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½ June 9, 2006
Once again I'm hit by a wave of nostalgia. I will admit that I'm inflating the grade here, and giving it more props than maybe it's worth, but I can't help it. This film may be typical and predicatble, but I dig it.

The story concerns a bunch of wild siblings who, after their mom leaves for an extended overseas trip, are put into the care of a mean and strict babysitter. However, the hell they face with her is nothing compared to the hell they have to endure after she passes away unexpectedly, forcing the kids to grow up and become mature responsible people, which is even more of a drag since it means not spending their summer having all they fun they had planned on.

This is an unrealistic fantasy, but it's charming and really funny. Plus, I' sure plenty of parents would love to come home someday to see their wild, heavy metal stoner son all cleaned up, straight, and wearing nice clothes like a real gnetleman. The cool thing about this movie though, is that once the characters make changes, you do feel like maybe they really mean it (at least for some of them), and they didn't change totally out of necessity to fit a temporary situation.

This film is a bit of a mess, implausible, and dated to a degree, but it's fun, so there.
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June 17, 2009
ive probably seen this. whether i have or havent, its nothing special.
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October 4, 2007
Been a while. First movie I ever saw that had boobs in it (they were on the kids poster on the wall)
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December 12, 2006
No sooner has Mum popped off to Oz, than the babysitter pops her clogs, leaving the kids to fend for themselves. A great idea is largely wasted, although it gets funnier towards the end. If you've started, you may as well finish.
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August 10, 2007
Teen movie about five kids who are left with a baby sitter who kicks the bucket.
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May 5, 2007
Call the police
Oh right Kenny, what are we going to tell them that Liza Minnelli stole our Buick!
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½ January 9, 2007
cool when i was younger, but doesnt hold up
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December 27, 2006
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½ November 10, 2006
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May 23, 2007
Interesting. Sort of kitsch but then also entertaining.
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August 12, 2010
Christina Applegate stars as a high school graduate, whose mother leaves for a two-month summer vacation in Australia, putting all five siblings in the care of a strict geriatric babysitter. When the babysitter suddenly dies in her sleep, Applegate (as the eldest) assumes the role as "head of the household" to enjoy the freedom of having no parents around. She fakes a resume to get a job in the fashion industry and lands herself the enviable position of an "Executive Administrative Assistant? but she soon learns that being an adult is not all that easy." It?s all amusing and one gets to see David Duchovny in an early role.
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August 2, 2014
If you can get over the ridiculous acting, it's actually pretty entertaining. Better than I expected.
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½ May 8, 2009
Funny teen film.
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½ January 31, 2008
Used to watch this on cable when i was a kid. Silly but fun.
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September 27, 2008
Still entertaining after all these years. I love HBO for every now and again bringing back the movies I use to watch all the time on HBO when I was a kid, and that was back when there was only one HBO. Now I have 7 HBOs and I love it.
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February 20, 2008
another one of my fave flicks of the 90's simple but great and a great story, i show it to my kids now.
½ June 30, 2013
This movie is somewhat of a dumb premise, and this movie does have the dating of an 80s much more than a movie from 1991. The movie does have some heart to it, and it does show some the value and difficulty of a job and taking responsibility can change somebody. The movie does not have much comedy, but its a decent movie overall.
½ January 15, 2013
The dishes are done for sure in this turd. While I dug this when I was 10, it holds up like an ice cream cone dripping in the summer heat. This might as well have been a TV movie and feels like one. Christina Applegate proves that she isn't Kelly Bundy but who cares? Features Josh Charles as one of the biggest lameasses in move history. How about that scene at the restaurant where he plays that music on the radio? Good god. Keith Coogan and Applegate make this watchable but the Coogan character sells out bad in the end and makes you wonder how hardcore he was. What a weak backyard fashion show too. David Duchovny also shows up in the kind of douche one dimensional role that he plays.
July 23, 2012
Christina Applegate, CHECK, good supporting cast, CHECK, Been-There-Done-That Story and Characters, CHECK, Plot holes and anoying shots at men and single dads, CHECK.... DTMTBD, besides being the longest appreciated title for a movie ever, is a failrly interesting, often funny, yet, slightly off the mark comendy. It's easy to watch Applegate. She's easy on the eyes, and a solid enough actor to play the part, with or without using her looks to get by. The rest of the cast is solid as well. However, the story leaves some to be desired, yet manages to be mostly funny and worth the trip. There's an awefull lot of characters and story lines that we've seen a hundred times, but unlike AVATAR in 2010, this movie is from 1991, where, perhaps, all these things were'nt as played out. I removed an entire star from the score for the line that suggestes the kids dad won't care that his FIVE kids are alone with no support, no money, no nothing. Sure, all seperated dads are deadbeat losers... RIGHT... Just ask Hollywood.
April 20, 2012
Christina Applegate is a great actress and very good in this movie. I loved her on Married with Children.
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