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deano deano
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½ September 6, 2006
My all-time favourite Chow Yun-Fat action-comedy movie.
Cash Cash November 6, 2012
Chow Yun-fat reprises his Ko Chun character better known as the much coveted "God of Gamblers" following a hiatus from the series' mediocre mid-cycle where forces beyond our control allowed Wong Jing to collaborate with Stephen Chow and Ng Man-tat on not one but two Chow Yun-fat-free sequels.

Ko's newfound tranquility in and around the walls of his beautiful French ch√Ęteau is destroyed by a sadistic Taiwanese rival who disembowels the God of Gamblers' pregnant wife and places the fetus of his unborn son in a jar.

Oh yeah, did we mention that Wong Jing returns as writer/director? If you missed the opening credits you'll surely know by now.

The wife's dying wish: no gambling or revenge for 365 days, which essentially allows Wong to stuff the film's slightly bloated time frame with Wong Jing A la carte (notwithstanding the huckster suspending his two favorite subjects...for the time being).

The payoff seems tailor-made for audiences who have come to thrive on the genre-bending packaged hysteria Wong Jing is both loved and loathed for.

Only the second film in the franchise to feature Chow Yun-fat "God of Gamblers Return" is known as "God of Gamblers 2" in Hong Kong and was one of the former colony's largest grossing films of the '90s easily out performing all three of its successful predecessors.
Dewa Judi M January 9, 2011
maybe it will be come true
Dave J Dave J ½ December 9, 2010
Thursday, December 9, 2010

(1994) God of Gamblers' Return
(In Chinese with English subtitles)

Director Wong Jing wanted to make some money and he knows how to do it, by making this nonsensical 2nd or 4th whatever you call it! Whatever what was shown on this film had already been shown before on other films whether it's action or comedy and was better! This was a total waste of time that despite doing really well at the boxoffice making it the highest grossing movie of that year in Hong Kong, star Chow Yun Fat dissapproved of Wong Jing's direction this time one reason that is appearent was that in the first film sauve Chow Yun Fat always wore a suit and tie and in this one I don't remember him wearing one at all! The gags are not funny because of a lack of credibilty where the jokes are forced as well as the action sequences meaning that director Wong Jing didn't put too much thought into this film and just wanted to make a fast buck! You can watch this for curiousity sake, if you like wwhat you saw from the first 3 movies!

2 out 4
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