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½ October 2, 2009
It's definitely a bit dated but I thought this movie was funny from start to finish. The movie opens with a dance hall scene laden with sexual innuendo which would have been a bit naughty and bawdy for back in the days. Goldie Hawn is simply delightful as a saloon entertainer/hooker who later pretends to be a Duchess in order to become a wealthy Mormon's seventh wife. Hey! It's better to work one night of the week rather than every night.

Segal is an unlucky womanizing cardsharp who keeps getting caught cheating but later absconds with $40,000 in stolen loot from a band of outlaws. Hawn and Segal work well together fighting and sparring all through the movie. Another hilarious character is BlackJack, George Segal's loyal well trained horse, his antics was too amusing for words.

Most memorable scenes for me includes the coded conversation supposedly in French in the stagecoach between the two adversaries and Goldie Hawn singing the very suggestive "Don't touch my plums" for the Mormon family that had him drooling lol. (I don't know if it is just me but if u stare long enough at the poster, Goldie's elbow looks like a bare breast!!!)

So if you like romantic western comedies, this one is not to be missed. The humor, though suggestive, is actually pretty smart.
½ September 23, 2014

"One day on, six days off."-Amanda Quaid AKA Bluebird Aka The Duchess (Goldie Hawn)

Funny banter, specially the smucko bit, but not as funny as it wants to be.

Ta, ta.
½ September 2, 2007
Minor film, the odd pairing of George Segal and Goldie Hawn just doesn't quite work. There isn't a lot of chemistry between them. There are a few laughs along the way, and the theme song "Lemon Drops, Lollipops and Sunbeams" is downright dreadful.
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