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Irvin Kershner directed the actors this time around, and without the benefit of Lucas's personal affection they seem stiffer, more clenched.

May 30, 2007 Full Review Source: Chicago Reader | Comments (77)
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brock west

all the better, Kershner knows how to direct as well as Lucas knows how to create stories

Aug 21 - 07:22 PM

rupert a.

rupert arthur

Your all full of bollocks this movie dosnt deserve the kleenex it was wrtien on Mr crapper wouldnt wipoe his arse on the scrio ITS ABOUT SOME POOF WITH A COMBover who likes to wank over his siter, then his father whos got ****ing astma desides to electriute himself, what a drOPKICK JUST LIKE ALL OF U

Jul 7 - 10:27 AM


Dylan Sigaty-Hawkes


Jan 19 - 02:42 PM

Nathan S.

Nathan Swissa


May 29 - 05:22 PM

Pee M.

Pee Murz

rupert..what a do realize your name in america is widely known as a homosexual bear that has sex with babies right? why dont you bother another website with your english eurotrash ways my man. you like boys. bye.

Aug 31 - 11:42 AM


Victor Revano

You suck at reviewing movies. Go do something else.

Dec 7 - 07:24 PM

Tom Rooney

Tom Rooney

Let him have his own opinion you silly fool. Just because he didn't like this ONE movie doesn't mean he's a crap critic. Get yourself sorted.

Feb 11 - 09:51 AM

ron burgundy

ron burgundy

yes it does.

Feb 11 - 06:36 PM

David G.

David Gee

There are several movies that are rated at almost 100% where this lesbian is pretty much the only critic who didn't like it. It's a lot more than just this one. How this guy doesn't get fired is befuddling.

Feb 19 - 08:46 PM


Henderson Aims


Dec 31 - 07:21 PM


Dan Blomquist

What is it with you Chicago Reader people and your blatantly bashing reviews of classic movies?

Jan 1 - 11:45 AM


Will Webb

chicago reader sucks. you think that anything old sucks and everything new is the best thing in the world!

Nov 21 - 07:56 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Way to go... You gave the most beloved film of all time a bad review.

Apr 11 - 10:42 PM


Matt Ritchey

Here's what I've learned about Dave Kehr: he doesn't like fun action movies. Anybody who's gonna give EMPIRE and RAIDERS (my two fave of all time) scathing reviews needs to realize that they can't give unbiased reviews on action fantasy and stop doing so.

May 14 - 06:08 PM

Mysterious F.

Mysterious F

Yes they can. It is called opinions, and everyone has a different set of them.

Jun 14 - 03:13 PM

Chris D.

Chris Dijak

yeah but this clown is paid for his

Mar 31 - 10:24 PM

Pee M.

Pee Murz

well played. and he look likes a girl which, unfair or not, just makes me respect his gay little ways even less.

Aug 31 - 11:44 AM


Greg Shearer

Everyones who wrote here so far is correct the Chicago rader is clearly in need of some better talent

Jun 1 - 03:46 PM


Elisha Benjamin

Wow. You're a maverick non-conformist. Congratulations.

Jun 30 - 02:59 AM


Andrew McDonald

Dave, has anyone ever told you you look like a woman?

Jul 10 - 01:24 AM

bethann e.

. .


Dec 15 - 07:31 PM


Matthew Eisenberg

Mr. Kehr, Did you not watch the fist Star Wars? Are you telling me the acting is stiffer in this movie then the first? You could not be more wrong.

I think you went into this review telling yourself you have to write something bad about this movie (because it seems, that's what you do with every good action movie) and you really could not think of anything, so you trash the acting, which is the one improvement from the first film.

Why don't you just stop reviewing action flicks? Just say "In my personal opinion, I don't like action movies", because it really is a waste of time reading your **** on action movies, when you hate the movie before ever seeing it.

Aug 1 - 01:13 PM


ben cracknell

This guy didn't like Thunderball, From Russia with Love, This is Spinal Tap, and Raiders of the Lost Ark to name a few. All films with over 90% on the TM. Seems Empire falls in the catagory of movies that are mass released and that he wanted to stick out for not liking.

Aug 4 - 03:57 PM


will molinar

Burn in hell. And grow a pair b/c you look like a fifteen year old girl. Except not hot.

Sep 17 - 06:29 PM

Paul Orea

Paul Orea

he totally looks like a 15 yr old are quite probably the worst critic in history, Miss Dave Kehr.

Sep 20 - 05:09 PM

Daniel B.

Daniel Burke

I think you're a critc just so that you can piss people off. Go crawl into a hole and die.

Mar 10 - 10:27 AM

Mysterious F.

Mysterious F

I despise every film of the Star Wars series, and I agree with him that this is terrible, though not the way he does. So what if people don't like Star Wars? You're acting more immature commenting than you think they are.

May 5 - 06:04 PM

polish sausage

Zach Palaszewski

the chicago reader has the harshest people in the business. jesus

Jul 11 - 03:49 AM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

This guy should not have been hired as a critic. Seriously. He's one of the worst critics ever known to man.

Jun 28 - 09:34 AM

William J.

William Johnsten

this idiot rates all the good films bad

Jul 3 - 04:51 PM


jake rogers

THATS A MAN!? WHUDDA HELL? explains the bad reviews i guess...

Aug 6 - 03:18 PM

Benny B.

ben bastyr

Yep, still have crappy reviews and look like a woman.

Aug 7 - 12:55 AM


Frank Hodson

You have to be kidding!

'A New Hope' is great, but 'Empire Strikes Back' is the zenith of this trilogy.

Aug 13 - 12:18 PM


David Durston

What is this review?

Set blasters to stun guys!

Dec 3 - 07:20 PM

Stepping Razor

Stepping Razor

You mean, leave blasters on kill. :)

I'm really not one to bash a critic, and I'm usually the person who will defend critics from personal attacks whether I agree with them or not, but while Empire Strikes Back may not be the best movie ever made, it's easily the best Star Wars movie and one of the top Sci-Fi flicks in my opinion.

This movie needed that "stiffer" acting. Long before Revenge of the Sith, this was the darkest entry in the Star Wars saga.

By movie's end, it almost seems like there's no hope. It has more deeper, intense scenes than A New Hope. Immediately, these ones come to mind: Luke fighting Vader of course; Luke going into the evil area on Dagobah; Han being tortured, being consoled by Leia, then fighting with Lando; and Han being frozen.

The acting in A New Hope was lighter, at times even goofy, and that tone fit most of the movie.

Likewise, a more serious, reserved, grim tone fit Empire Strikes Back.

Dec 28 - 02:04 PM

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