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½ July 16, 2012
We all know the game and how iconic it is, this film adaptation is less than iconic. Not that its a bad film though, surprisingly it keeps to the original source material and is actually made for adults only, one of its better qualities.

The plot flies close to the actual game story within the manual with certain aspects like the Mars location, teleportation experiments and the UAC corporation. From there on the film goes off on its own tangent which encompasses all manner of regular sci-fi cliches. Alien remains found on Mars with extra chromosomes allow humans to become immune to disease and heal faster, experimentation's on subjects cause them to mutate into monsters which of course break free and kill everyone.

The really silly part is the fact that once inside a human host these alien chromosomes somehow are able to choose whether or not to turn the host into a monster or superhuman. It does this by determining how evil the host is or if the host has the capacity to be evil, indeed.

This basically gives the excuse for lots of undead like space zombies which I hated. So so so unoriginal and completely cliched sci-fi/horror, humans becoming the walking dead *yawn!*. The videogame is mainly about demons and monsters coming through a portal from hell I think, end of the day its more about monsters than undead humans. The disappointing aspect of the film for me was the fact that all the creatures seemed to be merely mutated humans and not real monsters from another world or dimension.

The disappointing plot changes aside the film isn't too bad really. Of course it plays exactly like 'Aliens' from the point of the marines (what sci-fi film with soldiers doesn't) and offers the usual over the top macho nonsense you might expect. The character names are all quite amusing and again totally cliched, but admittedly its based on a videogame so I guess they adhere to that well...Reaper Destroyer Duke The Kid etc...
It always amuses me how these type of films include a Hudson character, its like common practice now to do this. The character of Portman is easily the Hudson clone here, more of a perverted creepy womaniser this time but he still has that rebellious loose cannon characteristic which makes him the best guy to watch. Richard Brake portrays Portman and am I the only one thinking he could make a brilliant Joker the way he looks in this film?

Rest of the cast are all your regular types with nothing much to hold your attention. Dwayne Johnson as the Sarge is reasonable but not quite the face you need for this really, the guy is too nice. Early role for Urban here and he looks a bit chubby to me.

Core of the film is effects and horror and whether it could pull it off. In my opinion it does pull it off just about and offers a decent slice of sci-fi action and gore. The film isn't top heavy with blood but it does get going from the midway point with some nice monster designs, slow increase of profanity and of course the classic FPS sequence towards the end which is very nicely done and dare I say quite cool.

Not the overblown CGI fest you might have expected! yes I'm amazed too. Most of the creatures are men in rubber suits and detailed mockups which do look pretty good courtesy of Stan Winston's creature shop. Clearly effort was made to go down the 'Alien' route rather than the current trend and I applaud that.
Its a run of the mill standard gun totting action flick grounded within the common sci-fi setting of steel corridors and medi labs. It has its moments and is certainly not as bad as you might have expected, it beats 'Resident Evil' easily.
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April 21, 2007
Based off the video game with the same name, Andrzej Bartkowiak's Doom is adapted simply and nicely.

There isn't much behind this 105 minute story. The back-story and character buildup is in limited quantities and there is a stretch in the early going that is tedious; however, the film manages to entertain.

The dark atmosphere, while providing an appropriate setting for its creature fest, is lacking in its scare tactics. The CG is a plus and the nicely crafted first-person sequence is absolutely note-worthy.

The Rock's performance is lacking, although it does improve by its finale. Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike are acceptable casting choices. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast is forgettable.

Doom is in no ways a perfect production, yet it comes together as a successful game to film adaptation. Three letters, BFG.
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July 18, 2007
An entire film designed around getting to the climax, the POV action shots in the final minutes of the film ... replicating the video game that inspired this Aliens clone. Considering the source then, and the desired audience, well, it doesn't come off so badly.
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½ July 5, 2009
No one gets out alive.

Not so good! The video game let's just say it's far better than this cheap imitation of a movie. The acting was horrendous and the plot was just dumb and weak, there were no key points in this movie that made you even change emotion. Watch at own risk.

Based on the popular video game. In the not too distant future, humans have successfully colonized the planet Mars. Here scientists were experimenting on naturally occurring substances and using the colonizing humans as guinea pigs. The experiment went horribly wrong. Now, a group of marines and a scientist named Samantha Grimm are going to find out what happened. They teleport to Mars via a system known as the "Arch". What they find are gruesome monsters hell bent on death and destruction. Samantha's brother John is also one of the marines sent to Mars to help.
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½ September 30, 2011
Wow, it smells like cheese.
Keiko A. --Samurai--
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March 19, 2011
Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak and Starring Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Deobia Oparei, Richard Brake and Razaaq Adoti.

Not as bad as what I have been told, But a pretty poor adaption to another video game movie that is untrue to the game. If I remember right I played Doom 3 once and it scared the shit out of me with those monster like creatures, I nearly killed my brother, but the movie is pretty bad when it comes to the story being very untrue to any fans out there.
If you're not familiar with the video games, they were the first ever (FPS) with 3D graphics and moving ability. Then it was followed by House of the Dead, The light Gun video game and the worst adaption of all time.

