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½ September 3, 2008
Halfway thru this movie I realized I was having a lot of fun watching a sci-fi action movie that I thought was going to be horrible. We are talking a lot of 'road warriorish' rip off here but all in all it was a decent time.
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June 5, 2012
A bit like Mad Max 3 meets 28 days later just not as good as either of those. Really didn't understand how after being quarantined for 30 years, Scotland went back to the middle ages..... except some thugs had cars/bikes/buses. It was a bit of a mess really. Plus that whole eye thing was a load of crap.
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½ April 25, 2008
Where to begin with this haha first of, you have a '28 Days/Weeks later' clone with almost the same flippin story line. Killer virus, England is screwed, Scotland used as quaratine zone, survivors discovered, go in and get the cure. Very predictable and with a little 'Escape from New York' throw into the bargain. Now so far its an eerie and quite decent horror/sci-fi flick, but things start to go wrong, first of, Scotland has all been left for dead and everyone has suppose to have been dead for along time (30yrs) from the killer virus, but then all of a sudden, people are found roaming around via sat shots....hmmmmm

OK, send in the elite team lead by a sexy female (Kate Beckinsale wannabe) ala 'Aliens' to get the cure from these people. Hence the now Aliens rip, a team go in being watched by a team on cam and end up in a admittedly very good shoot out with a never ending supply of nasty Scottish weirdos. The team is killed of one by one till the last few are captured, very exciting but very 'Aliens' haha one question that does stand out though is how on earth all theses hundreds of people managed to live n survive in a community like the film shows without being detected for so long?????? and how come so many are immune to the virus??? it was suppose to be a KILLER.

Anywho, from then we get a very odd 'Matrix' style 'city of Zion' setup with all the locals raving away to the 'Fine Young Cannibals' (80's gold hehe) and eating the captured soldiers, all in a very 'Mad Max/Rocky Horror' costume setup within a concert or arena. The leader of the Scottish cannibals is a direct 'Mad Max' rip of right down to his hair style. He also seems to have a '28 Days Later' or 'Resident Evil' style tat on his back which is rather similar to the toxic logo they both use...AND he has his very own gimp in rubber, much like Mad Max 2's Vernon Wells character.

NOW...from there lots happen (won't spoil) but we now end up in another part of Scotland where the locals are living back in Medival times with horses, knights and Malcolm Macdowell leading them. We now end up with 'Gladiator' style fights and gun battles, oh and a Bentley turns up to, lol! still with me?

From there, in the escape form of the Bentley we end the film with a HUGE TOTAL MASSIVE rip of 'Mad Max 2', quite a gloriously bloody and spot on rip I must say. Its actually a very cool sequence with great cars and fighting but I just cant understand how they got away with it haha its such a copy its untrue. Also, you may wonder how all these crappy cars can keep up with a modern day super Bentley haha it should wipe the floor with the cannibal carriers. After all this the film tends to end on a rather unexplained note, the heroine stays in disease infested Scotland and returns to the cannibal camp to proclaim their leader dead..why?? no sense atall.

Overall this film is really really good, very tense,exciting, bloody, gorey and has absolutely every element a film could need, they have packed in almost all sci-fi action genres into one film haha bizaare!! but it does work and its a good British film if you overlook the outrageous copying of many many classic movies, worth a look for sure.
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½ November 18, 2009
It's very easy to write off Doomsday as the daughter of The Road Warrior and Escape from New York, but there's something really unique and cool about this. Neil Marshall's beautiful sense of style and visuals are at the top of their game here, I also forgot how gory and overly violent it is. Most newer movies like this tend to lack the carnage necessary for an audience to truly experience a post-apocalyptic mayhem scenario in which humans are truly savage. Cannibalism, gladiatorial matches, roastings and destruction are a thing of nature in this well put together wasteland. Obviously this movie has the upper hand when it comes to it's lead; Rhona Mitra is essentially the sexy female counterpart to Snake Plissken. Actually she's a much more developed character, which helps considering her relation to the plot. If you're looking for a non-stop action movie that takes all the cool stuff from the 80s and updates it for a new generation, this is your movie. It's hard to not find something to like here because there's such a huge compilation of characters, visuals and style.
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March 10, 2008
Call me crazy but the idea of a "Escape from new York" and "Mad Max" mix set in the Scottish highlands sounds fantastic. And the premise of isolated and virus infected Scotland starts out rather promising. The film has very little ideas that aren't based on other movies, in the beginning it's the tank cars from "Aliens", later the films mentioned above. That's fairly entertaining but sadly gets dumber every minute. It's just one of those films where you can always tell what's about to happen to the next minor character who's not needed anymore. The cinematography is rather decent and the soundtrack and editing always suggest there is excitement, when you really couldn't care less. The final Mad Max car chase is decent enough and shows how much fun this could have been with a little more brains and a little less predictability. Sadly, this is just a huge collection of stereotypes that takes itself way too seriously.
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March 11, 2008
Far from extraordinary, but not bad if you look to its entertainment value. I feel like I've seen a hundred films of the kind, yet somehow I keep returning for more. Oh well, as long as they fill my need for action, I suppose it's always worth my time. Not great, not awful, but somewhere in the middle on the quality scale.
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½ February 7, 2009
Weird, mixed up movie about a post-bio-apocalyptic Scotland.
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½ March 10, 2008
A glorious ode to old school post-apocalyptic films and practical gore effects, DOOMSDAY is an entertaining film that is just too overstuffed with scattershot ideas and concepts to fully work. Neil Marshall has made a film with a serious identity crisis... It tries being way too many things at once and suffers because of this.

