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More than the work of any other filmmaker, Spielberg's output seems uniquely designed to induce in me this queasy false-memory syndrome.

June 4, 2007 Full Review Source: Village Voice | Comments (56)
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Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Kill yourself moron.

Aug 30 - 11:08 PM


m z

Worst review ever.

Sep 21 - 04:39 AM


Trevor Cameron

I've seen some pretty crappy reviews in my life, but few get much worse than this

Dec 19 - 12:51 AM

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens

Fu*k yourself.

Jun 24 - 12:14 AM


Elisha Benjamin

Wow...just, wow.

Jul 1 - 01:28 AM


jose rovirosa

get a heart transplant

Jul 23 - 01:11 AM


Colin V

this review is absolutely ridiculous and fallacious

Oct 19 - 01:22 AM


Jesse Hornick


Jan 14 - 05:34 PM


Sara Nicholls

There's something terribly wrong with your opinion of films then.

Apr 1 - 04:41 PM


Frisby 2007

Why did you and that other lowsy critique ruin the 100%!?

Apr 30 - 07:16 PM


Jesse Hornick

You are truly A Cunnt!

If HITLER WAS ALIVE to see E.T. even HE would Like It

Jun 13 - 07:26 PM

Shiva the God of Death

Noah F

He wouldn't. Spielberg's Jewish.

Feb 26 - 08:45 PM


Jesse Hornick

You are truly A Cunnt!

If HITLER WAS ALIVE to see E.T. even HE would Like It

Jun 13 - 07:28 PM


Joe Koski

shut up don, i bet u loved disaster movie and hated this

Jul 8 - 10:39 AM


Edward Stymest

The people above me, especially the first comment, are a bunch of immature *****s, this guy's review touched some of my views on this movie, and his opinion, in my own opinion, is pretty legit.

You guys are such losers, just cursing off any critic who doesn't like a film everybody say it's good. Stop falling for peer pressures you pathetic sh*ts

Aug 25 - 02:37 PM

Damien Lives

m x

go fuck yourself

Apr 20 - 07:33 AM

Matt McCoy

Matt McCoy

thank you.

Aug 17 - 12:35 PM


Edward Stymest

Lol you people are disgraces to art

Mar 14 - 02:13 PM

David C.

David Cochrane

At least there are a couple other people in this world who don't care for this movie. Even when I was eight I felt I had to scrape the sap off myself after watching it.

Sep 26 - 10:48 AM


James D'Ambrosio

I should curb stomp you, idiot.

Oct 27 - 08:56 AM

Jesse H.

Jesse Holiday

Don McKellar, how about you Mc****yourself and never write a review again?

Nov 7 - 11:22 AM


rory morrison


Nov 29 - 03:41 AM


Tim Chandler

This is actually a well-written review by a respected filmmaker. Too bad those of you who disagree with him can only manage a pathetic and ignorant rant as a comeback. But what should I expect, the world is run by the morons...

Jan 16 - 09:00 PM

Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabidu

Larry David

"This is actually a well-written review."

Come again? A WELL-written review?? Are you f-cking serious?? Here are some quotes from his "review":

"Could E.T. compel Elliot to re-enact the final scene of Taxi Driver?"

"Is E.T. finally coming to terms with his lust for earth women?"

"E.T. definitely seems to find Maureen O'Hara hot."

"What at first appeared to have been a benign botanical visitation from his people may have had an ulterior purpose after all: "They're here to steal our women!"

A well-written review? Really?

This has got to be the WORST "review" I've ever read on this site. It's so unbelievably stupid and non-sensical, I'm baffled that RT accepts this bullsh-t.

His biggest complaint is that "E.T. is a dog movie". That's like complaining that Rocky is a sports movie, or Jaws is a monster movie. He gives NO constructive criticism at all. What a worthless "review".

Jun 7 - 04:26 PM

Conner C.

Conner Clancy


Sep 3 - 04:56 PM

Danielle H.

Danielle Hodge

Well said

Sep 15 - 01:37 PM

Matt McCoy

Matt McCoy


Aug 17 - 12:36 PM

Michael Hirakida

Michael Hirakida

keep your mouth shut joey or youll get your mouth taped

Jun 27 - 06:14 PM

Brian P.

Brian Peek

Sep 3 - 07:59 AM

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