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June 26, 2008
Deep down, I wanted to like this movie, and I wanted it to be good. I wanted to like it in general, but also because this film has an infamous reputation for being terrible. I thought that it couldn't be that bad, and that it had to have at least one redeeming value or two. Well, it turns out that both I and the reputation are correct.

This movie does suck..a lot. But it does have some interesting and quirky performances. However, all the absurdity in the world can't make up for the fact that this story and script are muddled, incoherent, and a rambling, random mess. I'm sure everyone had fun making this film, and I do appreciate nuttiness, but c'mon, what the hell even happens in this movie?

I like the idea of a nice hippie with freaky oversized thumbs hitchhiking her way across the country. The idea of a bunch of raunchy cowgirls on a ranch is cool too. None of this comes together and really gels though. I like the cast. They are a large and diverse group of interesting characters. However, not all of the performances are all that great, and many of the characters are just goofy, shallow caricatures with little to no development. That said, they all try to put out a bit of effort at the very least. I do like John Hurt, though. In fact, he may be the highlight. He's a scream to watch run around in drag being flamboyant. This is probably one of his more brave, interesting, and eyebrow raising roles.

I think a good way to describe this mostly, but not quite irredeemable failure is that it is kind of like a light and slightly sanitized version of a John Waters film...maybe. It's probably best as a campy cult classic midnight movie. I've never heard it get that status though. Everyone instead just seems to hate it. As camp, it is sometimes fun, but somehow this manages to be boring, even during some of the odder and more absurd moments.

So yeah, this isn't a complete waste, but it is close.
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September 6, 2010
I only watched this because Crispin is in it, and he had an okay part, but I didn't care for this movie at all. It tries too hard to be quirky and cool that it just misses the mark. I couldn't stand this movie, and I don't recommend it.
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February 8, 2009
Gus van sant is probably the only director i know of who can make a film thats boring and interesting at the same time, in more than one case too... oh, yea and im most likely one out of like 5 people to give this more than a star!
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October 31, 2006
Not Van Sant's best work.
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September 5, 2006
A boring, almost incoherent film that fails to latch onto anything memorable throughout its entire runtime. Despite the occasional inspired creative flair from Gus Van Sant, this is a chore to sit through.
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½ January 9, 2009
This has to be one of the worst films ever written.....seriously!
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December 25, 2007
A favorite from my childhood.
October 14, 2007
I don't understand how people enjoy Van Sant's other films and then call this one of the worst movies ever. It's not that bad if you have a sense of humor. The cast itself is hilarious and the story is so absurd you can't help enjoying yourself.
March 28, 2007
How to rate this. The bravery it takes to act in and direct something like this earns a big thumbs up (pun intended). Other then that, it is not a film that moves the soul!
December 30, 2006
Bizarre. I liked the book. I thought Uma was an excellent choice to play Sissie. But it all got muddled somehow. Someday I'd love to see Van Sant adapt Tom Robbins' ANOTHER ROADSIDE ATTRACTION and do it better justice.
½ October 9, 2006
This movie succcked with the white hot intensity of a hundred suns! I think it might have been the worst movie of ...whatever year it came out.
June 20, 2006
One my fave's. Based on the Tom Robbin's novel, and directed by Gus Van Sant, this is about as quirky as they come! But with a cast like Uma Thurman, Rain Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, and Pat Morita you just cant go wrong. I've always wanted to be a cowgirl!
½ May 22, 2015
This is an epic cinematic error. The frustrating thing is that this should have been a great movie. Instead it is painfully bad on all counts.
July 23, 2014
That's so funny. This Is my all time favorite movie. I had no idea it got bad reviews. I think it's incredibly original, it's racey, it's sexy, errrrotic, political, liberal, thought provoking . The acting is great, kinda cheesy, but hilarious and perfect. Great cast, great soundtrack kd Lang. I don't find it boring at all. I have fantasies of being sissy hankshaw, what a life. I love love love this movie
November 4, 2013
Aimless and pretentious, Gus Van Sant's "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" is a pathetic adaptation of a rather mediocre book.
January 3, 2013
This movie is like a lump of clay, a shapeless mess, wanting to be created into something brilliant but never takes form. I wanted to like this movie considering that it's directed by Gus Van Sant who did Drugstore Cowboy and My Own Private Idaho, and an all-star cast. But, it's scattershot editing and the quirky characters and story fall flat. Uma Thurman plays Sissy, with enormous thumbs who life is to hitchhike across America, she arrives at the Rubber Rose Ranch, were the cowgirls are revolting and feeding the whooping cranes peyote, I felt that cast and crew took massive hits of peyote throughout, I liked the actors elsewhere but not here. This is a movie of missed opportunties
½ November 12, 2012
One of the only films I've ever seriously considered walking out in, the star-studded cast adapting one of the most beloved PNW writers in the hands of a surreally gifted director? It should have been a gimme shot. The upshot is that there was nothing redeeming about this film. I'm thankful that Gus was given another shot, but this was definitely my greatest crisis of faith in him and in good cinema from the Northwest.
½ July 3, 2012
There are times when one thinks that Uma/Sissy's big thumb leading her to a cowgirl ranch is a silly premise, but that really takes a backseat to the drama and overall appeal. By no means terrific, but not terrible either, it is literally a middle-of-the-road film and a superior lesbian counterpart to My Own Private Idaho.
½ February 13, 2012
So terribly horrible!
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