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kenscheck kenscheck March 25, 2014
I've never been a huge Elvis Presley fan. He has a few songs that I dig, some I don't, a bunch of movies I haven't seen (I've seen some, but the only one I truly watched was "Jailhouse Rock", which was decent) and I don't really have anything against him. He is an American Icon though, and I am just a little bit interested in him. This bio-pic is pretty decent, mostly propelled by the great performance by Kurt Russell, who really nails the part. The film was directed by John Carpenter, who chose to do something very different following completion of "Halloween". The choice was a smart one, to try his hand at something new and expand his horizons. It also was his first team-up with Russell, and the two would continue to collaborate on several entertaining movies over the next decade. The film has inaccuracies like most bio-pics, and at times it seemed to rush through several pivotal events despite it's length of almost 3 hours. Another issue would be that several characters aren't really explained or developed, and only make sense if you know the story of Elvis already. Elvis is the only character truly developed, which makes sense, but he is, at times, portrayed a little too pure and his demons aren't really explored (and the film ends before his life took it's downturn that lead to his death). Still it is a decent bio-pic with a tremendous performance from Kurt Russell.
Crystal F March 22, 2014
I thought Kurt Russell did an excellent job at playing Elvis, he had all the right moves, like elvis and everything. In a way he kind of looked like elvis from the side and from a distance, and Shelly Winters looks exactly like Gladys Presley.
Nick M ½ January 4, 2014
Too much singing. Too much dancing
Michael F January 4, 2009
This one is a mixed bag. Not a great movie but not bad either. The real gem here is Russell, just awesome.
Alexander P ½ July 3, 2012
Really good documentary style movie from Carpenter - Russell is superb in the lead and the whole cast works together well to tell the tale of Presley - a good film
Michael P ½ May 14, 2012
kurt russell as elvis?it was as bad as it sounds, horrible movie
Joshua L April 11, 2012
Really well made and well acted with probably the most depth of Elvis ever seen on screen.
John P ½ July 20, 2007
One of two movies that John Carpenter directed for TV in the late 70s, along with Someone's Watching Me! This one features a great performance by Kurt Russell (who would reteam with Carpenter in the classics Escape From New York, The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China) and a story that doesn't hit all the typical biopic plot lines.
scott g
Super Reviewer
October 5, 2010
Kurt russell is fantastic as elvis in this his first teaming with director John carpenter. its by the numbers going over his career and fits a lot in from performances and low/high points, its all entertaining due to Russells performance. agian, he is superb
Rob Ó August 18, 2011
Watching this as a child, I used to think that it was a remarkable stroke of luck that they somehow were able to get Elvis to star in a biopic about himself while still in his prime, at the most interesting point in his career. It wasn't until years later that I found out that Kurt Russell was actually playing the King. The performance is remarkable and rightfully launched Russell further towards A-List status. The film itself is the tried and trusted rise, fall, rise picture, with some delightful performances and classic Presley numbers (with Russell fairly convincingly miming vocals by Ronnie McDowell). The film manages to capture a perfect picture of the King by the end of the movie, while still hinting at his eventual downfall. It would be splendid if an Elvis biopic like this could be remade with a big(ger) budget for today's generation a la Walk the Line.
Adam B May 21, 2011
Very good performance by Kurt Russell. But unless you're an actual Elvis fan, you might have a hard time enjoying it. I watched it for Carpenter. It's well done, but just not my cup o tea.
Christophe M October 2, 2010
"Elvis" fait partie de ses films montré seulement à la télé dans leur pays d'origine (les USA) mais au cinema dans les autres pays, et il fait également partie de ses téléfilms tellement ambitieux, soignés et bien joués qu'on a du mal à croire qu'ils n'ont été fait que pour la télé (comme le "Duel" de Spielberg). Pratiquement le premier biopic sur Elvis car réalisé par John Carpenter seulement deux ans après la mort du soi-disant inventeur du Rock'N'Roll mais véritable amoureux de la musique qui hypnotisait littéralement son public (surtout la gente féminine)

