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January 28, 2008
The one good 60's comedy that Tony Curtis made, Claudia Cardinale is very beautiful and Sharon Tate gives a funny performance.
March 10, 2008
Extremely high-quality Babe quotient here with spicy Claudia Cardinale and the supreme blonde goddess real-life Malibu Barbie, Sharon Tate, and also the delectable Joanna Barnes. Notable for having Mr. America Dave "The Blonde Bomber" Draper in the cast as the sterotypical California Surfer "Musclehead" (as they derisively called Bodybuilders back in these pre-Arnold days), this one is pure fluff, so don't expect Shakespeare, but it has it's place as a facinating time capsule of that era showcasing Tony Curtis's acting skills, a great musical soundtrack, and some of hollywoods most beautiful women (and for the morbidly curious who want to see what a loss the gorgeous Sharon Tate was to the psycho-murdering Charles Manson gang)...
August 8, 2007
A cute and entertaining 60's beach comedy starring Tony Curtis, Claudia Cardinale and Sharon Tate. The Malibu Barbie was based on Sharon Tate's character in this film.
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