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½ December 28, 2010
Best part - "Little Sister" fades into the Beatles "Get Back" and then back into "Little Sister."
A great documentary and awesome concert footage in Vegas. Polk Salad Annie rocks!
May 22, 2010
This is late Elvis at his best, still thin, still wildly gyrating, smiling, tanned, and clearly loving every moment of what he's doing - just a year or two before the monkey of addiction began to dig its claws in so deep.

Filmed over six shows at the Las Vegas International (now the LV Hilton) in 1970. One of the 20th Century's greatest musical legends at the top of his game, making Vegas all his own.

Move directly to "GO" and collect $200 by watching the 2001 Special Edition - rather than the 1970 Original Theatrical Release version. The 2001 upgrade is serious restoration work. Gone are the nearly thirty minutes of tediously dull observations and interviews of/with Elvii fans, replaced by a generous amount of footage that in 1970 was tossed to the cutting room floor. The L.A. studio and Vegas rehearsals are vastly extended. Also dealt back into the deck are many alternate angle cuts, probably set aside for being thought too pelvic and provocative for 1970 theater-goers. Now almost every frame of the film caresses the character and talent of Elvis.

In addition to the high-quality outright resto of celluloid and sound, there's a good bit of thoughtful sprucing-up throughout the film (eg, captioning, establishing shots) that improves the overall viewer experience a great deal.

[The 2001 version is issued standalone but can also be found inside WB's 2007 DVD "Elvis: That's The Way It Is: Two-Disc Special Edition."]

RECOMMENDATION: The "Aloha" special may be better known, may have been watched live by 1 billion people, may be better costumed - but in Aloha the weight, the exhaustion and the monkey are all painfully on display. Here in this disc is the performance by which The King would want to be remembered.
May 13, 2007
He may be dead but I still love Elvis Presley's songs, his concerts are like the best. One of my fav songs by him is Tiger Man/Mystery Train melody. I love Elvis Presley.
February 4, 2013
Musical documentary about the on stage return of iconic rock and roll star Elvis Presley after years making movies. A highly entertaining documentary about the second coming of Elvis as a Vegas showman which offers plenty of priceless insight into his work and his love for music, with plenty of footage from rehearsals and live performances. A must see for fans of Elvis and music alike.
January 9, 2011
My favorite Elvis movie,after years of the MGM "location" movies(the King was a great actor but thru the 60's he kept getting scripts that were essentially the same except where they were filmed)Presley was tired of the film industry.After the success of the 68 comeback special Elvis decides to go back on the road and perform for the fans.This film is a documentary chronicling his 69 show at the international hotel in Las Vegas.
The rehearsal footage from the MGM lot is great,showcasing Elvis's humor,dedication,and good nature.Many sequences of the film feature interviews with fans and staff from the International,but the heart of the movie is the concert.Elvis shines on stage and is at the peak of his career,it's one dynamic performance after another as the king belts out tunes and drives the women wild(during love me tender he is mobbed by ladies wanting a kiss from the king).
A wonderful film essential to any fan of Elvis Presley,that showcases his talent,dedication to his fans,and ultimately his humanity.
April 23, 2010
The vhs Warner Bros. Special Edition has a cover far better than what it is shown at left.

The whole point of Thats the Way it Is was to show Elvis getting ready for shows, the rehearsals, the fun time he had backstage. He was such a cut-up, a guy willing to fall backwards off his stool to get a laugh.

Unpretentious, sharp, witty and always in control, Elvis shown here is just that, an up close look behind the scenes. This is Elvis as he was off stage and on, at least as much as could be told.

The bodyguards, the band, the adoring love sick fans... there all here in glorious color and stereophonic Dolby surround sound.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents Elvis: Thats the Way it Is.

And boy, what a wild ride into the King's world it is.

Running time 95 minutes plus 11 extra minutes. Included in the vhs version special edition is an interesting restoration documentary detailing the effort put into restoring the original film. Titled "Patch it Up: The Restoration of Elvis: Thats the Way it Is.

As a fyi, the phrase: "that's the way it is" was an slang phrase meaning the unvarnished truth, or you're seeing the reality not some fake presentation.

Outstanding in every way, a peek into the world of Elvis working and playing before the show. And some of the show as well. Well worth any fan's trouble to find and buy.
August 15, 2008
Great documentary. You get a great sense of Elvis' humor and style.
January 1, 2004
A documentary and concert video of the King's summer 1969 stand at the International Hotel in Vegas. Some interviews with the fans and hotel officials, plus the show. I couldn't get over how all the back-up singers were smoking during rehearsal. Elvis was impressive, though. He had a great command of his band, and had a lot of humor, too. Among the highlights: Poke Salad Annie, Bridge Over Troubled Water and his "roots" medley toward the end.
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