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Michel Gondry tries to channel Fellini and ends up irrigating faulty plumbing.


Todd K.

Todd Kreuzburg

You are part of all that is wrong with this world. Move out of your mom's basement,and create something, instead of ripping real artists apart. You're a moron.

Jun 27 - 01:38 AM

Sam B.

Chris Elric

Perhaps you kids could actually learn to respect someone's else's opinion. That's what's wrong with the world.

Apr 29 - 12:53 PM


Someone Someone

Lol, if I thought that about anyone who didn't like this movie... My sister would think I was a total dick!

... Which is what you are.

Sep 6 - 05:21 PM


Matt Welch

What a loser.

Jul 18 - 11:45 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Are you retarded?


Aug 21 - 10:57 PM

Kyle H.

Kyle Hanson

93% of critics don't agree with you.

Sep 14 - 01:13 PM

Cole N.

Cole Nelson

Cole?Cole?Cole?...You really are not pleasing to many people with this review. These comments slamming Goundry's brilliant film of erasing a mans memory, really makes you look like the dumbest film critic in the world! And the fact who used the word icky to describe the love crushed Clemintine just made me feel sorry for any of your followers. I think maybe it's because you are just one of those dudes that needs to watch a movie twice to understand its true meaning

Sep 15 - 03:35 PM


Eric Williams

cole smithey has his head up his butt channeling his own faulty plumbing

Nov 8 - 03:39 PM


Tanmaya Raul

Seriously...I doubt you would be able to create something half as don't just say these pretentious comments to try and look smart.

Dec 17 - 05:23 AM

Anthony M.

Anthony Musser

Good point, but it feels like Eternal Sunshine starts out brilliant, then forces this subplot upon us, ruining iself in the process. I wish it hadn't.

Feb 27 - 04:10 AM

Brent E.

Brent Ephraims

WoW. What an interesting analogy. By interesting I mean terribly bad. I didn't like the movie either, but seriously? A faulty plumbing & irrigation analogy?

Jan 1 - 03:50 AM

Yang F.

Yang Fox


Jan 8 - 02:19 AM

John C.

John Coffey

yeah i understand where you're coming from... it's tough to understand the intimacies between men and women when you're a homo

Jan 15 - 05:04 AM

Daniel Atkinson

Daniel Atkinson

That was immature, but oh so clever.

Jan 4 - 11:20 AM


Daniel Miranda

Maybe that means that hes not Fellini,by the way 93%

Apr 14 - 03:28 PM

Patrick M.

Patrick Murphy

now i wish lacuna was real so i could go to them and have your horrible review erased from my mind

May 31 - 11:47 AM

Geraldo R.

Geraldo Rivera

well done sir

Jul 10 - 08:39 PM

Henry W.

Henry Wood

aaaargh its coley smithey again!!!!
why am i not suprised? i actually gave this guy the time of day and looked at his site. anyone reading this, do watch his video, hilarious. Smithy, if your reading this YOU......ARE....A......JOKE.

Jul 14 - 06:29 PM

James K.

James Kundart

FINALLY, someone speaks out for the 7% of us who can't buy in to this movie! We may be in the minority, but the tyranny of the majority won't make us like this film. Whether you like Cole Smithey or not doesn't change the fact that Spotless Mind is not for everyone. It is not a defense of your opinion to say that 93% can't be wrong. Neither is stooping to juvenile insults. They only further my sense that the popularity of this movie shows no accounting for taste.

Aug 18 - 09:07 AM

Tyler S.

Tyler Schwab

Yes 7% didn't like the film, and you don't have to; however, that doesn't make this a good review. This is a very bad review in fact. Too short and Cole clearly didn't understand what kind of movie this was.

Aug 23 - 05:49 PM

Frank U.

Frank Urso

You're being as narrow minded as Mr. Cole was in his review. See, we're not slamming the people who don't like the film; we're combating the people with no perspective, who just like Mr. Cole, honestly couldn't understand what it was about. You can acknowledge how when people who don't understand something automatically hate it.

And when it comes to taste, you are right, but there's no excuse for being retarded.

Oct 4 - 11:15 PM

Kevin P.

Kevin Pedraza

This guy is a fucking idiot.

Nov 27 - 09:01 PM


Brandon Williamson

I can't stand this guy. Not because of his taste in films (which isn't very good imo) but because his reviews don't make sense. It's like as if he randomly picked out words from a thesaurus or something. Just speak English please.

Dec 1 - 05:25 PM

Chan J.

Chan Jong

If you don't like this movie, try making your own and see if anyone would lime that

Jan 10 - 06:57 AM

Cody S.

Cody Soileau

These critics, whether you agree with them or not, are just doing their job. They're here to express their own personal opinions and expressions of films. They're not here to please YOU or agree with YOUR opinions.


Feb 20 - 12:21 PM

Frank U.

Frank Urso

Then maybe they should actually do their job. I honestly would send Mr. Cole back to grammar school.

Oct 4 - 11:18 PM

adithya k.

adithya kantewada

This is an acrhetype masterpiece! Where the hell did u find Fellini's influence on Michel Gondry?? Its a complete original & mind blowing material. Best Innovative movie of the decade (2000-09)

May 8 - 07:16 PM

mister b.

mister beef

you honestly can't sum this movie up in five sentences. this review was dangerously dumbed down for the masses- most of whom liked this movie.

Sep 11 - 10:22 PM

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