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In this film, Laura Gemser is back as everyone's favorite sexually active photographer. Gemser travels the world for hot scoops with her secret camera. She then travels to an island where people have sex while watching snuff movies. She tracks down the illegal films thanks to a kinky congressman.

Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Horror, Romance
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On DVD: Jun 24, 2003



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Makes crap like 8MM look like morally responsible filmmaking.

August 27, 2003
Bryant Frazer's Deep Focus

August 16, 2005

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Emanuelle in America (Joe D'Amato, 1977)

Aristide Massaccesi, better known as Joe D'Amato, directed nearly two hundred movies in a career that spanned over a quarter-century before his death in 1999. Like most exploitation film directors, D'Amato dabbled in just about every genre you can think of, from hardcore (Porno Holocaust, viz. review 23Jun10) to historical drama (a weird hardcore retelling of the bio of Marco Polo). But the movies that have made D'Amato a household name, as much as he could ever be one, are the movies he did in the Emanuelle series. After Bitto Albertini introduced the world to the new Emanuelle, Laura Gemser, in 1975's Emanuelle Nera, Gemser became something of a phenomenon, and the late seventies saw a flood of Emanuelle films starring Gemser. D'Amato made four of those over the course of 1976-77, having probably gotten the job because he'd directed one of the pre-Gemser Emanuelle flicks (Emanuelle e Francoise le Sorelline, with Rosemarie Lindt as everyone's favorite bad girl). They were so popular that, eventually, other, later flicks Gemser and D'Amato teamed up for were re-released under the Emanuelle banner, despite having nothing at all to do with the series. Emanuelle in America was the second of the "canonical" films D'Amato and Gemser worked on together, and it lives in a very, very strange place. D'Amato was still trying to figure out how to shoehorn a plot into these to make himself seem vaguely respectable, but wanted to get in as much of his background in/obsession with roughies and what we would call today torture porn, though D'Amato would laugh at today's efforts; after all, he grew out of the same school that birthed Ruggero Deodato, maker of the notorious Cannibal Holocaust, and Umberto Lenzi, maker of the even more notorious Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly). The term "torture porn" takes on a whole new meaning in a movie like this-and fans of the last few unwatchable Saw movies could probably learn a thing or two about discomfort from watching it. But, that said, it's still a Joe D'Amato movie, and so some of the glimmers of what might have been a halfway decent exploitation film (with a few random hardcore scenes thrown in, presumably for the sole purpose of pissing the censors off; it's not a hardcore film for most of its hundred-minute length) were, not surprisingly, stomped out as fast as they appeared.

Plot: well, there's not really a plot per se; there are three episodes linked only by Emanuelle (Gemser, at the height of her beauty here) and her boyfriend Bill (Swept Away's Riccardo Salvino), a pair of investigative journalists engaged in friendly competition when not otherwise engaged between the sheets. In the episodes, Emanuelle goes undercover first to expose an arms-smuggling baron, then to document the shenanigans at a very private resort for rich women, and finally to expose a seedy undercover world of sexual torture and snuff films being made in a backwater South American jungle. (Oddly, despite the movie's title-Emanuelle is supposed to be from New York-all three of these episodes send her overseas, to England, South Africa, and South America.) All three have the same basic idea-Emanuelle spends a lot of time unclothed, in the presence of many other unclothed people, and takes surreptitious photographs with the camera hidden in her necklace when she's not making out with some other beautiful creature.

What is there to say that hasn't already been said about the Emanuelle movies? Turns out that in this case, there could have been something. Little bits of interesting storylines spring up, but are squashed as quickly as possible in service of the overall plot; D'Amato wanted to make sure the sex kept flowing, rather than developing character depth, theme, or anything else that might have made the movie worth a rewatch. And lord knows there were opportunities. There is nothing at all to recommend it, aside from the obvious. For Gemser collectors only (as I can't imagine there is such a beat as the Joe D'Amato collector.) (half)

Wow, you can review softcore porn on Flixster now? Yay, that'll quadruple my total number of movie reviews!!!!! All these Emanuelle movies are the same. 1, Emanuelle walks around in Italy or France or Greece. 2, Falls ass-backwards into some hot steamy sex with a gardner, taxi driver or bellhop. 3, She blathers something pointless about not wanting to find love or being unable to find love because she's too busy having random unprotected sex with complete strangers. 4, She has even more lurid sex in a hotel or train station or public restroom. 5, She encounters some plot point and/or meets some dashing but extremely hairy European guy that changes her life forever. 6, She has sex with that person. The end. Emmanuelle has been a staple of late night Cinemax for the last quarter century for a reason!


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