Comme tous biopic qui se respecte, la vie d'Elvis ou plutôt les moment important sont retracés dans ce film, de son enfance (sa chère maman, son frère jumeau mort), à la gloire commencé chez Sun Records puis RCA, ses amis toujours autour de lui et sa manie de leurs payer des caisses, son mariage (puis divorce). En revanche, le film ne se termine pas sur sa mort.
C'est un film réalisé peu après la mort d'Elvis et ça se voit, même si les différents moments de sa vie sont relatés, le film ne s'attarde pas trop sur ce qui clochait dans sa vie et sa carrière, même s'ils sont évoqués, pas vraiment de trace sur la relation parfois houleuse entre Elvis et le célèbre colonnel, rien sur son addiction à la drogue et lorsqu'il s'est mis à grossir ! Ce film sonne plus comme une célébration faite pour se rappeler un Elvis comme les fans l'ont toujours aimé, un performer hors pair à la vie tourmentée mais toujours rythmé par le spectacle qui doit toujours continuer.

Evidemment, un tel film n'est rien sans une prestation à la hauteur et le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est que Kurt Russell assure, littéralement habité par le rôle il l'incarne carrément et est un régal pour les yeux lors des scènes concert, pour les oreilles aussi mais il est doublé, mais ça ne gâche pas le plaisir parce que le futur Snake Plissken fait parfaitement illusion. Le reste du casting n'est pas en reste justement et participe au sans faute côté jeu d'acteur, filmé avec adresse par un Carpenter décidément à l'aise peu importe le genre du moment qu'il sent bien le sujet et c'est le cas ici, on voit qu'il était fan d'Elvis et se fait carrément un devoir de délivrer un film qui ne fait pas honte au chanteur alors récemment disparu !

"Elvis" de John Carpenter est à voir davantage comme une déclaration d'amour que comme un biopic détaillé. On ne saura pas tout sur le celui qu'on appelle le King mais c'est une excellente entrée en matière pour le novice et un grand moment chargé d'émotion et qui ramènera plein de souvenirs pour les fans pur et dur qui ne pourront s'empêcher d'avoir la larme à l'oeil en voyant ce film réussi sur leur idole !
lth lth ½ May 15, 2010
Kurt Russell hits it out of the park, capturing both the King's heart and mannerisms. Scenes of Elvis in performance showcase both his stage presence and his unbelievable voice, thanks in no small part to director John Carpenter's skill behind the camera. The script focuses on Elvis's need for company and affection, first from his mother and later from his wife and friends. The melodrama loses a steam in its last hour, but as a whole, this is a high energy, entertaining biography.
aehay17 aehay17 June 19, 2010
it's a really good movie saw it on youtube
vitajex vitajex March 23, 2010
More of a fluffy showcase for his music than an enlightening biopic, 'Elvis' will entertain fans but do little to shed light on 'The King' as a person.
Made less than two years after his death, this made-for-TV movie suffers from a lack of unfiltered facts about Elvis the man. There is literally no mention of his struggle with substance abuse. His marriage to Priscilla is never strained beyond the frequent separations inherent to a touring musician. Shady dealings, tales of excess and the role of Colonel Tom Parker are glossed over- if touched on at all.
Kurt Russell is believable as 'talking Elvis', but the over-dubbing of the singing voice is sometimes distractingly obvious. What irritates most is that the over-dubbing is NOT of Elvis' voice, but rather of a sound-alike.
Shelly Winters is good, if occasionally histrionic as Elvis' mother. There are few other actors or roles given much prominence.
All in all, the songs presented (most in their entirety) will serve as evidence explaining Elvis' popularity, but the film does not serve as objective history.
Timothy J. Timothy J. December 13, 2009
This movie has a one heck of a talent for elvis fans
that loves the kings music and images and movies
this elvis the movie is a full Star Rating for Movie Fans
I Give it a Thumbs Up 5 All Star Rating ++++++++++++++++
jrendon05 jrendon05 June 16, 2009
the best elvis movie i seen was give it up for kurt russels
~NORTHEASTJULIET~ ½ November 11, 2007
In my opinion, Kurt Russell is the best portrayor of Elvis ever!
Did you know that Kurt Russell's first movie was with Elvis in "It Happened at The World's Fair?
He played the boy Elvis paid to kick him in the shins
Great movie,if you are an Elvis fan
angel194370 angel194370 December 6, 2008
kurt did a wonderful in thes movie it was great
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