Faces of Death Remake Has a Story

Death lives.

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A phenomenon that mainly existed in the days of VHS video in the 1980s, the Faces of Death series popularized snuff flicks, featuring supposedly real killings.  A 2008 version would exist in a very different climate, and producer Rick Benattar has such a take for a remake.

"We've got a story, we've got a director, we've got a writer, J.T. Petty, who did a couple of indie films," said Benattar. "He's coming in and he wrote a script. We're sort of taking a look at in the world of Saw and Hostel, who are the people who actually go watch these movies? So we've tied that in with [the new] Faces of Death."

The original "documentaries" were compilations of death scenes, so the idea of a story is brand new. However, Benattar suggests that fans of the original will recognize some elements of his remake. "We have a narrative story which the original never had, and we also nod for the 'fans.' I use that word loosely. Guys like me who watched it as a kid, who snuck away to go watch these things. We have a few nods to those original films."