• R, 1 hr. 24 min.
  • Horror
  • Directed By:
    Sam Raimi
    In Theaters:
    Jan 1, 1987 Wide
    On DVD:
    Aug 4, 1998
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Evil Dead 2 Reviews

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Emod L.
September 2, 2014
With just enough horror to balance out its wacky tone, Evil Dead 2 builds on its predecessor the way a sequel should.
The Twiz
September 5, 2014
While an improvement on its predecessor with a better backstory, I still found myself shaking my head quite often. Why is every character in these movies so annoying? They're always acting dumb and irrational. And although some of you may argue it, I don't think it's as intentional as you think it is. I know this "sequel" is supposed to partially be a comedy but it evokes more eye rolling than laughter. Although I do appreciate a good slapstick, the gore is constantly taking away from whatever humor is being presented.

I'm still not on board with this series, however, the art and effects are still very impressive and I enjoyed the creative call-back ending.

Twizard Rating: 59
Samurai A.
August 28, 2014
This is the greatest sequel to a movie ever made!.why does this sequel best all those other great sequels?(Aliens,The Godfather Part 2,Dawn of the Dead,Empire Strikes Back,The Road Warrior,Sanjuro,T2:Judgment Day) Answer: Is the fact that it truly surpassed its predecessor and all of its reputation thanks to its "Eye-Popping" visual effects ,Unstoppable hypercharged camera shots,and last but not least;the fact that it created and burned into our memories one of the most Iconic protagonists ever depicted on screen! (Ash Williams).Ash played brilliantly by Bruce Campbell is possibly the most Iconic Horror character in film history. Even its dialogue will refuse to escape your memories as it is so hip,cool and goofy at the same time.This movie has had undying love from me ever since I saw it!.I have seen it so many times ive lost count.This movie is by far the most entertaining horror movie ever made!.To me its my favorite horror movie and is in my Top 3 favorite movies list.This movie is truly well....Groovy!
September 3, 2014
One of the worst horror films you will ever see. The first Evil Dead was pretty good although probably not purposely funny. But this was just was just ridiculous! How could a classic like The Evil Dead turn into something gone horribly wrong?
August 29, 2014
A consistently lively ghoulish splatter comedy that uses wildly excessive gore to provoke the kind of shock that is midway between a laugh and a scream. It's rampant inventiveness and manic energy ensure this will endure through generations. An exceptional blend of comedy, thrills and gore and arguably the best in the series.
August 24, 2014
Better than the first in almost every way. Action, horror, and comedy are abound in the masterpiece of a follow up to Sam Raimi's other masterpiece. So good in fact that its one of my favorites.
Jens S

Super Reviewer

June 14, 2006
Pretty amazing how universally loved this film seems to be. Upon further inspection from today's point of view it's way too silly to be scary and way too gory to be taken seriously. Of course that's all intentionally so. Still, the film did not age well. It still works as a set-up for the awesome third part, but if you really measure this for coherence, character development or dialogs, there is nothing rewarding here. Instead of get a lot of plastic demons and fake blood. Entertaining, but stupid.
August 18, 2014
By far the best of the series. This film is just so fun and cheesy it's impossible not to love it, I can sum it up in one word "Groovy"
July 10, 2014
Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2 is not only an insanely comedic counterpart to its more serious (and tree-rapey) predecessor, but it's a great sequel that keeps what terrified audiences six years beforehand and expands on ideas related to the Necronomicon, a book that, when read aloud, summons the undead. Here, the undead is actually a sole entity with no real flesh until the climax of the movie. The less we talk about that flesh form, the better. It is far more intimidating as this formless being we sometimes see from its own perspective, as it knocks downs trees and doors to reach its target. There's a musical chant that accompanies the being, ascending demonically as it gets closer. When it reaches a target, it torments and swallows the soul of the body, then occupies the body, becoming a zombie. The zombies themselves look like those of Dawn of the Dead, but the Evil Dead franchise is where top-speed zombies are introduced. There are jump scares and there is blood. Blood does not bleed out of bodies. It blows out like an oil well. The first time it happens -- when the hero Ash (Bruce Campbell) shoots his possessed, severed hand -- is timed so well that, despite how sick the red and black blood looks, I laugh.

