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½ January 26, 2014
Here's me thinking I missed the latest Snake Plissken adventure from John Carpenter, but actually I didn't miss much at all. I hadn't even heard of this film before, I merely stumbled across the poster one day and it looked quite cool, the title was the eye catcher though, love that.

Problem is the films title doesn't really sum up the films plot all too well. A couple of aliens get caught on Earth by some evil military geezer and are held captive in an Area 51 type area...oh wait it is Area 51. There, alongside other captured aliens, they are forced to build this big death ray laser gun thing to destroy planets. Why? because the evil human military leader is evil and wants the Roswell aliens killed his dad in the infamous Roswell crash. Clever huh? no not really you're right.

So as you may have already guessed this CGI animated film contains almost every cliched cheesy cornball sci-fi in-joke and visual gag you can imagine. The entire film is completely pointless in the fact that the whole thing has been done time and time again and there really is no need for this to exist. The main alien characters just look dull, completely dull and lifeless blue cliched aliens. All the alien sidekicks they meet up with are your bog standard array of yet more cliches...a slimy alien, a big strong angry alien and a cute little furry alien, all bases covered.

I guess the real crime here (lame plot and character design aside) is the really really average CGI animation. The backgrounds, skies, spacescapes and landscapes all look nice, nothing to blow your eyes from their sockets but they are nice. But in general most of the locations/settings, all the characters, the equipment on display and alien planet terrain/city all look pretty damn generic and bland. Lets just call it planet bland with lots of interstellar alien logos, yep the aliens in this have their own TV stations, sponsors, adverts etc...just like us! its all very crap.

The voice cast doesn't boost your moral put it that way, you know to be weary when Brendan Fraser gets the lead role lets be honest. The story is weak and pointless, the visuals are bright and colourful but sorely lacking quality, few laughs to be had, drab characters and rather limp action sequences. This really is a poor man's 'Monsters vs Aliens' in every sense, feels more like a glossy kids cartoon for a dreary rainy Saturday afternoon.

Considering this is all about aliens and space adventure its virtually grounded on Earth for the whole run time, not much escaping going on anywhere.
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July 1, 2013
"Escape from Planet Earth" is one of those animated movies that just comes off as a cheap version of a Disney or Dreamworks movie. It's fine for like a straight to dvd movie, but not for a theatrical release(which it got). The animation is ok, nothing great or new, and the voice cast is decent. Brandon Fraser, William Shatner, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rob Corddry, among others do an ok with what they can. But they all honestly seem like their going through the motion, knowing this is going to be subpar at best. Overall, the story is just "meh". It's about a hot shot alien who goes to "the dark planet"(aka, Earth) to impress his fellow aliens. When he gets here he is captured and his dorky alien brother must come an save him. It has a few laughs, but overall it's kind of flat. I took my 2 year old(it was showing as one of the "Free Summer Kids" movies), and e seemed disinterested in it for the most part(he usually likes cartoons). This was originally in 3D, and some of it may have looked cool, but I think it's probably just as bland. Worth a one time watch with the kiddos? Sure. But it's probably not something that will be on repeat viewing.
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½ June 26, 2013
Earth's greatest secrets are about to break out!

Mediocre animated movie! Escape from Planet Earth isn't really the most ideal viewing for children, especially considering even at eighty-nine minutes it treads the fine-line of being much of a muchness. But there's a good heart, a somewhat interesting story, solid visual flair, tolerable characters, a recognizable and capable cast of voices, and the generic but welcomed warmth animated films so innocently bare. If it's the worst animated film I'll see this year, I'll be quietly content; if it's the best I'll be concerned.

The story takes place on planet Baab where admired astronaut Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser) is a national hero to the blue alien population. A master of daring rescues, Scorch pulls off astonishing feats with the quiet aid of his nerdy brother, Gary (Rob Corddry), head of mission control at BASA.
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March 6, 2014
An exciting and thrilling animated feature, Escape From Planet Earth is entertaining and fun. After receiving an unidentified distress call from Earth the planet Baab sends their top astronaut to investigate, but when he's captured by the U.S. military he discovers a nefarious plot against aliens. Featuring William Shatner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, and Brendan Fraser, the film has a strong cast. Additionally, the comedy is pretty good (even though it does get a little too cartoonish at times). However, the plot is full of cliches; and while some of them work, others drag the film down. Yet despite its flaws, Escape From Planet Earth is a film that can be enjoyed by all ages.
Cameron W. Johnson
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January 22, 2014
First it was New York, then it was L.A., and now things are getting so rough that Snake Plissken is going to have to bail out of Earth itself. Oh, come on, people, don't tell me you weren't thinking it when you saw this film's title, even if you only did it to not think of "Planet 51". Hey, "Planet 51" could have been worse, you know, like this film, or the video game "[u]E.T.:[/u] Escape from Planet Earth"... I think. Yeah, I didn't play that game, but then again, not a whole lot of people did, as surely as not a whole lot of people are going to see this film, except maybe the John Carpenter fans who really are expecting this to be the completion to the "Escape" trilogy, seeing as how marketing behind this project is limited. Man, Carpenter hasn't done anything in so long that it would be in his financial interesting and, well, just plain interesting for him to do an animated "family" film (I don't want to know about his family), but if any legendary gorror filmmaker was going to direct this, then it would be David Cronenberg, because this film is so Canadian that it gave Brendan Fraser and William Shatner jobs. Poor Shatner can't get away from either space or Priceline, so I guess Kaley Cuoco really is a good casting choice for the role of his daughter in the newer Priceline ad campaigns, because looking at her level of success outside of "The Big Bang Theory", she can't afford get away from nerdy stuff either, even if Shatner would have to have been 54 when he had her. Hey, Shatner's awesome enough to get a gal at that age, but at 82, he doesn't appear to be able to even get good film roles, which isn't to say that I can't compliment certain aspects of this misfire.

