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April 4, 2012
This is a pretty wild film with subject matter all over the place. An early try at trying to make a bad film good by the use of a herpo who uses fireworks and dynamite to round up and defet the bad guys, South Koreas answer to Robin Hood. 2 Stars 4-1-12
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December 14, 2009
Some nice action Scenes and tiny bit of Fantasy but I think over all it was a boring Movie.
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November 25, 2007
Amazing and entertaining supernatural and action packed movie to set in a 1890's with high-grade special effects and the kind of raw action scenes the world is coming to expect from Thailand. I used to remember Thai actor/stunt Dan Chupong when I last saw him in Born to Fight at the first time.
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September 28, 2007
A interesting yet flawed movie... though its interesting to move into the supernatural / adventure genre, though still retaining the great action and martial arts Thailand offers.

Anyways, this is an interesting concept - though highly flawed and maybe a little silly at times, but still enjoyable for its action scenes.

Compare it to movies like Kung Fu Hustle or Zatoichi - just not as funny or well made. But this is an okay start, and the "wire-fu" and effects are okay.

If you are a martial arts fan, and like the above movies and others like Iron Monkey, then watch this.
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½ September 19, 2007
After watching Born to Fight I pretty much knew what sort of film that this would be and that there was no way it could have been as sloppy as that. This was definitely better than Born to Fight, but not by much.The story is pretty lame and uninteresting. I was happy to see that they actually tried to get a story in here instead of having a movie solely based on the fighting and stunts, but the story actually dulled the film. Not only that, but you can still tell that the fighting was the focal point of this film. The acting for this is pretty bad. Dan Chupong has the moves, but he doesn't have the acting chops. He was a dead fish. Many other characters where like this as well. There was even acting on the other side of the spectrum. This is known as over-acting and boy was it over. In some movies that works, but not here I'm afraid.Yes, this movie is filled with action. Cheap CG rockets are flying all over the screen and Dan Chupong is kneeing everybody in sight. While the fighting and stunt work is pretty good, they get downgraded by the slow motion shots of the big hits and falls. It is OK to have these, but if you over do it, it becomes annoying. That is what happened here.If you want to see an action oriented Thai movie, there are other films worth seeing before this. Ong-Bak and Tom Yum Goong are a couple that come to mind.
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½ February 12, 2008
Fun film with great villains. Was hyped a bit too much for me, they showed us some clips at the After Dark Film Festival that made me think it looked like the greatest film ever made, but it's just good (how dare it!). Still, it makes for great Sunday afternoon viewing.
August 1, 2010
Khon fai bin is about a Robin Hood figure of Thai legend. He uses homemade rockets instead of arrows though. The hero goes after a gang of cattle thieves who are stealing from the villagers.

This is very much like a Tony Jaa movie. Lots of muay thai kickboxing. It was very cool and only a little hokey. Riding rockets is a kinda cheesy. But the kicks make up for it.
August 10, 2008
movie would have been a lot better if they had tony jaa as the lead and not some wannabe. the wannabe was still very talented but just was not tony jaa. he did have very good thai boxing and the fight scens were pretty cool. i did not like all the magic and fake use of the fireworks..i thought the fireworks were a cool idea but as soon as he flew on one i knew they were going to kill any hopes i had for the movie. the magic used in this movie also sort of ruined it for me. i like to see old fashion fist on fist, not guys having a harry potter dual...the prince guy also really annoyed me and the bad guys could have been a lot better, not a wierd prince with a nasty mole, a midget..and a huge guy on steriods that was always hungry.
July 4, 2008
Decent, but lacked the suicidal stunts that got me started on Thai action flicks in the first place. They seemed to be apeing mid 90's HK wire fu with mixed results. The climactic fight is pretty good though and there's a smokin' hot chick in it, but overall nothing too special.
½ July 4, 2007
This film is great fun! I thought it would be lame because the first fight sequence was a bit "rough" in staging but it got better as the film unfolded. I laugehd out loud at the humor in the character following around the virgin girl to get her menustral blood because they were not knowledgiable on women and women's bodily functions. The fight scenes were a bit over-long but over-all...not a bad film.
October 26, 2007
this movie is anything BUT dynamite. perfect example of a well shot trailer; it suckered me in. apparently a virgin's menstrual blood is the new robitussin.....
September 11, 2007
This one had some nice asian butt kicking, but unfortunatly the lead actor just wasn't interesting to me. Maybe too young. Definitely no Jackie, Jet, or Bruce.. Truthfully none of the actors impressed me.. Nor did the story for that matter...
August 18, 2007
The acting and storyline is so bad, it's laughable. Seriously. I'm trying to watch it right now, but it's so stupid, I had to rate it instead. The knee kicks are good - that's it.
July 18, 2007
This movie was a really wild ride. It's basically like Ong-Bak meets Hero. Truly a martial arts gem.
August 10, 2007
The movie is a bit of Ong Bak and Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. If you can stomach it's slapstick humor, you'll find some enjoyment through the fight scenes. I didn't like it that much, but I did think the ideas behind it was ridiculous - and they went with it! That made it remarkable. Stunts were great too.
½ July 22, 2007
A pretty remarkable film with a great supernatural twist. Oddly funny at times but the action makes the movie very fun to watch. Dan Chupon isn't Tony Ja but he's pretty darn close.
½ June 21, 2007
Good fights and they seem to be getting a better buget for movies over in Thailand. It's no Tom Young Goon though (The Protector for those of you who haven't seen it before it was release over here)
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July 22, 2007
The nice and cool fight scenes (not all ones) are probably the only thing thats good with this movie i thought. Story was kinda bad and the acting with stupid characters. The movie have some likeness with Ong Bak in the fight scenes etc. but Ong Bak is much better as a movie. So i don't really recommend this one , only if you must..
September 26, 2012
Insane display of knee fighting!
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