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½ October 29, 2012
A complete one man show. the one and only AMITABH BACHCHAN steals the show.
December 2, 2010
I am going to pass on this one.
October 27, 2012
A hard-hitting movie by Vidhu Vinod Chopra as a director!
½ January 19, 2012
love Amitabh Bachchan's acting
½ November 24, 2011
EXCELLENT movie that was well-acted by everyone!!
½ September 8, 2011
I really liked the story, the cinematography and acting. It's not just another bollywood romance flick... [I wanted to say this the day when I watched this movie, but It was certified flop at that time, thanks rotten tometoes]
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½ December 16, 2007
Here's an interesting movie about a young prince who is forced to return home after the death of his mother. He comes to terms with responsibilities and the truth about his real father. As he tries to put life back on track, he realizes that he needs his father more than ever despite that he is a servant, a royal guard to the king. For this father, a man who holds his duty sacred but also wishes to know his true children, Nandini and Harsh. Great cast- Saif Ali Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan, Jackie Shroff, Jimmy Shergill, Sanjay Dutt, and Sharmila Tagore. Good music. Great movie by Vidhu Vinod Chora. Fantastic cinematography. Worth seeing!
½ March 29, 2008
wow...i thought it'd be boring but it's awesum - like modern and history mixed...SAIF IS SOOOOOOOO SWEET!
March 13, 2008
Good movie, but shouldn't have been done into oscars
December 18, 2007
Fabulous! Full of suspense, action, family secrets, devotion & loyalty, with the bitter sweetness of love set in a historical setting. Depicting a Hindu religious epic.
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½ October 29, 2007
This movie is impressive! I scowl at those people who have rated this yet do not have a geist of what theater or art is all about. A good cast, wonderful acting and a unique story. Majestic, classy, unique and a good mixture of the modern world and the old ways. Two thumbs up!! Movie Quote: "Eklavya was a low caste warrior of unsurpassable
skills. When Eklavya outclassed the royal princes in the art of archery, the man he had idolized as his mentor, the great guru Dronacharya, asked of him a
terrible gift in return for his tutelage: his right thumb" Note: If youre gonna get this movie, get it with the subtitles or english translations. I assure you, Its worth it :)
June 1, 2007
a good story made too complicated to comprehend. it could have done better if the same story was told in a contemporary world environment... may be a corporate world.
August 13, 2007
Quite cool, innit? Some pretty pictures in this one and the Amitabh guy can't put a foot wrong. Decent story and good flow. For a Hindi movie, this is very ambitious!
July 24, 2007
The movie was good.. Royal indeed!!!!
July 6, 2007
I hope that it is good
½ July 15, 2007
Un film sans fioriture, comme je les aime sauf qu'il manquait des chansons ! (de belles chansons, pas des chansons en rap et cie !!!)
½ July 15, 2007
This movie was a little too slow for me...
½ July 6, 2007
5 words: Wierd, retarded, boring, short, whoops, it was 4.
½ June 29, 2007
Ok. As i have said before, i am not interested in history stuff.
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