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Donnie Darko has plenty of problems. But most stem from a young filmmaker overswinging on his first time up to the plate and hitting a deep fly out rather than a home run.

June 8, 2007 Full Review Source: Variety | Comments (20)
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John Dorian

...I disagree....a lot.... I hate to say this because it usually shows that the speaker actually does not fully understand, but I don't think you understand the movie. You seem to be trying to look at like any other movie.

Jul 11 - 08:49 PM

Diego M.

Diego Masana

If one can ignore the fact that the plot fails completely at the end, one is able to enjoy the movie.

Did people pay attention its plot? Allow me to explain:

Frank's ghost goes back in time to wake Donnie up and ask him to leave his bed, so that Donnie will be able to erase the disturbance on the space-time continuum. Disturbance which was created by the fact that Frank's ghost went back on time to wake Donnie up and asked him to leave his bed.

To describe this movie, as Home Simpson more ably said: DUH!

Dec 14 - 08:01 AM

Joshua K.

Joshua Kozemzak

Diego, your synopsis of the plot is very hard to understand. To put it frankly, your grammar fails completely.

Donnie had already been waking up in strange places prior to the night on which the jet engine hit his house. He traveled back in time, awake, to ensure that he would be in his room when the engine hit.

Go try to sound intelligent somewhere else.

Jan 26 - 02:50 AM


Dylan Sigaty-Hawkes

you all just lack the necessary education to understand the film. perhaps google search "the philosophy of time travel". id imagine its a walk in the park after such a valuable insight. i on the other hand majored in physics so please become enraged within your own stupidity and challenge me.

Jan 18 - 12:07 PM

Jesse P.

Jesse Panacea

You are correct but you are forgetting major details. Like the short story from the beginning of the movie. And the fact that Frank is a character, with his own set of intentions. And the biggest thing you are forgetting is that, the parallel dimension exists in a different timeline then the real world. This is one of the greatest movies ever made. The entire plot included.

Feb 9 - 01:54 AM

Silvan H.

Silvan Hungerbuehler

And in addition to what already has been said i'd like to point out the use of a so called 'deus ex machina', that by definition solves a dead end in the plot.

Apr 17 - 09:12 AM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

I'm making a citizen's arrest on behalf of the grammar police.

Aug 21 - 09:01 AM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

Homer Simpson has better grammar.

Aug 21 - 09:02 AM


R Stiles

Absolutely the most accurate assessment of the movie I've read. DD had a lot of potential, but it never came together. For those of you that loved it -- good for you. But please, spare us all the "you just don't get it" routine.

Aug 29 - 09:43 PM

Peter W.

Peter Winters

you just don't get it

Aug 21 - 09:05 AM


gab gop

well, i think this movie is for those that watch "a disaster movie" and think "wow this is stupid i wished american films were smarter"
I guess that he mustve wrote the same about david linchs "mulholland drive" .-.

Sep 8 - 02:17 PM

david m.

david miller

The only problem that Donnie Darko had was the fact that there wasnt enough time in the movie to explain the concept of different dimentions to slower people who shouldnt have even watched the movie. This movie was brilliant.

Feb 17 - 10:51 AM


Lateralus Grates

LOL, how pretentious.

Nov 10 - 10:48 PM


Dylan Sigaty-Hawkes

i for one don't care about lesser humans and their insurmountable troubles.

Jan 18 - 12:10 PM

Stephen G.

Stephen Gerrard

You are a douchebag, and I seriously doubt you majored in anything.

Jul 24 - 01:51 PM

Frank U.

Frank Urso

I agree 100%

If you don't take it upon yourself to better yourself, then why should you weigh down the rest of society?

Oct 4 - 11:55 PM

Conner C.

Conner Clancy

Watch the Director's Cut. It is one of the only DC's I have seen that is like a whole new movie... It explains a lot for those that "don't get it" without taking away from the mystery of the plot...

Nov 19 - 03:21 PM

Joanne Newton

Joanne Newton

I completely disagree about the Director's Cut. I think it reveals far too much and does take away the mystery. The film works better with the ambiguity.

Nov 23 - 05:16 PM


Japes .

You spelled "dimensions" wrong. Are you one of the slow people you mentioned?

Apr 28 - 11:53 AM


Japes .

You spelled "dimensions" wrong. Are you one of the slow people you mentioned?

Apr 28 - 11:54 AM


Japes .

You spelled "dimensions" wrong. Are you one of the slow people you mentioned?

Apr 28 - 11:55 AM

Ali L. H.

Ali Hodgson

Have to seriously disagree with this: Donnie Darko is a modern classic and Richard Kelly pulled it off perfectly, and I think myself and the large majority of the rest of the world can see that it truly was "a home run".

May 31 - 02:59 AM

Tyler S.

Tyler Sweet

I think it was a grand slam

Mar 3 - 09:05 PM

Ebony Nyuga

Ebony Nyuga

Mr. McCarthy, I think you are just too old to see the genius of this film. This movie is by far one of the best movies of all time. No other movie in recent times has come close to what Donnie Darko is.

Jun 5 - 11:01 PM

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