An entertaining film, but deeply flawed. Neil Marshall's weakest effort to date, but still worth checking out for genre fans.
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March 10, 2008
Entertaining and full of some good action but to tell the truth it wasn't the best futuristic post-apocaliptic I've ever seen. Still, good movie.

In an apocalyptic vision of the future, authorities brutally quarantine Scotland as it succumbs to fear and chaos when a virus strikes. The literal walling-off works for three decades - until the dreaded Reaper virus violently resurfaces in London. An elite group of specialists, captained by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare. Now, 27 years after the epidemic, groups of survivors are marauding through the streets of Glasgow and the virus has surfaced outside the wall. The British P.M., John Hatcher (Alexander Siddig), and his ruthless chief advisor, Michael Canaris (David O'Hara), have decided to send a covert team into Scotland to search for a cure. On the recommendation of Chief of Police Bill Nelson (Bob Hoskins), Eden is a no-nonsense cop who was evacuated from Scotland as a child. She is told to seek out a scientist named Kane (Malcolm McDowell), who is the most likely survivor to possess the cure. Once within the containment zone, however, she finds that such a task will not be easily accomplished. There are two barbaric factions at war - one led by Kane and the other by his son, Sol (Craig Conway) - and both want Sinclair and her compatriots dead.
paul o.
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½ December 27, 2010
I really didnt like this movie. The action was short and not that enjoyable, the acting was awful, and the story was a joke. The only thing good was its massive diversity in filming areas, but apart from that this movie was CRAP
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March 10, 2008
I'm not sure how I felt about the whole meal, but I loved all of the ingredients.
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½ November 5, 2010
Primarily a mixture of the Mad Max films and Escape From New York (with a bit of Excalibur thrown in for good measure), this is yet another post-apocalyptic zombie action thriller.

You can't really fault someone for having tons of ambition, but you can fault them when they have tons of great ideas and a good concept and try to throw them al together to make a new cohesive amalgamation. Similar to how American Gangster was a mixture of many previous films (a lot of them far better), the same applies here, except this one isn't quite as solid as Scott's film.

This is very stylish, and a good mixture of camp and seriousness, but there's only slight touches of substance and really sincere social commentary. That's fien with me, because unlike 28 Days Later, you pretty much learn from the trailers that you're supposed to have fun with this one. And you do, up to a point.

For a while, I sat here and thought that this was shaping up to be a very amazing and solid homage that also stands on its own. However, the weaknesses and plot hoels of the script began to show, as did the fact that a lot of this is really decent, but could be amazing if it weren't underdeveloped.

