameo by Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor before he regenerates into McGann. Although it was made my people with no connection to the old or the new series, it actually seems to fit fairly well into the Doctor cannon and I enjoyed it quite a lot. This could have been a pretty good TV series had it been picked up.
August 31, 2013
A bit confusing, and not all of the movie is clear, but thoroughly enjoyable for a Doctor Who fan.
August 13, 2013
below par attempt to americanise the program when the BBC could`nt decide wether to drop the series altogether or not.
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