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September 10, 2012
At the beginning I really liked what was going on.. ticked off that insurance wouldn't fix it as it was drivable, and security didn't want it parked anywhere.. I understood the dilemma. I was ticked that it wasn't considered a "hate crime".. I'm sorry.. but if it was a racist slur it would have been.. so.. what is the difference?

Then the issues.. I get the local events.. i get the web site.. wonderful way to bring everything to light.. show that it still happens.. then someone uses a razor blade to clean it off for her.. she immediately spray paints it back on.. and you lost me. It is no longer real.. no longer authentic.. now it is publicity for the sake of publicity. The further I watched the more irate I became.. at first just simply being there got reactions.. but then she started trolling for them.. trying to force them.. I think a documentary about hate crimes in general would be better.. she starts talking about some people who were killed in hate crimes.. and honestly, the way it comes across on camera.. she sees what happened to her car as equal to that.. it isn't. I myself have been the victim of one.. someone, upon seeing my stickers when leaving a Witches meetup (I have both Pagan and LGBT stickers) rammed into my car as I was in it (they backed up, angled it towards my door and slammed the gas pedal.. no chance it was accidental).. had they managed to get more speed I would have been seriously injured.. They took off immediately and never got caught.. I got it fixed and let it go.. There are far worse things that could have happened. I understand teaching tolerance, but that has to go both ways.. trolling for reactions is intolerance of it's own.
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