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April 26, 2007
I remember thinking WTF when I saw this on cable years ago. Not a terrific flick.
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½ May 5, 2007
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½ January 1, 2008
Hilarious! A comedy with lots of laughter!
½ June 28, 2009
A twist on the classic where the Doctor becomes a woman and they battle each other even though they are the same person. It reminded me of some marriages.
July 25, 2008
A guilty pleasure I must admit...corny, yes, but not as corny as you would think...the humor is generally played with a sharper wit and executed with enough zest by the rather enjoyable cast, that will keep you fiedishly entertained. Jeremy Piven is hilarious as the best buddy in one of his earlier roles, Sean Young is still the sexy temptress a la Bladerunner, however Bladerunner's Rachel is far more innocent and demure. Lysette is charming and likeable as the confused yet capable girlfriend and Ti Daly as Jekyll is surprisingly adept at pulling of a trickier dual role. A fun twist on an old tale!
January 4, 2008
Finally received this OOP movie on DVD from Amazon. Anyways I watched it again after 7 years. And I still loved it. Sean Young as Helen Hyde was unstoppable as the evil yet sexy seductress. Special Effects not bad, and the acting was funny. Timothy Daly was pretty good as well. If you like bizarre movies, and things you don't expect to happen. Funny, witty and a good way to just relax and enjoy this fun romp of wackiness and craziness. Its sure to keep you entertained.
½ May 7, 2007
I accidentally watched this one when it was on Comedy Central. My brother and I were hooked, but kinda guiltily. It was so ridiculous, yet somehow good.
November 24, 2009
(from The Watermark 09/14/95)
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (Sean Young, Tim Daly, Harvey Fierstein): Gender issues fall to the wayside in this muddy modernization of the Robert Lewis Stevenson classic. However - the score is fantastic, Young is pretty good, and Fierstein is fab in his confused gay supporting role. But most importantly, Daly appears in various stages of undress. What I?d call an absolute ?must-rent.?
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