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August 20, 2012
Not too sure where I stand with this update of the classic kids show. This is one of those times where making a film for the younger audience is probably the best option yet they went the other way.

The main problem here is the fact that The Dukes of Hazzard was a TV show primarily for kids. It was light-hearted and had the same kind of theme as other classic TV shows like The A-Team, Knight Rider and Airwolf. This new film takes that kind-hearted approach and throws it out of the window to make room for a new crude, vulgar version with tits and ass.

I will admit that at times the film is good fun, the massive car chase sequence at the end is a tornado of great stunts that is tremendous fun to watch. Much like the classic car chases in 'The Blues Brothers' its amazing to see the famous Dodge Charger hurtle down the freeway and leap higher and farther than ever before. Unfortunately this is about as fun as it gets for both thrills and whimsical retro goodness.

The rest of the film really is a nasty cheap-ass pile of stereotypical cliches in a bad straight to DVD National Lampoon's kinda way. The main casting of Knoxville and Scott as Bo and Luke was terrible and gave the game away immediately as to what direction the film was going in. Even Simpson as Daisy was a bad choice, your everyday boring over-tanned blonde Barbie doll wannabe with luminously bleached teeth.
Yes she was sexy in her tight Levi cutoffs and lets be honest this character ain't here for intellectual conversation, but she was also vacuous with no character whatsoever. The bad casting continued with Reynolds as Boss Hogg who had no presence in the film at all. Just a big name for the advertising and a very weak performance.

Overall its a very mixed bag as there is some nice car porn in here but quite simply its a very bad adaptation of the TV show. Seeing the old General Lee zoom around is the most enjoyment you're gonna get outta this...if you grew up with the show that is (or you're a petrolhead).

Shame they also had to drag the modern day PC bandwagon into the fray. They just had to include present day politics didn't they, couldn't let that go, exactly why this should not have been set in the present day. Not to be taken too seriously of course but you know deep down the original TV show is slightly frowned upon these days *groan*.

Unfortunately this is a rather sour spin on the TV show and spoils its good name. Chock full of needless cameos, way too glossy, hints at soft porn, crass and with added toilet humour. Basically its 'American Pie' and 'Jackass' injected into a much loved old TV show which is totally unacceptable frankly.

This is exactly what Stiller and co didn't do for their classic TV show adaptation and look at the difference in quality. Don't show this to your kids and avoid yourself.
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March 24, 2012
........Wait, this is a movie?
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½ March 28, 2011
The worst motion picture of all-time.
Directors Cat
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October 25, 2011
A stupid, idiotic, ridiculous film that has no reason to exist apart from to cash in on a classic TV Series. Dumb, meaningless fun when your bored at best.
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½ September 23, 2011
Immense failure of capturing what was good about the original TV show, this film adaptation of The Dukes of Hazzard is a terrible mess of a film that doesn't work whatsoever, and is a very poor attempt at trying to make a good comedy. I hated this film and it was a waste of time. The jokes were terrible, and the acting was awful. The story was also very bad. As a remake or adaptation is concerned, The Dukes of Hazzard fails to entertain, and just insults the viewer. The film is uninspired trash and everything about sucks. There is nothing to love about this. Now, in my teens I like the TV show, not a big fan, but I liked the show. However this film doesn't keep the essence of the series, it makes it hip for a young, teen audience, and overall the cast just sucks. This film is terrible, it's crap, and it sure as hell scraps the bottom of the barrel of bad, uninspired ideas. I'm not surprised one single bit that this film is in the 5$ bargain bin at Wal-Mart, the film awful. Hell paying five bucks seems too steep for this piece of trash. This is a stupid comedy that should be avoided at all costs. The Dukes of Hazzard should never have been made, and is one of the worst comedies that you can possibly see. Everything is so out of place, that there's almost nothing related to the original show except the Dodge Charger and the characters names. Aside from that, this is too modern a take on a classic TV show to make it work, and fails due to bad acting, and a very bad attempt at comedic relief.
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June 24, 2011
Loved this! Johnny Knoxville at his best!
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½ April 29, 2011
This movie sucked on many levels. The acting sucked, it wasn't funny, and the story was hoorible. It was one large Jessica Simpson porno where they tease us with big boobs and drugs.
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½ July 21, 2010
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½ May 28, 2010
I thought it was pretty funny for what it was, but then again I was sold with it starring Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott. I think they honored the show enough and managed to have a lot good moments. I really think the only thing that brought down the movie was Jessica Simpson because she just didn't have the necessary talent.
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½ February 13, 2010
1 or 2 funny moments tops.
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½ February 6, 2010
Poorly executed with raunchy humor that I actually felt myself laughing pretty hard at!
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December 19, 2009
Welcome to Hazzard County. Things move kind of slow here, unless, of course, your last name is... Duke
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½ September 4, 2007
enjoyable movie i likes it gret cast and really enjoable with a great storyline!
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½ October 2, 2009
Much like Starsky & Hutch, this awful film has the audacity to try and remake/rejuvenate/make shit loads of money from a very fond childhood memory. I really can't think of anything good about it except for Lynda Carter, and she wasn't even given any screen time! Far too many egos in this one, none bigger than Jay Chandrasekhar's. When they've made a sequel, and none of the original cast members come back to star in it, you know it?s a bad film. Utter garbage! I really can't wait for the A-Team remake! *sighs*
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April 6, 2009
A clear case of "why bother" film-making. I've not seen the original programme, but I have been exposed to pop-culture references of it for years. Dukes of Hazzard is a simple story with simple humour. Knoxville and William Scott make for a decent comedy duo but there just isn't enough interesting material to warrant your attention. Simpson is stunning, and her role is using her looks as a weapon. Just how she is used as part of the film. The best thing for me was spotting all the Broken Lizard cast members. Directed by one of the troupe, it is a lot of fun. Without their writing though, it just isn't funny. The only real funny part was a Super Troopers spoof. It was just nice seeing a direct copy of a scene play out slightly differently.
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March 3, 2009
Quite funny and nice to see when your waiting to get a haircut jaja.
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½ December 28, 2006
I liked this one. So sue me. I'm a sucker for the car.
I liked the choices for the folks to play the new Bo and Luke Duke and thought that for a simple movie it was a lot of fun.
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July 17, 2008
good news: Sean William Scott is almost always funny. bad news: Johnny Knoxville cant deliver one line worth a shit. so to make people forget he serves less purpose than a Q-tip, they try to fit in as many scenes as they can with Jessica Simpson in a bikini while maintaining a pg-13 rating. they probably could have gotten her to get naked if all the actors left the room and they disguised the camera as an ice cream cone. then i would have given 5 stars!
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June 29, 2007
It was a stupid show when my kids watched Hazzard on TV and it didn't change with this movie. The writing/story must be written to satisfy a five-year old kid (the age of my oldest when he idolized the TV show so long ago).
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July 13, 2007
loved the series. Not keen on Jessica.
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