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Escape From Sobibor Reviews

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December 19, 2013
This is a nice war movie starring Rutger Hauer. It takes place at a Nazi concentration camp and tells the story of an escape. The film shows what people will do to escape hell including killing, and running through land mines. Nothing particularly groundbreaking, but the story is great, and the sets and acting help move it all along.
November 22, 2013
The great escape is nothing compared to this. Harsh eventes, heighten tension, superb cast. Average people become true heroes, not hardened soldiers.
November 10, 2008
Fact-based made for tv movie detailing the uprising of prisoners in Nazi extermination camp. Hauer and Arkin are both excellent, Hauer taking the Golden Globe. Far better than your typical CBS Sunday Night movie.
March 17, 2013
Certainly the best WW11 Concentration Camp film ever made and deeply disturbing. This makes Schindlers List look tame by comparrison. If you don't end up depressed, sad and angry after watching this, you ain't human.
February 5, 2013
The story of the Nazi death camp of Sobibor, which was the setting of a mass Jewish escape, aided by Russian soldiers. Their plan was to murder each individual SS members, thus turning themselves in the same kind of persons their prosecutors had been; it is this interesting premise and the concept of struggle of conscience that is the most interesting aspect of this TV movie, from a time when television production sought to seem shocking by dealing bluntly with dark moments in history.
December 10, 2012
Good tv film about the largest and most successful prisoner revolt in a Nazi death camp during World War II. This type of non-fiction gets tougher to watch now that I have kids of my own. Found some interesting articles about what happened to those involved on both sides after the war.
July 9, 2012
Based on the true story of an uprising in one of the Polish death camps in which over 300 prisoners escaped during WWII. Leon Feldhendler(played by Alan Arkin), the Jewish leader of the camp, is trying to figure out how to get everybody out of the camp (rather than just a few) when Russian Jewish soldiers are brought to the camp. He makes an alliance with their leader, Alexander Pechersky (played by Rutger Hauer), and what transpires is a gritty means of escape that puts ‚The Great Escape‚? to shame. Joanna Pacula stars as Luca, the pretty love interest, who might be best known to Americans as the love interest of Doc Holliday in ‚Tombstone‚?.

The tale is gruesome and horrifying (even by 1980s standards) but there's enough determination and hope that you don't get depressed to the point where you want to give up and turn the DVD off. Alan Arkin is close to superb as the Jewish leader who points out the obvious futility in trying just any means of escape and waiting for the opportune moment where just not a few but all of the camp can get out. As to be expected it isn't a cake walk and of course there are surprises but it's well developed and does an admirable job (unlike many other films) of trying to stay true to what really happened at Sobibor.

Life of the characters are revealed at the end. Over 1.25M Jews were killed in this death camp. Close to 300 prisoners escaped. Something that would never happen in another death camp during WWII. Shortly after the escape the camp was pulled down and grown over in the hopes that nobody would remember it.

Based on a novel of a similar title by Richard Rashke. Camp survivor Thomas Blatt served as a technical consultant. Trivia below. After watching this again I need to compare it to the oh so mighty ‚Schindler's List‚?. Some have complained of the DVD quality but I don't feel that should factor into the grade of this fine film. This is graded from a 1980s standard when technology was less sophisticated.

OVERALL GRADE: A minus; WHEN WATCHED: 2002 (third viewing and review in early July 2012).

TRIVIA/SOME SPOILERS: there were two other uprisings at Auschwitz and Treblinka. In actuality 300 did escape but most of them were recovered. Only a fraction of them evaded their pursuers. Roughly 50. Hauer's character truly did plan the revolt with a few others and was not recaptured historically. German SS were actually assassinated to confuse the rest of the guards. According to one person interviewed on the History channel (who had been at the camp) people truly did run over the corpses of the fallen to avoid setting off mines.

MORE SPOILERS: the desperate run through the minefield as they were being shot at was one of the most memorable moments. Creepy when the SS played classical music to make the new Jewish prisoners feel they were in something other than a death camp. Nice scene where the SS guy trying his boots out spotted the axe and moved away in time. Not all of them could be clueless idiots around people who clearly hated them. Believable assassinations performed by mostly normal people who were not experienced in such matters.
June 22, 2012
Though it takes a while to get the momentum going, Escape from Sobibor has one of the most entertaining and epic endings in history.
June 27, 2012
Alan Arkin's performance was good enough to carry the movie .
April 8, 2012
Rutger Hauer is intense, and the plot tries it's best to stay authentic, but Escape from Sobibor lacks the production quality to give the film a chance to tell the story well.
March 22, 2012
This made for TV film about a Nazi death camp isn't polished around the edges, but its a slow burning thriller with an inspiring and suspenseful conclusion. Rutger Hauer and Alan Arkin raise the quality a little bit, telling the tale of a courageous prison escape.
January 26, 2012
One of my favorites, the escape scene is unforgettable
December 10, 2011
Recommended by Satyrical Jeff.
July 19, 2011
suprised none ones reviewed this yet. too the greatest holocaust movie ever done.
The Film Father
February 19, 2011
I'm thinking this terrible B - grade cover design is throwing many people off from seeing this film. Well - forget it. you MUST see this film!! Heart-wrenching and gutsy, it is brave and thought - stirring war drama based on a true story that will leave you breathless. Realistic, poignant, smart and very intense. A MUST SEE
April 28, 2005
October 26, 2010
Crummy acting, but the story is interesting and important enough to overlook that. Fairly upsetting, as should be the case with Holocaust movies.
September 18, 2010
This is one of the most terrifying accounts of the atrocities which took place during World War II. In terms of realism it far surpasses Schindler's List, to the extent that it's quite frankly hard to sit through. But the sheer realism is also what make
s it such an important piece of filmmaking.
Plot/ Summary During WWII, the death camp at Treblinka had an escape, causing the Commandant at a similar camp in Sobibor to vow (actually threaten) that his camp would never experience the same thing. But those who were its captives, the Jewish laborers that had been spared from the ovens, knew that they were on borrowed time and that their only hope was to escape... the only question was how to do it. However, because the Germans would kill an equal number of others whenever a group attempted to escape, the captives knew that if ever an escape was tried, all 600 prisoners in the camp would have to be included... logistically precluding any ideas about tunnels or sneak breakouts. Indeed, to have such a mass escape could only mean that the Ukrainian guards and Germain officers would have to be killed, which many of the Jews felt simply reduced themselves to no better than their captors... thus making it a struggle of conscience. And therein lies the story, with the film being based on a factual account of what then happened at that Sobibor prison.
My Review
This prison that i have never hear of before reminds me of Alcatraz is so hard to escape but more then 300 jews made all because of Leon in this exciting prison movie. Yet there are better prison movies this is another one of those besties.
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