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½ June 21, 2014
Decent disaster film, Earthquake continues the tradition of disaster films that became so popular during the early 70's, except now it's an earthquake that it's the disaster, and it is a film that is quite predictable in what the filmmakers try to do. The film has a good cast, but it never realizes anything truly entertaining, and quite frankly, of all the 70's era disaster films, Earthquake is among the weaker ones, With The Poseidon Adventure being the best of the genre. I really expected more out of the film, and though it was entertaining at times, the script's reliance on genre clichés really brought this one down a bit, and the performances were surprisingly average despite some very good talent attached to the project. This film might be enjoyed by fans of other disaster films of this period, but I've seen better overall and this one just doesn't end up being anything really good. Overall it's a decent affair that could have been much better. Earthquake doesn't break new ground in the genre; it does what every other disaster film has done, and it is fairly predictable. Don't go into this film expecting a truly entertaining film, this is no different than every other genre film, but the script suffers due to a lack of real tension, and the cast here just doesn't deliver anything that stands out among other genre films. I would recommend other films in the genre such as the one I stated earlier in this review. Earthquake could have been good fun, but it simply never really delivers anything truly entertaining, and overall the cast, despite having some good name here, are simply wasted on a lacking script. Earthquake isn't horrible, but it never is a good affair either. This is the type of film that you watch when you have nothing else to watch.
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May 5, 2012
Drama ensues when the big one hits L.A. in this 1974 disaster flick featuring a cornucopia of Hollywood talent of which it can be summed up with that Walter Matthau used his family name in the credits, not his screen name. Its actually not as bad as your sneer ... well, it wasn't as bad as mine was. Why are they living on a fault line anyway? I saw it on AMC.
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November 5, 2011
A highly typical disaster film from the mid 70s. Like the others it has a cast of recognizable celebrities, who don't get to do much else than be normal people. It doesn't really stand out as a good movie by any means, but it isn't bad either. There is some genuine suspense in the middle of it, anyway.
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April 24, 2008
By-the-numbers disaster flick. One star just for having Victoria Principal with an afro.
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½ December 17, 2007
Junk in the extreme but if you've never seen it and are a fan of bad cinema it's worth a go if only to see Victoria Principal in an afro!
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August 2, 2007
It's a slow soap-opera buildup to the actual Earthquake. When it does occur, it's spectacular and haunting. The aftermath is creepy and depressing.
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½ May 23, 2007
Yet another 70s disasterthon, studded with the usual stars that are well past their sell by date going through the usual firefighting/clambering through rubble motions. A lumbering bore.
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December 14, 2006
Excellent dramatic exploition extravaganza, combining brilliant special effects with a multi-character plot line.
March 29, 2015
just recently re-watched but doesn't hold up too well but when I was younger, I just loved the 'disaster trilogy' this one towering inferno & posiden adventure
½ May 27, 2010
This got bad reviews?? This is the epitome of camp classics. Probably the most entertaining of all the 1970s disaster flicks. Pure fun!
February 10, 2010
When an enormous earthquake strikes LA, entertainment makes its entrance. What this movies lacks in plot is definitely made up for with groundbreaking special effects. Who needs CGI? "Earthquake" sports an incredibly realistic disaster sequence using scale models, pyrotechnics, and stuntmen. The first 45 minutes does nothing more than introduce a few characters and kill time before the main event begins, but it is worth the wait for 15 incredible minutes of movie magic. The earthquake is covered from every angle, whether it's the concerned mother, the selfish businessman, the drunk at the bar, or policemen trapped in the station. Victoria Principal's afro is INCREDIBLE and her big innocent eyes make her a great victim - her disaster sequence is fairly awkward but the aforementioned attributes still make it decent. Perhaps the most realistic part of this movie is that nobody sports superhuman strength. Instead of a hero saving everybody in the city, it comes down to the common man to help out the people around him. The characters begin in a weakened state as a result of the earthquake and then every physically demanding rescue takes its toll on them. I know that a lot of people put this movie down but I thoroughly enjoyed it, though next time I would just fast-forward to the first earthquake sequence.
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October 21, 2010
I think the best thing about Earthquake was Walter Matthau as a drunk in a bar dressed up like a pimp still trying to get a drink when the bars coming down all around him. "What's somebody got to do to get a drink around here?!" & also the ending.You can never forget an ending like that
August 15, 2009
Pretty weak as disaster flicks go. Special effects are actually pretty cool in places, but really lousy in others. Plotlines are crap. Look for Walter Matthau as a drunk pimp. I am serious.
August 5, 2007
A suspenseful look at several interconnected people in Los Angeles when a devastating quake hits - "the largest natural disaster in American history"; A scary thought for someone who lives in Los Angeles, so close to the San Andreas Fault. Made all the more frightening - nearly 30 years after the film was made - having witnessed the devastation and slow government response after Hurricane Katrina, and with Los Angeles having admitted not being prepared for a large-scale natural disaster.
½ June 21, 2007
Rad. Cheeseball soap opera meets Irwin Allen type disaster (wait, was Allen actually involved with this one?). So, when I was a kid I went to see this in the theatre, and they had a new sensationalized technology called "Sensaround", which actually MADE THE DAMN SEATS IN THE THEATRE SHAKE! I kid you not. For all of this, I bestow: 2.5 stars.
April 24, 2007
WOW The special sound effects of this movie just a great big super bass speakers.....just cause a big chest pain.
Please stop it!!!!
January 21, 2007
An all-star cast with great special effects for the year it was made (1974). Loaded with action and adventure. Good acting too.
November 22, 2006
This was the first movie I saw in a theater after Neil was born and my mother agreed to babysit. Maybe the thrill of leaving the house made the movie seem better than it was. Victoria Principal was in a wet t-shirt contest. Joel loved that.
October 20, 2006
Another of the disaster movies made in the 70's and this one has a number of sub-plots within it to keep you interested as LA shakes, rattles & rolls.
September 11, 2006
The first surround sound movie... it was classic then i'm sure because of that amazing update to sound and whatever, but now? it doesn't hold up. I'd love to see a movie about an earthquake the destroys most of california... watching the golden gate bridge fall into the ocean, a huge wave smashing alcatraz, a bunch of other cool stuff like that.
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