In the year 2046 Mankind has successfully colonized mars but Something has gone wrong in the UAC research facility, and the staff are becoming something unimaginable. All research has ceased and the facility has been placed in quarantine. Dr. Samantha Grimm have called in an elite squad of soldiers led by Sarge and includes Samantha's twin brother, John Grimm. No one is safe inside. As the team advance through the facility, and as they are picked off one-by-one, Dr. Grimm has one question: What exactly has caused this?

Best part about the entire film that is worth watching and kept people watching is the "FIRST PERSON SHOOTER SCENE" with Karl Urban shooting all the monsters. If I can remember they were otherworldly creatures from the games....This movie kind of follows Resident Evil a bit.

40% for Story: Yeah very Untrue to the games by Far, Some entertaining action scenes but that's truly just about it. It mostly follows what Resident Evil did but with more Hard-Core mutants.

60% for Acting: Karl Urban was okay, but the others I was mixed on with their dull performances and overacting abilities. I don't know the rest were okay that's why it gets a 60%.

60% for Characters: Well there likeable that's it really, There nothing special besides are funny ones...

80% for Special Effects: They look really good and the monsters are untrue but they still look cool. I can't argue this is the best part about the movie and they are realistic and extremely believable.

60% for everything else: Creepy dark corridors I guess, Rooms, Places, Music is bad, Nice scenery to mars but that's it really.

If you're a fan of Horror or the games I think it's just a miss. I am in luck I gave it a 60%.

Keiko's score 60-100
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March 14, 2011
For me Doom is a pretty decent Horror/action film. The film is of course based on the video game of the same name and does a fairly decent job at keeping the essence of the game.However there are many flaws with the film. I will mention only one that bugged me, the acting. Obviously for a video game adaptation, you know the acting will be a letdown, but in the case of Doom, it feels that the acting and dialogue are forced and not delivered properly, even by video game to screen standards. For example, Silent Hill featured some terrific acting and horror. But Doom relies on it's actors (which suck, I mean The Rock isn't exactly a class actor, decent but not the best) Anyhow, enough bickering about the acting. Doom is a tense, scary film with loads of action, gore and plenty of plot elements from the original game. Including a scene where they made it look like a first person shooter, a pretty cool scene. never truly was into the video game itself, but I've played it before, and I have say, the film does keep the core aspects of the game. Despite the fact that it lacks solid acting, the cast do a good job nonetheless, but like I've said before, the acting is far from good. It's decent at best. Doom is still a fun, thrilling film with tons of action. But the diehard Doom fans will probably not be pleased with this film adaptation, because of course the filmmakers take elements from the game, and try to create something for the screen. If they leave something out, which they usually do, the film will not appeal. I'm not a Doom player, so I wouldn't know. I'm more of a Call Of Duty player. Horror fans will probably be pleased with this film, but Doom fans won't. A fairly decent action horror film with lots of gore. Good for a viewing with friends.
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September 11, 2010
I found this to be really fun. Granted, I'm a giant fan of The Rock and Karl Urban, so maybe it was easier for me to like it. It totally accomplishes its goal of being a video game brought to life, the first person stuff is actually interesting rather than cheesy. While the dialogue is just flat out ridiculous at times, it's exactly what you hear in the games. The Rock's one-liners were hilarious and his whole character was just all kinds of crazy. Karl Urban really brings the biggest legitimacy to the table, being the only character you can take serious. This isn't for everyone, but it's so harmless that you can't help enjoying yourself.
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July 21, 2010
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February 5, 2010
One of the only video game adaptations that I actually enjoyed! The line that I will remember forever is the final line said before the last death in the movie!
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½ April 29, 2007
A unit of crack marines are sent to investigate a security breach on a Martian research base to find it infested with bloodthirsty monsters. The original Doom game was a straight shoot-em up and it evolved over the years into atmospheric survival horror; the film falling somewhere between the two stools. In fact the story and atmosphere of the game is rather more interesting and suspenseful than the ham-fisted gung-ho nonsense you have here. The characters are all obnoxious meatheads with big guns, the production value TV standard and the script frankly inept. Some of the action sequences are competently staged and the first person section at least shows some attempt at invention when it came to translating the concept to film, but even at its best it's little more than a weak rip off of Aliens. One of those films only a teenage boy could love, it's just another half-hearted cash in that passes the time on first viewing, but after that its general shoddiness becomes more and more apparent.
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½ April 11, 2009
A fun, if very ordinary "marines off to exterminate things" movie. If you enjoy manly characters, big guns and action then you'll find plenty in Doom. It should also be commended for avoiding CGI and giving us some pretty cool looking monsters. Each of the cast have a 2D character to work with. Johnson is great as the bad ass Sarge, and it was cool to see a leader that isn't the nice/honorable guy. What I didn't like towards the end was the typical "killing people is bad" message. Even if it could save the world? What a load of predictable wank. Luckily it then picked up with what everybody was waiting for, whether it fit the film or not. The first person shooting scene. It was great as a stand alone scene and is better than the actual movie. Should have been a trailer or teaser though, as a scene it's a bit odd.
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April 9, 2009
OK, we are all hearing how Doom the movie is a complete sellout etc, but still this is an enjoyable movie. The Rock as Sarge is absolutely perfect! i just couldn't imagine Karl Urban doing a better job then The Rock when it comes to Sarge. Although many have branded this film "Resident Evil in Space" and yeah it is but that doesn't subtract from the film at all. The 1st person scene was especially pulled off well and will give you some giggles (c'mon who didn't laugh?).The Score is absolutely awesome and sets the atmosphere perfectly! too me this film had an old school 80's horror feel to it which i felt made it that more enjoyable (we got lots of uncensored over the top gore which now we don't get enough of). Overall don't judge this movie till you see it because it is a lot better then people rate it unless your looking to find something thats a 100% identical too its source material (Doom 3) then i'd advise you to not watch this film because some of it has been completely rewritten from its original context hence no hell. Overall a lot better then what i was expecting too see
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February 2, 2007
It's an awsome and explosive action-packed thrill-ride. The best action/horror film since Resident Evil. The Rock gives a dominate and intiminating action hero presence. Karl Urban is teriffic. The Rock and Karl Urban are perfectly cast. It will thrill and chill you. An edge of your seat pulse-pounding and adreniline pumping ride. A Mind-blowing and kick-ass rollar-coaster ride that you cant get enough of. Great speacial effects and explosive action. It brings on the terror at every corner when you would not expect it.
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½ October 19, 2008
Don't know how I missed this Film when it came out, in this area we pretty much hear about all the Rock Films. I did enjoy this, had a low spot for about 10 minutes as you could tell it was promotng the Play Station 2 Game. But all in all a good film, a rental and not a add to the collection.
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June 21, 2008
Redundant plot that many other movies are based on which makes this film nothing special. Only 5 minutes of the movie were like the video game, so why not cut the rest of the movie out and call out 5 minutes of Doom.
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January 18, 2007
i almost didnt watch this, and i shouldnt have. there was a slight entertainment factor, but every other element of this film was a train wreck. the rock plays a character who flip flops with NO explaination, the diologue was corny and plain, the story was washed out, it was just bad all around.
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January 27, 2008
Cool game turned into a funny and action film. Nothing much to it if you just sit and enjoy the show.
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May 14, 2007
Directed by: Andrzej Bartkowiak.
Starring: Karl Urban, The Rock, Rosamund Pike, Ben Daniels, Razaaq Adoti.