The animations in this film aren't all that special, as they're conventional and, if you will, a little too over-the-top, often to the point of feeling lacking in life, yet the designs never abate when it comes to delivering on sheer color, particularly during the action. The film doesn't exactly play up action all that much, and when it does, it's hardly all that special, but heights in set piece liveliness such as the action prove to be reasonably fun, if formulaic in their staging and upping momentum. Really, technical value is consistent in sustaining some degree of entertaining momentum, which is truly charged by genuine highlights in writing, of which there are only so many. To tell you the truth in advance, Bob Barlen's and Cal Brunker's script is not simply weak, but bad, so it's Brunker's still-flawed direction which really saves the final product as merely mediocre, although it does receive help from highlights in humor that are in turn complimented by highlights in voice acting, in addition to the direction. Granted, even then, Brunker, as director, may save this film, but also threatens the final product with his own laziness, and yet, the point is that credit is due to brisk pacing, backed by the sense of laziness' at least being prevalent enough to not feel actively insulting. Well, the film takes down to the viewers a fair bit, yet on the whole, this flick is simply too bland to be bad, and while that aspect is ultimately what saves the misguided misfire as simply mediocre, there's no denying that the technical sharpness and occasionally storytelling sharpness don't have something to do with the final product's ever so narrowly avoiding collapse into contemptibility. Of course, the fact of the matter is that this film is no more likable than it is unlikable, having its strengths, to be sure, but also an almost crippling collection of weaknesses, or at least laziness, even within its basic story concept.

Now, I'm not asking that this film be all that unique, but may I be struck down if there's anything original here, as this narrative, at least in concept, is so shamelessly trite that even the sci-fi mythology behind it conforms too much to traditional sci-fi formulas, as well as to human cultures. The concept behind this film itself is completely uncreative, being lacking in its mythology's depth, as well as devoid of originality in its story, whose scripted execution, courtesy of Bob Barlen and Cal Brunker, makes matters worse with a wealth of tropes, as well as plenty of other problems. Again, while there are highlights in Barlen's and Brunker's writing, this script, as this film's weakest attribute, is pretty bad, with humor which is plagued with painfully obvious references, glaring immaturity and all-around cheesiness that exacerbate a sense of laziness, which is even found within characterization. Thinly drawn characters back a lame, clumsily structured plot that pays little attention coherency, and is only one of many misguided elements that make Barlen's and Brunker's script an ultimately considerable misfire that would make the final product bad if it wasn't for the directorial efforts that, for the record, also have their own problems to worry about. I mean, the highlights in Brunker's efforts as director are certainly there, but lowlights are impossible to ignore, making cloying plays on anything from lame-brain writing to an unlistenable pop soundtrack that cleanse storytelling of subtlety, while overtly busy plays on momentum to plotting, though adequately entertaining, get to be frantic an obnoxious point. As you can imagine, this pacing freneticism's ironic fusion with laziness in most every other storytelling aspect reflects the trait that really drives this "effort" into frustrating: stupidity, which would be easier to forgive if the film wasn't too aware of its thinness to be inspired. Needless to say, there is just enough inspiration to the handling of this sometimes amusing, often adequately entertaining and consistently colorful family affair for the final product to evade contemptibility, but there's still a certain pretense of entertainment value surrounding this misguided mess that seems to talk down, not just to the youths, but to just about everyone, and while I can't promise that you'll be frustrated with this film to the point of out-and-out disliking it, I am more comfortable in assuring that this pseudo-effort is a challenge that offers nothing new and barely anything inspired, until finally sputtering out deep into mediocrity - nay - on the cusp of contemptibility.

When it's finally time to escape from this film, through solid animation and colorful highlights in action, voice acting, writing and direction, the final product just barely escapes collapse into all-out badness, but through a trite and thinly drawn story concept, lame-brain script and frantic direction, aggravating laziness is stressed enough to firmly secure "Escape from Planet Earth" as a mediocre misfire of a steaming pile of sci-fi family filler (Again, I don't quite hate it, but boy, I come close).

