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Dreamcatcher Reviews

Time Out
Top Critic IconTop Critic
January 26, 2006
Jeff Strickler
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Top Critic IconTop Critic
May 19, 2004
David Edelstein
Top Critic IconTop Critic

King is dreamily free-associating, which doesn't mean he's plumbing his unconscious in search of new nightmare archetypes; it means he's recycling bits of old horror and sci-fi flicks and even setups from his own novels.

Full Review Source: Slate

April 22, 2003
Rex Reed
New York Observer
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Stupid, sophomoric and moronically silly, it leaves you with the feeling that you might welcome shock treatment just to get your brain back.

Full Review Source: New York Observer

April 4, 2003
Richard Roeper
Ebert & Roeper
Top Critic IconTop Critic

... not since Death to Smoochy have so many talented people made such a mess of things.

Full Review Source: Ebert & Roeper

March 31, 2003
Laura Sinagra
Village Voice
Top Critic IconTop Critic

If hopeless literalist Kasdan could have decided on a tone ... this could have been a gynophobe's Independence Day.

Full Review Source: Village Voice

March 25, 2003
Peter Rainer
New York Magazine/Vulture
Top Critic IconTop Critic

A bumpy thrill ride.

Full Review Source: New York Magazine/Vulture

March 23, 2003
Geoff Pevere
Toronto Star
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Easily one of the most absurdly over-plotted and incoherently condensed horror movies of recent times.

Full Review Source: Toronto Star | Original Score: 1/5

March 21, 2003
Moira MacDonald
Seattle Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

A head-scratchingly silly B-movie, blending boyish sentiment and cheesy creature effects, that even Morgan Freeman can't save.

Full Review Source: Seattle Times | Original Score: 1.5/4

March 21, 2003

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Top Critic IconTop Critic
March 21, 2003
Robert Denerstein
Denver Rocky Mountain News
Top Critic IconTop Critic

A bloated mess that makes mush out of King's novel.

| Original Score: C

March 21, 2003
Desson Thomson
Washington Post
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Dreamcatcher is a spectacular mistake, a five-star screw-up that -- notwithstanding sheer grossness, plot meanderings, inconsistency and illogic -- has given me more fun than almost any other movie this year.

March 21, 2003
Stephen Hunter
Washington Post
Top Critic IconTop Critic

It's the craziest thing you ever saw.

Full Review Source: Washington Post

March 21, 2003
Charles Taylor
Top Critic IconTop Critic

While the movie is fairly unpleasant it's also, finally, so ludicrous that you begin to wonder if it isn't all a big put-on.

Full Review Source:

March 21, 2003
Mick LaSalle
San Francisco Chronicle
Top Critic IconTop Critic

A likable disaster.

Full Review Source: San Francisco Chronicle

March 21, 2003
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone
Top Critic IconTop Critic

King deserves better.

| Original Score: 2/4

March 21, 2003
Jay Boyar
Orlando Sentinel
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Flamboyant and, at times, extremely repulsive.

| Original Score: 2/5

March 21, 2003
Lou Lumenick
New York Post
Top Critic IconTop Critic

One of the more consistently entertaining Stephen King adaptations.

| Original Score: 3/4

March 21, 2003
Rene Rodriguez
Miami Herald
Top Critic IconTop Critic

If Dreamcatcher ultimately feels like an unwieldy pastiche, at least it's never boring.

Full Review Source: Miami Herald | Original Score: 2.5/4

March 21, 2003
James Berardinelli
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Dreamcatcher isn't worth the time, money, or effort.

Full Review Source: ReelViews | Original Score: 1.5/4

March 21, 2003
Bruce Westbrook
Houston Chronicle
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Even those who have read King's hybrid of horror and sci-fi may be left in the lurch. The story flowed on the book's 620 pages. It drunkenly stumbles on the screen.

Full Review Source: Houston Chronicle | Original Score: D+

March 21, 2003
Stephen Cole
Globe and Mail
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Like nightmares, horror movies pull us down with them. And so the film keeps us in thrall for every one of its 134 minutes.

