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Exit Through The Gift Shop Reviews

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April 1, 2014
First it starts out as a movie that I thought highlighted the underground world of artist. Showing how street art was this wonderful hobby that had a heartfelt message underneath. I hated this aspect of it because I'm biased against street art. Saying that its really is vandalism at the heart of it. Putting art on things you don't own is wrong to me and those involved should be punished. It then blossomed into something new and something I enjoyed. It was like my kid could paint that in a way; where it shows the critique of art itself and the utter stupidity of collectors in the art industry. This is where the fun starts and turns into a funny treat. When people start to buy up street art for ridiculous prices is funny to me. Everyone's trying to make a profit somewhere and the message starts to fade away. Then Mr. Brainwash comes into picture and totally flips the art industry on its heals. Making it just about profit and not about actual quality. It gives a sense of how the public views art and how ignorance plays a huge part in the success of the art business. The huge critique of the art industry might be biased in a way but they back it up with facts. Unlike "Bowling for Columbine", where it was a random collage of video that had facts but was driven by huge amounts of opinions. This allowed for biased film making to peek its ugly head. ETTGS gave facts that supported those opinions of the industry. Heck the filmmaker is a street artist himself. It was one of the most entertaining doc. I've seen ever. 8.8/10
March 31, 2014
This movie is FANTASTIC. A truly amazing look at street art from one of the masters. He's cocky, he's critical, but Banksy is a true artistic genius. His apprentice Thierry Guetta on the other hand is an absolute riot. Really funny, clever and heartfelt.
November 16, 2012
The best thing about Exit is how it mocks those who know too little or too much about the art world. Not that I'm arguing that if you didn't like it you're either too uncultured or too pretentious, just that with all satires and cultural exposes you need to keep a level head. I found this film interesting and enjoyable. I learnt things about the world of street art as well as being entertained. There's not much more that I want from a film like this.
March 16, 2014
Riveting and surprising. Is it a hoax?
April 3, 2012
Not really my cup of tea but the concept and quirkiness of Thierry Guetta won me over in the end. Was this a true story or was it all staged? From all accounts it seems to be the true story of a man with little talent who duped the art world. If so bravo Mr. Guetta at least you did it all while being entertaining.
March 15, 2014
Never thought a documentary could be so interesting!
February 3, 2014
Anyone that has an interest in Street Art/Graffiti should watch this documentary. While it's advertised as that, it really follows the initial film-maker, his attempt at documenting the Street Art movement and then a chance meeting with Banksy turns him into a Street Artist himself. A hilarious and insightful view into that world. Highly recommended.
The Drunk Canuck
January 30, 2014
Exit Through the Gift Shop is such a 'meta' idea brought to the screen by Banksy, and it's pretty fascinating.

Exit Through the Gift Shop follows the life of compulsive obsessive Thierry Guetta. What he's manically obsessed with is street art, and the people who make it. He finds it fun, unique, and important. He is also crazy about bringing a camera everywhere to document everything he does. He starts off following his friend known as Space Invader, posting art all around their home city. Thierry moves to LA, and begins to follow around all kinds of other well known underground street artists. He starts to chronicle the work of Shepard Fairey, the man behind the Obey art movement. Through his new connections, he is able to meet Banksy, a man that Thierry relentlessly idolizes. From here, Thierry learns everything about street art from Banksy, and becomes motivated to become an artist himself. What comes next, is a ridiculous spectacle put on by Thierry's alter ego, Mr. Brainwash, and Banksy pulls one of the biggest jokes art has ever seen.

At first, when watching 'Exit', you feel you're just watching the amazing world of street art through the eyes of a die hard fan. Sure it's like that for a bit, but halfway through, I began to realize the whole purpose of the film. It tackles a subject that always frustrated me. Thierry gives up his camera, and in return becomes his own street artist named Mr. Brainwash. None of his art is original, it's just cheap stuff that everybody in the game has done. Problem for fellow artists is, this shit sells. He only decided to become an artist because Banksy suggested it. Just the sheer power Banksy has in the words he speaks to Thierry inspires him to tackle street art himself. It goes to show how influenced we are as a society because of clever artists, and the portraits they paint. All over town, advertisements for MBW's (Mr. Brainwash) art show are plastered to walls and fences. Praises from Shepard and Banksy are overly positive and shoved into the public eye, bringing attention to art that nobody would have batted an eye at before. It's not long before people show up in fuckin' drones to gobble down the shit MBW churns out. Hell, he doesn't even make the art, someone else does (probably Banksy n' friends). It's a bunch of Warhol knock off shit like this that sells, all because the public has been informed it's cool, and it's the taste you need to fit in. Exit Through The Gift Shop is as much a bold statement as it is a documentary.

With this film, Banksy really shows us what we look like from his perspective, as people who come along and snatch up art for tons of cash, yet with no idea why. Do we like the way it looks? What it means? Shit does anybody know what art really means? These are questions I asked myself as I watched, in complete awe on how I'd realized how stupid the whole thing is. Like quoted by one of the many street artists in the movie, "I'm trying to figure out where the joke is. I don't know maybe art is the joke."

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a mind bending documentary peering into the lives of street artists, while providing a bold statement on how easy it is to sell people the same old drivel, convincing them they've stumbled upon something brilliant. A more aptly named movie I couldn't think of.
January 19, 2014
This is an interesting documentary that deals with some of the absurdities within the world of art. The movie deals mostly with the absurd rise of Mr.Brainwash in the art world. I was expecting the film to be about Banksy. I would definitely recommend this interesting documentary.
January 12, 2014
Maravilloso, es lo que me viene a la mente al pensar en esta película. Con una crítica hacia el arte y lo que se ha convertido, esta crítica se fusiona con la historia de un don nadie: como tú y yo.....y verlo progresar en su vida se vuelve algo tan hermoso como destructivo para lo que trata de representar. Pensé que sería un trabajo pretencioso y mamón pero resulta ser una película que me hizo reir como pocas.....Maravilloso indeed.
January 8, 2014
These arts that go underhand are simply pleasurable. Such great upshot out of great provocation.
December 26, 2013
Why do we need fiction?
December 14, 2013
interesante, increible.... que es el arte? hasta un mamarracho puede serlo si alguien lo valora como tal, suerte el que puede hacerse rico de esa forma...pero es mas dificil que sacar dos "5 de oro"
Market Man
Market Man

Super Reviewer

March 16, 2013
A very interesting look into the life of street art. The film focuses on Thierry Guetta's life as a filmer and later as an "artist" under than Mr. Brainwash. He's able to achieve success with his art even though he lacks talent and it's funny (and also ridiculous) how he pulls it off. Some of the events in the film are outlandish and there has been speculation on if this is a true story or not. It's still an entertaining documentary with a good message that resonates most with artists.
September 27, 2010
Better (funnier) than I expected! :)
October 5, 2010
EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP is a fun movie to watch- it's intelligent, hilarious, insightful and somewhat involving.
August 3, 2012
One of the greatest movies of our generation.
November 9, 2013
A fascinating look at the mentality behind street art and it's surge in popularity.
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