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March 24, 2012
my attention span isn't the best and i often have trouble sitting through a 90 mins film so it was with some trepidation that i approached mariano llinas' 4 hour argentine epic, but i needn't have worried. this unique, amazing film has now become my favorite road movie. and it's much more than that. some compare it to a novel, by the likes of pynchon or borges, but it explodes narrative conventions in indescribable ways, without ever losing the audience. interweaving the stories of three men in a number of genres (thriller, romance, adventure, war film) with wonderful music selections, the film was made extremely low budget by this film professor and his students and became a sensation on the festival circuit but as yet has no dvd release in any english speaking country. however it's the most entertaining thing i've seen in ages and i could easily watch four more hours of this. mysterious and wonderful and unlike anything else you've seen. also the date should be 2008
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