Full Review Source: Globe and Mail | Original Score: 2.5/4

March 21, 2003
Tom Long
Detroit News
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Dreamcatcher is a serviceable action-horror-sci-fi flick much of the time, but it has a bit too much going on for any of it to have real impact.

| Original Score: C

March 21, 2003
Terry Lawson
Detroit Free Press
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Burdened not only by its bathroom blowouts but by its big-budget pretensions.

| Original Score: 2/4

March 21, 2003
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Dreamcatcher begins as the intriguing story of friends who share a telepathic gift, and ends as a monster movie of stunning awfulness.

Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Original Score: 1.5/4

March 21, 2003
Ty Burr
Boston Globe
Top Critic IconTop Critic

All that keeps it from trash greatness is handful of miscast players and a habit of stuffing five plot points into a space normally reserved for one.

Full Review Source: Boston Globe | Original Score: 2.5/4

March 21, 2003
Scott Von Doviak
Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Not so much a coherent horror story as an anthology of Stephen King's greatest hits.

March 21, 2003
A.O. Scott
New York Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Everything here is so clumsily handled that the creepy sensation of dread that infuses the early moments is quickly washed away on a tide of space slime and wearying exposition.

Full Review Source: New York Times | Original Score: 1/5

March 20, 2003
Kenneth Turan
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic IconTop Critic

No matter how often parts of Dreamcatcher make you wince or turn your stomach or both, you are not about to leave without finding out what happens next.

Full Review Source: Los Angeles Times | Original Score: 3/5

March 20, 2003
Claudia Puig
USA Today
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Though the tale, adapted from Stephen King's best-selling novel, starts out with an eerie sense of foreboding, Dreamcatcher fails to deliver thrills and chills.

Full Review Source: USA Today

March 20, 2003
Glenn Lovell
San Jose Mercury News
Top Critic IconTop Critic

This is the kind of horror flick you'd expect from someone who doesn't respect or understand genre conventions, someone who thinks that he can reclaim an audience's lagging attention with bigger and badder shock effects.

Full Review Source: San Jose Mercury News | Original Score: 1.5/4

March 20, 2003
Steven Rea
Philadelphia Inquirer
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The elements don't hang together, but Kasdan delivers real scares, and real hoots, in the midst of the mayhem and madness.

| Original Score: 3/4

March 20, 2003
Philip Wuntch
Dallas Morning News
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The film falls apart under the strain of too many plots, too many characters and too many eels.

Full Review Source: Dallas Morning News | Original Score: D+

March 20, 2003
John Anderson
Top Critic IconTop Critic

A movie can survive bad acting with a good script or bad writing with stellar acting. Dreamcatcher has neither advantage.

Full Review Source: Newsday | Original Score: 1.5/4

March 20, 2003
Michael Wilmington
Chicago Tribune
Top Critic IconTop Critic

It's the kind of story that probably would have worked better as a four-hour miniseries.

Full Review Source: Chicago Tribune | Original Score: 2.5/4

March 20, 2003
Eleanor Ringel Gillespie
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The picture, which can be stereotypical and incoherent, is saved by Kasdan's talent (and the good ensemble cast).

Full Review Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Original Score: C+

March 20, 2003
Ella Taylor
L.A. Weekly
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Somewhere between King's novel, the screenplay by William Goldman ... and Kasdan's shooting script, both character and metaphor have gone to the dogs, leaving a slew of fart and burp jokes.

Full Review Source: L.A. Weekly

March 19, 2003
Lisa Schwarzbaum
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Kasdan can create scenes of banter and menace, of everyday Maine community and gut-gushing F/X, but he can't wrestle this production into a coherent movie experience.

Full Review Source: Entertainment Weekly | Original Score: C-

March 19, 2003
David Rooney
Top Critic IconTop Critic

This overlong and unwieldy grab-bag of vintage monster-movie elements starts intriguingly as a snowbound deep-woods chiller, but gradually dissolves into a mess of other-worldly invasion and military counter-offensive.

Full Review Source: Variety

March 17, 2003
Kirk Honeycutt
Hollywood Reporter
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Simply all over the place, at once a movie about a plague, an alien invasion, a perfect storm, a terrible worm, a body snatcher, a mad colonel and an idiot savant.

March 17, 2003
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