If you want a ridiculous and fun movie that (for me at least) becomes somewhat of a letdown, then check this out. I like it, and while I maintain that even with this, Marshall hasn't made a bad film yet (excluding Centurion which I haven't seen), this is his weakest film. B-.
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October 26, 2010
After a deadly virus destroys a major countryside, a wall is put up to keep those infected from coming into the city, well no matter as the virus is here and now its been discovered that people survived in the countryside and a team is sent in to find out how and why and see if they can find a cure,
This one is kind of a modern day mad max movie, so be prepared for old copy scenes, but still worth 4 stars.
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½ March 11, 2008
"I have an idea! Let's combine "Road Warrior" with "28 days Later" add in a dash of "Escape From New York." Let's add some B movie gore too. Some pretty faces and a name or two as well. Let's see what else..."
"Oh, over here...can we make it suck?"
"Yes, Yes we can. Thank you for asking."
This movie was a mash-up of various films and concepts chewed up, partially digested and delivered to the viewer in unpalatable chunks.
Some of the "splatter" was fun to watch and I love when directors play to the cheese factor if that is what they are after, but this one just did not come together.
At the same time, there was some fun to be had here.
I love Malcolm McDowell and I love watching Rhona Mitra, but there was nowhere to go in this film.
The blood is on the wall from the very beginning and the only thing that was missing was a headstone.
2.5 stars for the fun, cheese/gore romp.
Nothing for content.
I might even subtract a few points for poor set design, crummy cinematography and costumes I could find at the Salvation Army.
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½ March 13, 2008
"You don't see that every day."

Doomsday is the kind of passion project that a director usually only gets to make after he's made a critically and financially successful movie. Neil Marshall had that success with The Descent, and it seemed like he used this opportunity to take everything that was brewing in his brain and put it all into one movie, in case he never got to do something like this again.

Doomsday is true over-the-top entertainment. It's a mishmash of so much stuff, that you never know where it's going to go next. One minute, you're seeing a viral quarantine. Next, it's a futuristic military action movie. Then, you're suddenly in the midst of a post-apocalyptic circus, with dance numbers, pole dancers, a gimp, and a cooked human or two on the menu. A sword fight and a train ride later, you're in the middle of Camelot. Knights, horses, and everything. Which (naturally) leads to a car chase that wouldn't look out of place in the new Mad Max movie. It's really quite amazing to have so many different scenarios thrown at you during the course of a single movie. It's ridiculous; but it works within the context of the story.

I'll take Rhona Mitra as a sexy hard-ass over someone like Michelle Rodriguez any day. Her role is pretty one-note (all of them are, this isn't a nuanced character study by any stretch of the imagination), but she's convincing as the tough main character. The rest of the roles are filled out with a couple of known actors like Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell and a few welcome returning faces from The Descent (including the lovely Myanna Buring, who NEEDs to be in more movies).

Doomsday is about as far from The Descent in tone as you can get, but I enjoyed it the second time around even more than I remember liking it the first time. Just go with the craziness and enjoy the action. At the very least, I can promise that you won't be bored.
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June 19, 2008
A surprisingly really good movie!!
I guess if you like films like 28days later and weeks later and movies like that then you'll like this movie!
The acting is great with Rhona Mitra doing an excellent job, action packed, funny and a really good movie!

Its an entertaiining movie about a plague that strucks scotland so to contain it they close of scotland completely leaving the people to rot, but when a vaccine is needed they send a specilist group in to find Kane and to grab the cure but time is running out and its geting harder with cannibles and people who just want to kill all the group!

A good movie worth the watch!!
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½ February 4, 2010
I was extremely disapointed with this movie! I was expecting a huge action slasher, but I got this! It is okay if you aren't expecting anything from it, but that's it!
The Gandiman
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½ January 6, 2010
Apocalyptic junk - makes no sense despite its potential. You can drive a truck through the plot holes
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½ March 13, 2008
A plague epidemic breaks out in Scotland, which is promptly quarantined and abandoned to its own fate. Three decades later a military unit is sent in to investigate the possibility of a cure when the virus reappears in the ghettos of London. After the hugely enjoyable Dog Soldiers, I held high hopes for Neil Marshall. Although it was clearly inspired by Predator, it was done with enough wit, homour and invention to make me think we may have found Britain's answer to Sam Raimi. Unfortunately after the tepid The Descent and now this dismal mess my hopes have been thoroughly crushed. The opening of the film is a pure rip off of Escape From New York, down to the retro computer graphics and synth soundtrack, and he even uses the same on screen type face for the subtitling. It then turns into a made for TV standard regurgitation of Aliens that steals plot devices, lines and even shots, returns to raping Escape before a climax that is EXACTLY the same as The Road Warrior. The dialogue is nothing more than glib soundbites and mockney swearing and although Rhona Mitra looks good in a catsuit, the cast are all rubbish. Not to mention cuts that are so fast (I'm talking FRACTIONS of seconds) that they become seizure inducing. This film is nothing more than an incoherent cover version of all Marshall's 80s favourites that transcends fanboy masturbation to become outright plagiarism and is enough to convince me that he is actually Britains answer to Paul W S Anderson. "Bollocks", as they say in 2035 Scotland.
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