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March 22, 2007
It was umm okay . . yah not.
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½ July 17, 2011
Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are the worst "directors" to ever tackle the parody genre. Epic Movie is a dreadful mess that is a pure waste of celluloid, and is not worth seeing. The comedy is non-existent, childish, and fails miserably due to a poor script that is so lazily written. Epic Movie is an epic failure. I'm surprised that someone even dared to green lit this trash. This is scrapping the bottom of the barrel and it isn't worth checking out. Every gag fails miserably, as Friedberg and Seltzer try to put as many popular culture references in their films as possible. They seem to think that overdoing that formula is funny, well, it's not. This movie is painful to sit through, and it can be summarized as a pure waste of film, one that is garbage because, the so called attempt at comedy presented here just fails in terms of punch line, and the jokes are immature, stupid and pointless. The film is bland, unfunny and is so poorly acted, that you wonder how this crap finds an audience. I hated this film, and I think it's one of the worst comedies ever put on film. If studios are smart, they'll never let these directors near a camera again because; they're horrible and making films. Who ever gave the go ahead to make this garbage should be ashamed. Epic Movie is horrible filmmaking, and if you want a movie that is pure trash, and definitely not worth your time, this is that film. Epic Movie is not worth seeing. If you want great parody films, check out Airplane! Spaceballs, and Top Secret. However, avoid this one at all costs; you'll be glad you did.
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½ July 30, 2011
Peter: Tomorrow we fight. So tonight... we party! 

"We Know It's Big. We Measured."

Words can't describe the painful experience of trying to watch Epic Movie. This movie may have single handedly destroyed the spoof genre. Sure there's been other really bad ones over recent years, but this is easily the worst one I have had the displeasure of watching. There's nothing clever going on here. Just obvious, lowbrow, and immature humor at its worst. The scariest thing about Epic Movie is that the people making it may have actually thought what they were doing was funny.

This is no Blazing Saddles. Hell it's not even up to par with Not Another Teen Movie, and I hated that one too. There's no reason for this movie to exist. It's a failure. 

The movie is so bad, it almost makes me want to give up on living. Maybe that's slightly extreme, but try to watch this movie and you'll see what I mean. If there's a knife close to you, you'll probably slit your throat. If there's a gun, you'll probably blow your brains out. One of the worst movies ever made, period.
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½ June 24, 2007
A comedy is supposed to make you laugh right? I mean, isn't that the basic criteria? Well, this tragic piece of garbage failed to even present a single good joke. It's so lame, stupid and badly timed that it almost put my little brother to tears. The only thing that made it slightly watchable was the wide range of movie references, which a major movie-buff like me could appreciate on some level (although only due to the minor amusement found in the recognition factors, as opposed to any real comical value). Sadly, however, it's still one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I'm just glad I didn't pay to see it, and I feel truly sorry for those who did. Because when all is said and done, Epic Movie is nothing but an Epic Fail.
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½ November 2, 2011
Total and utter crap. You want a good parody movie? Go watch Airplane! This is actually the first movie I ever had nightmares about paying to watch. If they made an "Everybody Poops:The Movie", it would be better than watching this. The only "parody" film that is worse than this movie is Disaster Movie which is also a giant disaster. Overall: This movie is a giant waste of time. Watching grass grow covered in paint drying is a better time... because your brain cells wont be murdered.
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½ October 29, 2011
I felt robbed as I walked away from the film, I could have honestly complained that this film should not be shown to eyes of the public, states everything that should not be in a film, tries ever so desperate to be funny, but of course, we all know that.
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½ July 23, 2011
An epic failure in comedy writing. Having characters go around pointing out pop culture references is not joke writing.
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June 23, 2011
Quite funny!
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½ April 2, 2011
One of the worst films ever made, and one of the worst of the film series. I truly hated this movie. Its not even funny people.
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½ January 22, 2011
In the spirit of "Scary Movie" and "Date Movie, "Epic Movie" is a parody that spoofs recent mega-blockbusters. The comedy centers itself around four orphans who visit a chocolate factory and are transported to the wonderful land of Gnarnia, after stumbling upon an enchanted wardrobe. There they battle pirates, encounter earnest wizards and attempt to defeat Gnarnia's dastardly White Bitch.

This movie is a white bitch.

Grade: F
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March 25, 2007
From the makers of Scary movie and the love movie, Epic Movie is quite simply the spoof of Epic movies such as Da Vinci Code, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

This one I find is slightly more watchable than a few I have seen.
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May 11, 2007
Wow this really is bad and I quite like spoof films! This is just plain awful and not funny 99% of the time. It mainly spoofs The Chronicle of Narnia, Willy Wonka, Da Vinci Code and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Check out my Spoof list for some decent ones!
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½ August 31, 2010
It was great.............NOT!
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½ July 23, 2010
better then date movie, meet the spartans, and disaster movie. this was really stupid. i did get a couple of laughs though. C-
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January 12, 2008
I think I got a whopping fifteen minutes into this one before I hit stop. The main problem for me, was that it was spoofing movies that I can't stand - ie, The Da Vinci Code, Nacho Libre, Avatar... and the real killer that had me switch off for once and for all... Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As if one Johnny Depp prancing around like a freak weirdo isn't bad enough, there's a pale imitation doing it too! Really, really, not a good film from what I could see, although I will decline to rate it as I didn't actually last too far into it... I somehow doubt it got better.
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January 12, 2010
This comes very close to being the worst movie I've ever seen! This movie is one big epic piece of horse s***!
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December 15, 2009
Good idea, some good laughs, however I think the whole thing is so rubbish that it's funny. I think the bad cgi and acting was part of the whole thing.
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June 22, 2008
This was a big budget movie basically ripping off any movie it could, well thats how it should be. Unfortunately, tho' comedy, it was not really subtle enough and did not accomodate for all films. Perhaps one to watch another day, or not.
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January 21, 2007
Terrible movie...Actually, the parodied movies thing wasn't a bad idea at all.. But how they got the story is the most important, and this movie was pretty bad... It wasn't funny at all, yet it just boring and some are just disgusting... The cast was terrible too.. I don't know why Kal Penn wants to star in a movie like this... It just make his name goes worser... And I don't know too why people still loving this types of movies, so it never stopped to be made since it began...
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May 12, 2008
You have to like slapstick comedy complete based on spoofing other movies to like this movie. I don't. I only lasted 15 minutes.
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