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February 18, 2013
The Oxploitation genre has had its fair share of terrific movies that has set the standards for extreme entertainment value for the midnight movie fan. Now, Ozploitation is Australian Exploitation and if you love these types of films, this is one of those gems that you should check out. Fairgame is a mix of action and horror, and it plays out both genres very well to create something totally awesome that will keep you engaged from start to finish. These types of movies are not known for their stellar acting, but they are rather known for their unique ideas for stories. If you love these types of film, then give this one a shot. The idea revolves around Kangaroo hunters terrorizing a woman in Australian outback, and it is a fairly chaotic film that is very entertaining from start to finish. The cast do a fine job in their performances, and the script is pretty good considering that this is a low budget exploitation film. There are plenty of great scenes, especially the one where the hunters tie the lead actress to the hood of their truck and the terrific climax where the woman gets her revenge. This is a well crafted action thriller that is sure to appeal to viewers looking for mindless thrills. The plot itself is simple, yet effective and is quite interesting as well. This is a fine film that overcomes its flaws, by its strong visuals and on-screen action. This is a memorable addition to the Ozploitation genre, one that should be seen by fans of the genre. The film is a well directed picture that is very entertaining from start to finish.
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