The undead can possess inanimate objects too. For the first half hour, Ash is all alone in the cabin, aware of the danger that's waiting to consume him. The undead controls the piano so it plays by itself, a mirror so that Ash can rival his own reflection, and a deer head to taunt Ash when his chair collapses. Ash sometimes wakes up to "discover" he was only dreaming. Instead of determining whether his sanity is shattering or the undead is just toying with his mind, I laugh along with the antics. That deer head scene is flat-out slapstick. First, the deer head cackles at Ash, then a lamp, clock, bookcase, every object in the room. Then Ash laughs with the undead, and entertains it some more. For more evidence of slapstick, again, Ash fought his possessed, severed hand, with violence straight out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Once other people enter the scene, the film drags for a little while. I don't expect anyone except my hero to live. That's okay, because before the climax, Ash becomes a classic action star by attaching a chainsaw to his handless arm and exclaims some catchphrases. And when a portal is summoned to send the undead to another dimension, the film ends on a science-fiction/fantasy twist you would see in a Twilight Zone episode. I have loved this film for so long that the cons don't mean a thing to me. The fast-paced cinematography, claustrophobic setting, and psychotically silly violence are all I need for comedy-horror.
August 14, 2014
As with the original, the acting is weak, the story isn't great and it is too gory and repulsive at times. It also has some funny scenes as well as some inventive sequences, but it is far from a classic it is said to be. Comparing it to its predecessor, it certainly is on par with it in terms of the quality, but in terms of its content, it is too much of a same thing adding nothing new to the table.
June 13, 2007
Better than the original. Added dark humor and more exiting script to a classic
July 26, 2014
One of my favorites.
July 21, 2014
It doesnt really add too much to the plot or the idea of the original, as it sometimes feels more like a necesary bridge between Evil Dead 1 and Army of Darkness, but with all those gory moments, terryfying monsters, great ambience, and of course Bruce Campbell as Ash, it makes for a seriously entretaining 80s flick. In many ways it tends to feel more cheesy, and has a lot of questionable acting mainly from its secondary characters that at the end dont feel nearly as important or as likeable as the ones in the first movie, but the overall feel and insane premise that the movie offers, is hard to think of tose flaws as anything but puny things that dont really hinder the enjoyment and the bizzarre and often exagerated moments.
July 16, 2014
As I wasn't a fan of the first Evil Dead film, I didn't know what to expect for this one. Would they make it funnier and gorier or just keep it boring like the last one? The answer: Make it funnier and gorier. This is not just one of the best horror movies ever made. This is one of the best movies ever made PERIOD. It's constantly funny, constantly gory and the chainsaw hand is just constantly...well, groovy. Ash is a much stronger character than in the first one which is definitely a big improvement which just saw Ash at the sidelines like a coward as his friends become possessed one by one. The scene when Ash's severed hand taunts him will always be my favourite. As with the first film, the practical effects are amazingly good. Because of the bigger budget, they could do a lot more in terms of the effects, even getting Sam Raimi's brother Ted to be Henrietta was awesome. The quotes in the movie have become synonymous in pop culture and shows that you don't need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to deliver awesome one-liners. Overall, the movie is a massive improvement over its predecessor and gave me high hopes for the third movie which is for another time...
July 13, 2014
Sam Raimi's talent and passion shine through and help to make 'Evil Dead 2' a good shout for greatest horror movie (not just sequel) of all time
July 1, 2014
Good "sequel". Better than the original. It have gore, black comedy and better special effects. My favourite of the trilogy!
June 30, 2014
Scary, nope. But, hilarious, yes! This movie made me laugh so hard, I began to question whether it was made funny on purpose! The narrative was not bad as well!
June 26, 2014
This movie is a classic horror/comedy film. Its every bit as good has the first one and maybe even better. The special effects are good and I love the suspense in the film. It sets up Army of Darkness another good film. I wished horror films today were this cool and fun.
July 14, 2010
The one thing that 'Evil Dead 2' managed to bring back for fans was it's ridiculous camp factor that made the first film awesome. But it's not as superior to the first 'Evil Dead' film. The first had camp, but the humor was subtle and the horrific things were taken somewhat seriously. Here, it's played to a ridiculous, yet hilarious level.
Carlos M

Super Reviewer

June 18, 2014
Not really a sequel but more of a different remake of the first one, yet with superior special effects and camera movements - and it is much funnier, especially with more bizarre physical humor that includes a squealing possessed hand and a hysterical Bruce Campbell.
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