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Imagine the first serious competition to the Deutsche dummkopf Uwe Boll as "worst director" working today, thanks to this mad and maddening mash-up genre picture.

March 14, 2008 Full Review Source: Orlando Sentinel | Comments (6)
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Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

The same guy did The Descent.

What are you talking about?

Mar 14 - 05:22 PM

Sergeant Grimm

Billy Davidson

Are you ****ing kidding me? Dog Soldiers and The Descent are two amazing films...Doomsday was a fun film...Get your overly pretentious head out of your *** and learn to enjoy a movie that is just fun...Jesus, camparing Marshell to Boll is like comparing a rash and full blown AIDS....You sir, are an idiot...

Mar 14 - 06:13 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Look, I hope you're reading this Roger Moore.

You suck. Everyone hates you. Everyone. Go away you idiot and never review again. No one takes you seriously, and everyone sees you as the ignorant prick you are.

Oh and you sucked as James Bond too.

Mar 14 - 07:39 PM


Joe Griffin

What they said. Comparing a director to Uwe Boll is a serious matter. Sorry you didn't like the movie, but Jesus...the guy's other flicks are pretty solid. Unlike Boll's. I know it must be hard being a critic, never creating, only critiqueing, but get a life.

Mar 15 - 01:19 AM


andrew lorkovic

Let's take the lame and incorrect Boll comparison and transfer it to all professions and see where we end up.. in which case your article achieves an 'Alone in the Dark' level of intelligence.

Mar 15 - 02:11 AM


Scott Gillespie

First off, the film is trashy fun...which is what it was intended to be. Second, and perhaps most importantly, this director also did The Descent and Dog Soldiers; and no offense...but everyone in the western world (including nearly all critics) positively loved The Descent; so either you're ignorant of his work or you just wanted to be snide and esoteric with a weak 'quip' that included Uwe Bol. You're wasting our valuable air, good sir. Please stop breathing. And for the love of God, stop reviewing films while you're at it.

Jul 16 - 04:39 PM

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