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    Added: Apr 28, 2010


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Eyeborgs Reviews

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May 13, 2012
Got better as it went along. Can't stand that moving camera and gave it 1/2 star less for using it. Could have been a great sci-fi movie without it.
November 1, 2013
Bad but not as bad as I was expecting.
February 10, 2013
It has a good premise but isn't well executed. The characters are uninteresting, the computer effects are cheap, and the plot is bland. It's still an interesting science fiction film, but it falls along the levels of Syfy channel material.
April 15, 2012
reasonable concept of a future where we are monitored and law enforced via spider-like webcams. I give huge credit for what it attempts on a limited budget but the flat performances and a seeming reluctance to do any practical effects, which are cheaper and often more realistic, marred what could have been a real show piece.
January 3, 2012
This is obviously a comment on the 'Patriot Act' and our creeping loss of privacy. This has a happy ending (sort of) but if we don't do something ours won't be.
July 3, 2011
In a near-future USA its citizens are under perpetual surveillance from Eyeborgs, mobile robotic cameras, used by the police to stop crime happening and to convict any criminals they see. A big hairy ranting paranoid man is arrested when tries to shoot Jarrett Hewes (Luke Eberl) the nephew of the American President as he is performing with his punk band. Agents from the Department of Homeland Security 'Gunner' Reynolds (Adrian Paul) and his partner Bradley investigate to see if there is any other threat. During the investigation Gunner become suspicious of the Eyeborgs and his suspicions are confirmed by evidence from TV reporter Barbara Hawkins (Megan Blake).

This film covers a lot of old ground but it is a pretty good take on the ideas that make up it main story. While 'The Matrix' and 'The Terminator' had humans at war with the machines this film suggests that their route to dominance and control may be through taking advantage of suspicion and fear to encourage humans to surrender their freedom to the machines.

The design of the robots was okay especially the little two-legged ones that almost look like toys but they turn out to have more in common with a certain silver ball from 'Phantasm'. This is film is worth a watch, not too deep and not too dumb.

Rating 7/10
June 2, 2011
Wonderful for Netflix Bad Movie Night, Danny Trejo is awesome though
Creepis Crip
May 15, 2011
Well technically...EYE-BOTS...NOT EYE-BORGS. No flesh = no borg.
Still better than the usual crap "SyFy" is notorious for. Danny Trejo popping up in this? After the awesome "Machete"?
Like others have said, I see great ambition behind the tiny budget.
Watchable enough...and did I hear "Bad Religion" in there?
Diogo S.
May 8, 2011
Pelo título do filme, esperava uma experiência barata, risível e sem o menor interesse. Inesperadamente, aquilo que vi não é nada de extraordinário mas também não é mau. Muito pelo contrário, é original, curioso e com uma premissa ambiciosa que consegue prolongar-se até ao seu encerramento sem nunca cair por terra. O enredo é algo ridículo, mas é para isso que os filmes B servem e Eyeborgs encaixa-se na perfeição para este tipo de experiência. Dito isto, o enredo - embora ridículo - é interessante, apoiado em efeitos especiais que não são utilizados para acção gratuita, como se poderia imaginar num filme do género, mas sim porque são necessários. Incrivelmente, a sua utilização é inteligente e bem recriada, o que é de louvar visto que o CGI está melhor implementado aqui do que em muitos filmes de Hollywood. Em suma, Eyeborgs não é algo que vá revolucionar o género da ficção científica mas, mesmo assim, encontra um espaço para lá estar. Em vez de gastar dinheiro em filmes como o Transformers, gaste neste!
July 30, 2010
Naturally with a title like Eyeborgs one would expect the worst from a movie named something like that. And yes, I went into Eyeborgs expecting a schlocky and completely ridiculous movie. For some time I've been looking for a good straight to video movie that while being very low budget managed to create an interesting story and an entertaining time. Unexpectedly, Eyeborgs turned out to be one of those films. While not on the level of cautionary tales from George Orwell, this film does contain a rather strong story that is told well enough for me to have believed and become invested in these characters.

Eyeborgs takes place in our present time, and the U.S. government is doing all it can to keep the American people safe. A surveillance program has cameras throughout the country, and these cameras are all connected through a system called the Optical Defense Intelligence Network, or ODIN for short. One of the most notable types of cameras in this defense system are small mobile ones, which are basically an orb with two legs, that can roam around freely. But after a few bizarre incidents involving ODIN cameras people begin to grow suspicious. One particular suspicious person is Homeland Security Agent R.J. 'Gunner' Reynolds (Adrian Paul), who thinks that ODIN may have been compromised in some fashion.

What amazed me about Eyeborgs is that it does create a story that works, without becoming too corny or stupid. It isn't the most suspenseful film around, but it does contain a decent amount of thrills along the way. And as the mystery onto whether or not the ODIN system has been hacked and over taken unravels, I found that I enjoyed the direction the story went. And there is a wise little message buried beneath all of this that warns of the over dependence on technology to take care of our lives, and how the line between supposed protection and outright invasion of privacy is a very thin one.

Acting wise the film is better than expected. The three primary characters are Gunner, news reporter Barbara Hawkins (Megan Blake) and wannabe rock-star Jarett Hewes (Luke Eberl) who is the nephew of the U.S. president and also possibly a terrorist target. Out of the three I think I enjoyed Megan Blake the most, but mainly because I enjoyed her character and how she perfectly brought to life that nosey reporter character that is sadly missing from movies these days.

The special effects are also better than expected. I liked the designs of the various robots of the ODIN system, and while not flawless they are decently brought to life with some rather effective computer generated effects. Just another surprise with this fairly decent little sci-fi flick. I couldn't help but be reminded of the unfortunately bad Will Smith action dud I, Robot. Both films share a similar story of people growing suspicious of robotic creations meant to better life, but with one major difference. I, Robot had a huge budget and wasted it on mindless action. Eyeborgs had no budget and still managed to execute a workable little film.
Rudy R.
July 22, 2010
Much better than I had expected. The best part was the first 10 minutes because the band "Painful Daze" played by "Devastation Proclamation" Rocked my face!
July 20, 2010
A few good intentions but chances are that anyone of us would have acted better than everyone in this. The low-budget action cliches will get heavily annoying toward the end (if you take it for that long).
July 7, 2010
In the world of low-budget sci-fi cheese... this is slightly above average.

Haha, I'm the only person who has rated this movie. Awesome.
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