I am a very big Doom fan, I don't play the games as much anymore, but I will always stay a fan, I followed this film nearly everyday during pre-production, through every up and down and yet I still stayed excited enough no matter what....I even left the theater the first time happy with what I saw for some very strange reason, I guess because it was something I wanted to see and I was happy no matter I am here to properly review it from the Unrated Directors Cut.

Video-game adaptions are extremely difficult to adapt, there storyline usually isn't something that can be transferred to cinema, there has only ever been one true adaption made only for the fans (Silent Hill) and this film completely fails, although its heart was in the right place. The main problem was the screenwriter. Newbie David Callaham thought it would be best to completely change the storyline of the game for the big screen, to appeal more to a wider audience.....yet the last time I checked, elements of hell in films was very popular among many. The new plot is completely retarded, obviously he never took logic or science into mind when writing the script, he introduces that a 24th chromesome in a human makes them super strong and super fast......did he forget down syndrome? He also made the mistake of trying to please the fans as best he could by adding scenes that would remind people of the game, making everything an incoherent mess, not to mention every cardboard character added. The acting is also extremely below-par, with The Rock giving a completely one-note performance, trying to show the so-called 'range' of his characters by stretching my mouth muscles and being wide eyed throughout the entire film trying to act tough, he should have never stepped foot on a film set, Karl Urban has the potential to be a leading man and I think he would do great in a Doom 2 if made correctly, but here he has only moments and its mainly due to the atrocious dialogue and average direction.

But away from that, the movie does have its highpoints, the set design is amazing and authentic to Doom 3, the cinematography is dark, gloomy and respectable to the game, the director, although not exactly the best, tries his best to capture the essence of the game, failing miserably a majority of the time, but succeeding once or twice in some memorable scenes. The creature design is great, although of course I miss the monsters from the game and the score certainly put a smile on my face, reminding me of the many hours I played Doom with that music up loud.

If I had the chance to make Doom 2, I would keep in mind that the fans don't necessarily want a copy and paste of the game, but they do want the essence and the elements of the game, something this film lacked badly. A disappointment.
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½ August 31, 2007
You wait too long for the point of view shots like the video game.
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