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This is propaganda, a political rant disguised as a serious commentary on stifled freedom of inquiry.

April 18, 2008 Full Review Source: USA Today | Comments (8)
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Tom Cruz

And "An Inconvenient Truth" wasn't? lol

Apr 18 - 04:03 PM


Mark Noneya

Propgaganda and political rant? What do you think Darwinism is all about? The Left's way of getting God (right/wrong) out of the school.

Apr 19 - 06:00 PM


Kevin L

Yeah, since Ken Miller definitely isn't a Catholic, and because only religious people/ those on the Right can have a sense of right or wrong....

May 4 - 08:26 PM


Nick Cupples

Odd any of you say that, since 'Darwinism' isn't even a word. Way to regurtitate creationist propaganda.

Ben Stein makes me sick, this pathetic excuse for a fair movie shouldn't ever see the light of day.

Sep 29 - 11:06 PM

Justin O.

Justin ONeil

Atheists pigs like you make me sick.This is what people get for making an honest documentary that instead of hurling insults and name-calling,actually presents the facts to people.Don't you realize that with everything negative you say about this movie(besides honest criticisms),you just strengthen it's argument?!

Mar 24 - 08:37 AM


Nick Cupples

Who said I was an Athiest? I wouldn't call myself an Athiest, but its not about me. You want facts? Carbon Dating, Fossils. Indispuatable evidense to say that the Earth is a lot older than 6000 years. You just have literal interpretations from a book that even the Vatican doesn't agree with you about.

May 10 - 05:16 PM


berford howser

What are you all so afraid of?

Apr 20 - 07:36 PM


Phil Nurk

Tell the fundie maggots how it is, they all suck crap anyway.

Apr 21 - 08:20 PM

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