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Viewed in isolation, Dumbo feels like a practice feature film from animators whose only previous experience was short subjects.

June 7, 2006 Full Review Source: Decent Films Guide | Comments (18)
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Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby

If I were a betting man i would bet that the second that you submitted your review you turned around and punched a 4 year old kid. did you have no childhood?

Nov 24 - 05:36 PM

Corey Hoffmeyer

Corey Hoffmeyer

Best. Post. Ever.

Aug 10 - 12:02 AM

Felix M.

Felix Morrison

hahaha :)

Aug 16 - 02:23 AM

Steven D. Greydanus

Steven Greydanus

As a father of 6 terrific children (all penetrating, insightful movie lovers with more critical acumen than most adults I know), I don't think much of the childhood-loving bona fides of someone who cracks jokes about punching 4-year-olds. Not loving DUMBO may make me a crank and an oddball. I can live with that. Cracking jokes about people who disagree with you about movies punching 4-year-olds makes you something worse. Apparently you can live with that too.

Jan 10 - 06:31 AM


THGhost .

Don't try to wriggle your way out of this dude, you have Dumbo a rotten review just because it's too short. That's completely idiotic. Shouldn't a C+ warrant a fresh review? You clearly had no childhood and do not deserve to be a critic. I suppose you'd give Snow White and Fantasia a rotten review too?

Feb 11 - 07:40 AM

Steven D. Greydanus

Steven Greydanus

Didn't read the review, then, friend?

Feb 16 - 08:30 AM

Janson Jinnistan

Janson Jinnistan

What a coward to hide behind your precious brood! So, somehow, you're LESS of a douchebag because your drunken dizzy sperm managed to find what I presume to be rather well-fed eggs a half dozen times? You've seen "Idiocracy" right? All that means is that you've managed to spawn 6 more little douchebags raised to misunderstand and ignore the vital substance of narrative, character and moral allegory. It's not that I happen to disagree with you, it's that you happen to disagree with every other professional critic in the nearly 70 years of this film's existence. If I was your four-year-old, I'd punch you. I can live with that.

Feb 20 - 11:47 PM


Edward Stymest

Lol, all this just for hating "Dumbo?"

Jul 10 - 10:36 AM


Whatsit Tooya

Congrats for ruining a 100%, Steven D. Gay-danus!

Feb 27 - 09:50 AM


Frisby 2007

Why is it that all you *****ing retads can't learn to leave the perfect score as it is?

Jun 10 - 12:35 PM

Steven D. Greydanus

Steven Greydanus

Because we disagree.

Jan 10 - 06:32 AM

Janson Jinnistan

Janson Jinnistan

No. Because YOU disagree. We ALLLL think you're a moron!!!

Feb 20 - 11:43 PM


Rob Humanick

The posters above me are mostly assholes. I, on the other hand, will say I'm sorry, just because I can't imagine a life where this movie isn't seen as sheer perfection.

Sep 19 - 04:08 PM

Steven D. Greydanus

Steven Greydanus

Thanks for your civil disagreement, friend. I think of SNOW WHITE, BAMBI and BEAUTY & THE BEAST as perfection. But I can easily imagine other people disagreeing.

Jan 10 - 06:34 AM

Janson Jinnistan

Janson Jinnistan

Your children will hate you. They will rebel with "Fantasia", "Dumbo" and "Pinocchio" and you will cry. Perfection!

Feb 20 - 11:46 PM

Dean W.

Dean Wirth

Steven you are not human

Oct 16 - 05:50 PM

William Sinclair

William Sinclair

I'm sorry, but I entirely disagree with you. And it seems that most people do. I think every opinion should be respected however, and thus I shall refrain from calling you a fathead or whatever.

(Also: It is not wise to read the comment section of one of your reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, especially if you gave a movie with an overall fresh rating a negative review. It can do things to your self esteem...)

Apr 16 - 12:11 PM

Tom Martin

Tom Martin

...and that's what makes it stand out in my opinion. those short subjects have some of the most subtle yet powerful images on the screen.

May 13 - 11:02 PM

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