2/5 - Weak
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February 20, 2013
I watched Escape from Planet Earth in 3D because of the movie time. Let me say that there is NO need to suffer through wearing those glasses to watch this. You won't get anything out of it... except a lighter wallet. Escape is an almost decent movie and nothing more. The story was OK, even if it was unoriginal, uninspired and unimaginative. They could have saved $30 million or so and released this to TV or straight to DVD. The characters weren't nasty or distasteful (or interesting or funny), and they helped the movie along without adding any entertainment value or laughs. It's obvious how the writer was TRYING to be witty and funny, but it didn't come through. Some of the voices were OK, but only Ricky Gervais was good. A couple of the others, Brendan Fraser, Sofia Vergara and William Shatner were downright horrible. They didn't fit their characters at all and made it distracting. There is nothing new or unique you can get from watching Escape from Planet Earth. If it's on a movie channel or TV you can record it and let your kids watch it once or twice, but I'd bet they won't like it much either.
½ February 16, 2013
it was amusing enough for my kid. but only because it was about space and had some silly moments in it. the story was not at all compelling or memorable.
½ November 7, 2012
It was a enjoyable, funny and exciting animated family comedy adventure. It had great animation, very excellent voice cast, great music, great characters, good visuals, lots of adventure, lots of action, plenty of funny moments and a fun storyline. It was a good start from Rainmaker Entertainment. What I like about this movie was the animation, voice cast and characters. I recommend this movie to kids and adults alike.
July 25, 2013
I have no idea who would ever greenlight or produce an animated film about aliens -- a variety of them -- getting stuck on THE planet earth in which/on which EVERY human being appears to be either resoundingly daft, cruel or dumb. The entire human race is depicted as lost in this film in order to be the villains these "cute" aliens are supposed want to escape from as the only "decent" earthlings on display are a set of bumbling simpletons who always have the "munchies" and believe towels are optional. To be fair I will point out it isn't ever stated whether or not these guys are either simple or stoned ... but that says something about both the film and decency and hope of the human race, no? Escape from Planet Earth is much like other films that have come before it -- how many animated alien movies have come and gone over the years? -- and it offers up nothing new. One narcissistic alien astronaut becomes stranded on earth after a botched mission and instead of leaving him to whatever his fate was going to be -- as NO alien has ever "come back" from planet earth the movie proclaims -- his mission control brother stages a rescue. There are a couple of other aliens stranded on earth and the military general and officials at Area 51 are all either bug-eyed crazy militaristic chauvinists or mindless zombies obeying every order who trip over one another and don't know left from right (to get laughs ... and insult us). While a younger audience might be thrilled with the funny-looking aliens and the colors on display onscreen, an older discerning viewer will most likely feel insulted. The message of the film is supposed to be that the scrawny smart kid can save the day ... but how smart is it to make a film insulting everyone who is going to watch it? The humans are bad here and we have no redeeming qualities. This is a very sad film ... and that isn't a good thing as it was not a term of endearment.
July 5, 2013
Seems like a cheap knock-off of other animated films that are already out there. Didn't find many of the jokes funny.
June 30, 2013
I liked this movie. It had great animation and voice cast and a solid script. But it was slow and kind of stupid and predictable.
June 11, 2013
Just a very run of the mill animated film. In fact at points it felt like the filmmakers were going out of their way to stick to the formula. The movie isn't unenjoyable, and to the degree that the formula works, so does this flick. But if you want an original picture, look elsewhere.
June 10, 2013
Predictable but it is a kids movie. It's pretty funny even thoug it's not as original as it wishes it was. A lot like Monsters VS Aliens mixed with pretty much any kid movie. At least it was entertaining for the hour and a half it lasted.
½ April 2, 2013
The first film by Rainmaker Entertainment that was apparently stuck in development for a long time. For a first try this film is not that bad. Its kind of predictable and cheesy but overall not a bad first try. Just don't expect anything amazing.
February 24, 2013
Could have been much better. Some genuinely funny parts! Animation was pretty good -- most of the time. Marred by terrible pop music choices and what seems like too many cooks in the kitchen. A fun diversion.
March 2, 2013
This movie was so bad that even though I saw it only 24 hours ago I had to find the ticket stub in the trash to remember what the title was. Incredibly uninteresting, old and used up jokes and a handful of bizarre story lines make this a movie to seriously avoid.
February 19, 2013
I really enjoyed taking my nephews to this one. It had a lot of laughs and a good story about family at it's core (especially brotherly love) . You know it had to be good because it held my nephews interests all through the movie (ages 7-13) I as an adult enjoyed the story and the laughs too. Great for the kids. The animated characters were loveable and the voices were good. The computer Mr Bing by Ricky Gervais was great. If you have kids I'd recommend it.
½ October 19, 2015
Uninspired and thinly made, Escape from planet earth is a vapid imitator of Dreamworks and Blue Sky that feels tonally and humorlessly aimless.
August 8, 2015
good but not good enough
½ July 19, 2013
Ho hum. Pot boiler sci-fi family film. Generic animation and a weak script.
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