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Barbershop throat slitting, nude macho wrestling and eye gouging in a bathhouse, and far too willing underage Ukrainian sex slaves. A double vodka, please.

November 13, 2007 Full Review Source: NewsBlaze | Comments (3)



Endless Sender

It really feels like you didn't pay much attention to the actual movie. Perhaps the violence overwhelmed your senses. The comment about "far too willing Ukranian sex slaves" bewilders me as Cronenberg went to great lenghths I felt to show how disturbed and distraight the captive prostitutes actually were. It's all over the sex scene with Viggo and the singing, blonde, prostitute.

What I assume you are referring to is the scene where Viggo is kissing the young prostitute drinking vodka. She seems willing, but were you not paying attention? I think it was perfectly obvious that the reason for this particular girl's behavior was that she was quite drunk and perhaps more importantly quite young. It seems she hadn't yet been abused to the point of complete withdrawal as the older girls apparently had.

I find it a little surprising that a reviewer would miss these rather clear points and actually use their own misunderstanding of what is very plain on screen as an argument against this rather excellent film.

Fine if you didn't like it, but at least offer points that are not so obviously a result of a lack of attention to detail. This was a sloppy and anything but thoughtful movie review.

Jul 19 - 02:53 PM


Lesely Mifflin

Oh dear! It seems that Prairie has her granny panties in a knot again! Once again she gets caught up in the "violence" and completely misses the point.


Nov 10 - 06:18 AM

Mike T.

Mike Tatham

Seriously, you said, "far too willing Ukranian sex slaves". Wow, how out of touch are you? You lose all credibility as a reviewer in this one statement. FAIL!

Mar 14 - 10:45 PM

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