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March 22, 2013
Actually its an intRAstellar catastrophe not intERstellar as the description says since the asteroid came from within our star/stellar system, specifically the asteroid belt, Keiper belt, or, doubtfully, the Oort cloud and NOT from another star system. WOW, you'd think if you were going to review a movie you'd atleast get the facts right. I mean come on.
December 5, 2012
As seen on Telefutura, this movie appears to completely disregard even some elementary school science facts about space in the name of a "totally awesome" visual story. If it weren't for that, the hackneyed plot & characters would only make this a merely crappy TV-movie not worth raving about, positively or negatively. Also, Stephen Baldwin now has another film alongside "The Flintstones" to be embarrassed about.
November 30, 2012
A SyFy Channel movie so you know it is low budget and the effects are going to be fairly below average. Taking that into consideration, this is a poor man's version of Armageddon, which is one of my favorites. The acting here is acceptable. The story is plausible but highly unlikely. The characters are not really fleshed out, but are likeable nonetheless. I got caught up enough in the tension of the situation to enjoy myself. Worth a watch if you keep your expectations low.
April 25, 2012
This movie was so bad I kept waiting for punchlines because I thought it must be a comedy.
February 14, 2012
Possibly the worst film I have seen in ages so bad I felt compelled to see it out to see if it could get worse and yes it did
January 13, 2012
Not a bad movie. nice action. Nice drama. Not a bad storyline. I liked the special affects.
August 13, 2011
We are depending on Stephen Baldwin to save the world as a demolitions expert...we are all gonners!
July 16, 2011
Appalling disaster movie, with appalling use of CGI, and terrible cast i couldn't give a monkey's toss about.
½ January 12, 2011
A DEEP IMPACT/ARMAGEDDON wannabe...minus the excitment and A-listers. I have to say, Dirk Benedict (from A Team the show) makes a good political asshole antagonist
November 15, 2009
This was science fiction for those with no grasp of science - or good fiction, for that matter. It was really, really bad.
Most of the worst offences centered around a flight in a chrome-plated and ridiculous-looking space shuttle. It was almost like they were making stuff up during fiilming. Got a problem with the story line? Put something on the shuttle that can fix it. It was like some of the worst 50s era science fiction. This kind of movie should have been buried about 1965 or so.
Sure, they flew the shuttle around through space like it was an F-18 at sea level. They also detached the booster rockets and main tank at the same time - with the boosters still spouting flame. We all know there is no gravity in space, so the actors should not be able to walk around the shuttle like it was the starship Enterprise. The movie makers just think we are a bunch of morons or something.
But the really scary-bad crap makes you laugh. At one point they have this bumbling know-nothing yanking pieces off the shuttle to make some nuclear electomagnet thingy without regard to what systems they are for. I half expected to see the headlights go out on the thing or something stupid.
But I almost fell out of my chair before the flight even took place. Two guards roll into this space agency's office with a big green crate and ask for someone to sign for it. Nuclear warheads! Imagine! Hey, sign for these things, buddy. Maybe FedEx just dropped them at the gate and took off. What a stinking pile of crap.
So if you saw this movie, here is to sharing a laugh at just how bad things can get. If you have not seen it and are undecided - don't bother. It's not worth the time spent watching it, let alone the time wasted making it.
July 4, 2009
Cute Movie~ I dug it~
½ March 28, 2009
As an old, really old, SciFi movie fan, I loved this B movie.

Good special effects, good actors and a really cheesy plot.

An asteroid hits the moon and causes it to crack like an egg. Now the heroes and heroines have to unite and heal the splintered moon to save the earth.

Of course, a blue collar explosion expert, played by Steven Baldwin will be sent to the moon to use nukes to "heal" it.

But wait, the latest calcs show that that won't work! By pulling off various parts of the shuttle (now atomic powered) and melding them with the nukes ... it will work!

I'd love the way the shuttle wove its way between the many asteroids and boulders that brushed against the hull. Hans Solo would have been proud.

Dirk Benedict, who played Starbuck in the 1978 Battlestar Galactic and was in A-Team is an effective "villain" who sees the light.

Lots of tense moments in blowing up buildings on earth and blowing up the Moon rent to heal it.

Even the Nerds get sex at the happy ending.

If you like classy, proud, unregenerate B SciFi films, you'll enjoy this one.

And, unlike Armegeddon, they don't yell "Let's drill this Iron Bitch!"

Princeton Junction
½ October 21, 2008
A Sci Fi channel movie. Nuff said.
October 16, 2008
Not a bad movie. nice action. Nice drama. Not a bad storyline. I liked the special affects.
½ May 13, 2008
Bad acting, Bad science, Bad Plot.

But I enjoyed it for the wrong reasons
April 22, 2008
This movie really stunk. The plot holes were possibly larger than the meteors. What a waste of a couple of hours.
March 19, 2008
Rather fun empty headed TV movie
March 1, 2008
ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Worst modern day sci-fi seen in a long time. Seriously just total nonsense
February 1, 2008
Err...pretty poor graphics. Story was ok but it was just a bit naff really
½ December 23, 2007
The holes in this plot were bigger than the hole in our swiss cheese moon
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