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July 12, 2008
It was pretty funny. And Brittany Murphy was just great
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½ January 30, 2011
I had very low expections for this film. In fact, the only reason I watched it was because this is Amy Adams' debut film. However, this film was quite enjoyable. It's hilarious and I love the mockumentary style of it. The humor is so great, too. I also loved seeing all the young stars in this film....Kirsten Dunst, Brittany Murphy, Amy Adams. They all give strong, memorable, and funny performances. Amy Adams and Brittany Murphy are so awesome here. I love them!

Not one of the funniest comedies I've seen, but it is still a genuine laugh. Definitely one of my favorites that I have watched in the past weeks. I recommend it!
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December 9, 2008
This is a great comedy with great actresses including Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, and Sally Field.
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December 27, 2009
Ellen Barkin is the trailer trash mother of Amber (Kirsten Dunst), Kirstie Alley is the homicidally ambitious mother of Becky (Denise Richards) a spoilt rich bitch. They will stop at nothing to make sure their daughters win the Mount Rose beauty pageant, and i mean nothing.

The whole movie is made in incredibly bad taste and for that reason alone, a lot of people will hate it; but i found it was very refreshing to see a black comedy of this quality for a change. It's wonderfully scripted and directed, and the cast is simply perfect; everyone in it appears to be relishing the humour in the movie and it shows in their performances.

If you like this kind of humour, you will love this, if you don't warm to black comedy then it's best left alone.
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December 22, 2009
Sooo...they really need to make more movies like this. Hilarious, wicked, catfighty, beauty pageant goodness. Everybody plays their roles to pitch-perfection. Kirsten Dunst used to be so cute! Even though it dies out a little towards the end. Awesome seeing vintage blonde Amy Adams.
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January 8, 2007
An enjoyable comedy about a beauty pageant in the style of a documentary. Has a great cast in their earlier years here. Has some very funny moments, quite a dark comedy overall not afraid to make fun of its self. Glad I got round to watching it.
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August 3, 2009
This is one of the funniest films ever. Kirsten Dunst is brilliant while Allison Janney is awesome as usual. Amy Adams is also really good.
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½ May 21, 2009
Not a great satire (more farce than anything), but still funny and entertaining as hell.
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½ October 18, 2007
Fun mockumentary about beauty pagents. Nothing I need to see again, though. Ever.
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½ May 20, 2007
One of the funniest movies I have ever seen.
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½ May 16, 2007
I hate beauty pageants, so this movie was sheer delight, as it rips the covers off the industry tha values beauty over substance. The best part is a meal of tainted oysters. It gets BAD. And Ellen Barkin as the white trash mom is hysterical.
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½ April 26, 2007
Enjoyed this more than I thought I would.
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½ April 16, 2007
An enjoyable and surprisingly smart take on the mockumentary.
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½ February 21, 2007
Absolutely hilarious. Except the first time I watched it I really couldn't get over the fact that I HATE Denise Richards. But she is a bad guy so I guess it's okay to hate her.
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½ December 12, 2006
I thought this was hystarically wonderful. I laughed my butt off.
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½ November 29, 2006
Outstanding comedy and battle of the beauty teen pageant.
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½ November 13, 2006
Absurd and ridiculous. Oh, and it's also hilarious. Ellen Barkin and Alison Janney are hilarious.
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June 5, 2006
I love mockumentaries and this is one of my favorites. The characters trying out for the pageant and thier parents are the funniest thing about this movie, although the parents and judges are all really funny too. The cast of this movie is perfect, as is the script. I wish Lona Williams had made more movies.
Nate Z.
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February 23, 2006
[font=Arial][color=darkred]Satire can be a tricky mistress. It's like a flower, you have to water it just right. Too much and it dies, too little and it dies. So if you fail to do it just right it can become a catastrophy. 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' flirts with disastor, but comes out of nowhere to become one of the funniest and dead-on movies of the summer.[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]The mock documentary unspools its tale of a midwestern beauty pageant and all the action behind the scenes of small town life. The story is rich in eccentric and hilarious characters that seem to be delved straight out of the Coen brothers' twisted imagination. Much of the humor is subtle but still very funny. Some people have said it's too mean spirited, but all they do is poke fun at mentally handicapped people, physically handicapped people, anorexic and bolemics, predophiles, gun owners, religous fanatics, high school cheerleaders, dog lovers, lesbians, tomboys, stage mothers, trailer park families, farmers, the deaf, police officers, news reporters, beauty queens, Asian-American families with the American dream, the deceased, sexual harassemnt, swans, and a world of other lampooning I've failed to pen.[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]In the grand tradition of 'Fargo' the Minnesota accent here is thicker than your grandmother's jam. The movie does lose a little steam toward the end 10-15 minutes that could've been trimmed, but I still readily enjoyed the movie. A complete surprise for myself. If you like your comedies as black as your coffee then check this one out.[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]Nate's Grade: B+ [/color][/font]
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½ March 6, 2013
With a wry sense of humor, Drop Dead Gorgeous delivers an edgy comedy about pageantry. In the film a documentary crew follows the contestants of the Sarah Rose Princess America Pageant in the small town of Mount Rose, but when a series of mysterious accidents start to eliminate the contestants foul play is suspected. The cast is pretty good and includes Kirsten Dunst, Brittany Murphy, Denise Richards, and Kirstie Alley, who all give solid performances. However, the tone of the film is inconsistent, and there are a ton of plot holes. The satire's pretty clever, but it's often undercut by the broad comedy. Drop Dead Gorgeous is an entertaining romp, but its story is poorly told.
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